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Mid-season AFL trades: Good call or recipe for disaster?

Steve Hocking wants mid-season trades in next season. (Stefan Postles/Getty Images)
17th July, 2019

Steve Hocking raised eyebrows yesterday when he suggested the success of the mid-season draft this season could see a mid-season trade period brought in as early as next season.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has long been an advocate for the idea, but the clubs have reportedly been strongly opposed to the idea, while the Player’s Association isn’t keen either.

Citing the success of this year’s mid-season draft, with four players picked already making their AFL debuts, the football operations manager said it was proof that an initially unpopular idea can work.

But with the interest of ‘deadline day’ in the big American sporting leagues generating more and more interest with each year, it seems AFL house is very keen to bring the idea to our shores.

Would mid-season trades add another layer of spectacle an intrigue to the AFL season – potentially spicing up the bye rounds? Or is it another wacky idea from the executives that would wreak havoc on football?

We got Roar AFL expert and editor Stirling Coates on the Game of Codes podcast to debate the merits of such a move.

Listen to the debate:

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