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The choose your own adventure sex tape

Dylan Napa during his time with the Roosters. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)
15th January, 2019
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I find it curious we are happy to report on the existence of these sex tapes, what’s in them and who’s in them and who might be responsible for filming them – but not where they are appearing.

Media organisations who have chosen not to mention NRL Memes as the source of the leaks no doubt took a moral stand not to give the Facebook page – whose owner appears to have since tried to frame someone else – any publicity.

But where do you draw the line?

NRL Memes offered to show more if it got more likes. Surely of all the possible results of this sordid affair, a Facebook page run from someone’s bedroom getting as many likes as a mainstream media outlet is the least egregious.

Yet it’s the outcome we are most keen to guard against.

To which some of my friends would say ‘we would be encouraging people to look for the video if we named the page’ – to which I would respond ‘well you could always refuse to report it at all’.


If it’s in the public interest to report Dylan Napa has gone to the police over a series of sex tapes “leaked online” then it is also in the public interest to tell us where they leaked online.

Now, there is a journalistic convention to never report the method of suicide, lest someone decide to use the description as an instruction manual. But that’s life and death – someone discovering a Facebook page and hitting like falls a long way short in the mortality test.

Anyway, it’s hard to figure out what is going on in the murky world of NRL social media gossip, but someone from ‘NRL Roast’ is claiming to have been framed by the guy from NRL Memes (pun not intended – but not avoided either), who posted a picture of the first guy, saying he lives in Parkes and daring those who didn’t like his ‘content’ to ‘come and get me’.

Dylan Napa

Dylan Napa runs the ball for the Roosters. (AAP Image/Paul Miller)

That post has since been removed.

The alleged real admin of the page has now been identified on social media. The reason I’m not naming him is purely practical, not moral – in case someone else is framing him, I’ll be sued.

You would think that he would warrant at least a visit from the constabulary and, considering some of the inane stuff Facebook has taken down from my pages, his is surely not long for this world.

Do I have any greater insight into the situation than to regurgitate this schoolyard tittle-tattle?


Not really, actually.

People in the public eye are going to record sex tapes and send sexts – right on up from Dylan Napa to Jeff Bezos. And someone is going to get hold of them, or try to get hold of them.

The vast public constituency of voyeurs is going to want to have a gander, until someone comes along and stops them. Ever will it be thus. Laws have been tightened, laudably in most cases, but no number of sermonising columns will change that.

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I never really believed in picking the goodies and the baddies first and writing the story accordingly; I always thought it was best to throw them all in the story and let the reader assign the roles.

This story doesn’t seem to have many goodies.