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Will an independent A-League actually work?

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3rd July, 2019

Football fans tentatively rejoiced earlier this week when it was revealed the FFA and a New Leagues Working Group (NLWG) had reached an in-principle agreement to secure independence for the A-League.

Fans have long argued the necessity of such a move, claiming it will allow for a better standard of competition for both the fans and players.

With no salary cap, greater commercial autonomy for the clubs and the removal of an unpopular body from governance, will this create the bigger and better A-League fans have dreamed of?

Or are there huge risks involved that could wreak havoc on the sport?

We discussed this on the Game of Codes podcast with Roar football expert Matthew Galea as we tried to make sense of just what this will mean going forward.

Listen to the discussion:

The key recommendations of the NLWG were as follows;

  • NLWG recognises the immediate need for commercial self-determination for professional Leagues
  • FFA to receive ongoing yields from Leagues for National Teams and grassroots football
  • FFA to hold “Good of the Australian Game” rights and governance representation
  • FFA and APFCA to immediately progress long-form agreements reflecting NLWG recommendations with completion targeted by August 1

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