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Is the game dying or already dead?

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13th February, 2019
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It’s a topic many people have been thinking about and it’s come to the point that many have turned away from the game altogether.

I love the game and I can put up with it. Hell, I’ve put up with PG WWE for ten years. Why? It’s an absolute passion of mine. Today the NRL focuses more on business and politics than football to the point people are calling it the National Rigged League.

I’ve been doing a lot of backtracking of the last ten years to see at what point everything started going downhill. I was unable to pinpoint exactly when it was, but I figured out who should cop the flak. I’m not a fan of pointing fingers, but some exceptions have to be made, and I’m blaming the NRL board. So how can we fix this mess?

1. Clean out the board
I that it’s not an easy job. With the rules they make, it’s not simply a case of, “I say we should ban shoulder charges” and that’s it. They need to go through the whole process of why they’re doing it, what they get out of it and how (in their view) the game will benefit from it. The same goes with laws. Can you imagine a world without laws? It would be a miracle to reach your 30s knowing anyone could kill you without any punishment. But back onto the topic, I do give them credit for their ban on players who assault women, but they have a long way to go.

2. Rewrite the rule book
Well, not the entire thing. Keep the basic rules in there; I mean more the things like shoulder charge bans. Considering Billy Slater got off, they should be reinstated, and as for fights, let them kick each other. I sometimes think the reason players get so violent off the field is that they’re so angry in the game, but when they want to hit someone, they’re not allowed to, so they take it away with them. I don’t condone their actions one bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.

3. Put Phil Gould in charge
I get that not everyone likes him, but I actually don’t have a problem with him. He’s been involved with the game for 43 years. Since his debut with Penrith all the way to being their general manager, Channel Nine commentator and everything in between. He’s one of the smartest guys involved in the game and he’s been calling to clean things up for ages. Gus, I get you want the game to clean itself up, but rather than wanting it, you’ve got to do it yourself.


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Those are my points. I know not everyone may like what I’ve said and I know it’s sour grapes but, Roarers, think like this: do you want to see the game for the rest of your life or see it die? I know I will get heat for this and I accept that, but I love spending those days and nights during the year relaxing watching rugby league.

I’ve had my say, so now it’s your turn.