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Who rises and who falls from the NRL's massive ladder logjam?

Can the Dragons get out of the logjam? (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)
12th June, 2019

If you’ve had a look at the NRL ladder lately, you’ll notice an incredible amount of congestion.

The Storm, Rabbitohs and Roosters are running riot atop the NRL ladder, but there’s a huge pack of teams locked in a tight tussle behind those contenders.

Just four points (two wins for those unaware) separate the Canberra Raiders up in fourth from the North Queensland Cowboys down in twelfth. Not only that, the Warriors and Panthers are just two points behind that pack.

Basically, anybody except the Titans and Bulldogs could find themselves in the eight.

So, who out of this massive logjam finds themselves on top when all is said and done? Who’ll be left eating the dust of their competitors?

We got Roar rugby league expert Mary Konstantopoulos onto the Game of Codes podcast to look over the teams in contention and make a call on who flies and who flops.

Listen to the discussion:

NRL 2019 ladder logjam

1st – Storm (22 points)
2nd – Rabbitohs (20)
3rd – Roosters (18)
4th – Raiders (16)
5th – Knights (16)
6th – Sharks (16)
7th – Sea Eagles (14)
8th – Eels (12)
9th – Broncos (12)
10th – Dragons (12)
11th – Tigers (12)
12th – Cowboys (12)
13th – Warriors (10)
14th – Panthers (10)
15th – Titans (8)
16th – Bulldogs (6)


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