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Modern Horizons Spoilers featuring MPL pro Jessica Estephan and an Infinite Combo

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29th May, 2019
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Today is an exciting one for The Roar’s esports section.

Not only do we have our first ever Magic: The Gathering spoilers, not only are they from the highly anticipated Modern Horizons set – the first set ever designed purely for modern play – but we have a little bit of help from Australia’s very own Magic Pro League contestant, Jess Estephan.

So rather than me babbling on any longer, here is her take on a pair of juicy uncommons from the new set. Did I mention that one of them is part of a new infinite combo, by the way? Because one of them is part of a new infinite combo.

Twisted Reflection

Twisted Reflection is a flexible card that has the potential to swing games. I could see the UB Ninja archetype boarding this card in as a trick that can sway combat in their favour.

I would nary pick this over the other uncommons spoiled, but how Twisted Reflection fits into Modern Horizons Limited will be seen as the rest of the set is shown off.



Whilst we haven’t seen the full Modern Horizons spoiler, at this point I am valuing flyers highly in the Limited set. At worst, Vesperlark is a three mana 2/1 flyer with possible upside. This card has interactions with many cards in its recommended colour pairings, such as Nimble Mongoose, Crypt Rats and even Urza, Lord High Artificer.
But honestly, I am more excited about Vesperlark in Constructed.

In Legacy, this card has the potential to return creatures such as Mother of Runes (now also Giver of Runes), Stoneforge Mystic and Recruiter of the Guard making it a prospective inclusion for Death and Taxes decks.

In Modern, there is an infinite combo with this card featuring Felidar Guardian, Viscera Seer, Blood Artist and Vesperlark, and while a 4 card combo is not ideal, there is the potential for this card in the future and will be on my radar until then. Otherwise, this card could simply see play as a value engine in Aristocrat decks.

Modern Horizons

The set is released next month, June 8. I’ll certainly be checking out this sweet-looking limited format at my local game store and you can find yours right here.