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Here’s what a fair A-League fixture looks like

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31st July, 2019
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I have decided to write out a mock fixture list of a possible 14-team A-League, with a start year of 2021-22 as this is the earliest viable time the league could have that many teams.

With 14 teams, we can have a balanced fixture list of 26 games. In football terms, this still isn’t enough games and is, in fact, one game less than we have currently, however, Australia must realise the A-League is a developmental league in the sense that Australia’s best players will always play overseas in Europe and, to a lesser extent, Asia.

To maximise commercial viability in the current climate of many competing football codes and leagues, we need to maximise and be content with what we have to eventually build a traditional football league structure.

Should the league expand further, then the number of games will extend the season further in the long-term, but this might work better with more games in the lower leagues where commercial viability will not be as tough.

I have gone back to how the A-league was originally set up from seasons one to six (2005-2011) where the season kicked off in August, and finished in March.

All the talk that we need clean air space because of the AFL and NRL finals is really up for debate as over the last few seasons it hasn’t made much of a dent as the FFA and Clubs lack of promotion has done more damage than anything the other footy codes do.


It’s now time to do what is right for football and the fixture list I have designed will adhere to international breaks and everyone will play each other twice (once at home and once away).

To maximise commercial viability and sponsorship opportunities, we will have a minimum of three teams in Sydney and Melbourne which will create derbies in the 2 most populous cities in Australia. Football fans in Sydney and Melbourne will also be assured of at least one game in each city, each round.

The addition of Western United (2019-20) and Macarthur FC (2020-2021) and in 2021-2022 the further expansion of Canberra United and the Wollongong Wolves into the A-League will bring the league to 14 teams.

Sadly in my version for New Zealand Football fans, the Wellington Phoenix will be relocated to Hobart and renamed Tasmania United. It’s time for New Zealand Football to have its own Crawford Report revolution and the Phoenix could be one club that could play a huge role in this, but that is a discussion for another time. To appease the Asian Football Confederation all clubs need to be Australian based.

Wellington Phoenix

(Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Key features of the fixture list

  • A balanced schedule. 26 games (13 home and 13 away games) no regional or selling home games. FFA cup, 2nd Division and preseason games provide adequate chances for regional venues to see these teams playing their own local team. For the benefit of the game bring back tribalism all around Australia including regional and country areas that can get behind their local team no matter their league level.
  • Everyone plays each team once before they play each other twice in same order but venues flipped.
  • A game every round in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • International Breaks will be adhered to so no League games scheduled on International breaks in September, October, November and March.
  • Keep the current top 6 final series.
  • Wellington Phoenix will relocate to Tasmania to become Tasmania United with Canberra United and Wollongong Wolves joining the league in 2021/2022 as expansion sides.
  • All teams do not play away from home or at home any more than 2 weeks in a row.
  • All teams do not play away from home or at home any more than 2 weeks in a row.
  • For simplicity, Asian Champions League and FFA cup games will not be factored in.

Here are the teams that will make up the 14-team A-League. With the decision to kick out the Wellington Phoenix from the competition we needed to bring in three new Australian based A-League sides.


They are Canberra United, Wollongong Wolves and Tasmania United. Without promotion and relegation at the present time, I have also included member federations that each A-League team should work with as part of grassroots development or part of their franchise territory. The teams are as follows.

1. Sydney FC (NSW) – Football NSW, Innerwest City, Eastern Sydney, Southern Sydney
2. Western Sydney Wanderers (NSW) – Football NSW, North West Sydney
3. Marcarthur Sydney (NSW) – Football NSW, South West Sydney
4. Newcastle Jets (NSW) – Northern NSW
5. Central Coast Mariners (NSW) – Football NSW, Cnetral Coast, Northern Sydney
6. Wollongong Wolves (NSW) – Football NSW, Southern NSW South Coast
7. Melbourne Victory (VIC) – Football VIC, North Melbourne and North Victoria
8. Melbourne City (VIC) – Football VIC, City, East Melbourne and East Victoria
9. Western United (VIC) – Football VIC, South West Melbourne and West Victoria
10. Brisbane Roar (QLD) – Football QLD, Football NT, All of QLD, Darwin, Top End
11. Perth Glory (WA) – Football West, All of Western Australia
12. Adelaide United (SA) – Football SA, Football NT, All of South Australia, Central Australia
13. Canberra United (ACT) – Capital Football, all of ACT
14. Tasmania United (TAS) – Football Tasmania, all of Tasmania

Football specific stadium plan
Moving forward we need to see a plan for more boutique venues as this will not only improve atmosphere but with better percentage of capacity at games, we will likely increase TV ratings for the casual viewer.

A strong long term commitment to football-specific stadiums will be a priority as this should improve football atmosphere not just for the patrons inside the ground but watching at home with a packed atmosphere. I have listed from top to bottom in order of high priority to low priority.

Club Venue Capacity Priority
Brisbane Roar Brisbane Stadium 52,500 High – need a new 30,000 boutique football stadium
Sydney FC Moore Park 45,500 High – currently under redevelopment but really should be a maximum capacity of 30,000 only.
Tasmania United Hobart Rectangular Stadium 15,000 High – Tasmania needs a rectangular stadium as part of joining the A-League.
Canberra United Canberra Rectangular Stadium 25,000 High – Canberra does need a new boutique stadium for football.
Central Coast Mariners Gosford Stadium 20,000 Moderate – Redevelop the stadium to 15,000 and have home active end with a roof.
Wollongong Wolves Wollongong Stadium 23,000 Moderate – perfect except one side could use a redevelopment.
Newcastle Jets Hunter Stadium 25,000 Moderate – need to downsize and be a more boutique sized venue
Macarthur FC Campbelltown Stadium 20,000 Moderate – need to redevelop the both the home and away ends of the stadium
Melbourne City Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 30,050 Moderate/Low – either build a new stadium for capacity or fill the lower tier
Perth Glory Perth Stadium 20,500 Low – just needs a roof on the Southern Stand
Western Sydney Wanderers Parramatta Stadium 30,000 Low – completed by 2019 so no longer a high priority
Melbourne Victory Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 30,050 Low – consistently at capacity don’t need to experiment with Etihad anymore. Rather consistent packed venues especially with Three Melbourne based A-League sides
Adelaide United Hindmarsh Stadium 20,000 Low – could use an extra 4,000 but not a huge priority
Western United Tarneit Stadium 15,000 Low – The Stadium should be completed as planned by 2021/2022
WIN Stadium at night

A-League 2021-22 season proposed fixture

(All kick-off times are local)

Round 1: Friday 13th August to Sunday 16th August 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Macarthur FC Central Coast Mariners Campbelltown Stadium 13th August 7:30pm
Newcastle Jets Melbourne City Hunter Stadium 14th August 5:00pm
Melbourne Victory Tasmania United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 14th August 7:00pm
Perth Glory Canberra United Perth Stadium 14th August 7:15pm
Brisbane Roar Adelaide United Brisbane Stadium 16th August 4:00pm
Wollongong Wolves Western Sydney Wanderers Illawarra Stadium 16th August 5:00pm
Western United Sydney FC Tarneit Stadium 16th August 6:00pm
Round 2: Friday 20th August to Sunday 22nd August 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Tasmania United Newcastle Jets Hobart Rectangular Stadium 20th August 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Wollongong Wolves Gosford Stadium 21st August 5:00pm
Adelaide United Western United Hindmarsh Stadium 21st August 6:00pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Perth Glory Parramatta Stadium 21st August 7:00pm
Canberra United Brisbane Roar Canberra Rectangular Stadium 22nd August 4:00pm
Melbourne City Macarthur FC Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 22nd August 5:00pm
Sydney FC Melbourne Victory Moore Park 22nd August 6:00pm
Round 3: Friday 27th August to Sunday 29th August 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne Victory Adelaide United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 27th August 7:30pm
Perth Glory Central Coast Mariners Perth Stadium 27th August 7:30pm
Western United Canberra United Tarneit Stadium 28th August 4:00pm
Brisbane Roar Western Sydney Wanderers Brisbane Stadium 28th August 5:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Melbourne City Illawarra Stadium 28th August 7:00pm
Macarthur FC Tasmania United Campbelltown Stadium 29th August 4:00pm
Newcastle Jets Sydney FC Hunter Stadium 29th August 6:00pm
International break: 30th August to 7th September 2021 (no club games)
Round 4: Friday 10th September to Sunday 12th September 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Western Sydney Wanderers Western United Parramatta Stadium 10th September 7:30pm
Canberra United Melbourne Victory Canberra Rectangular Stadium 11th September 4:00pm
Tasmania United Wollongong Wolves Hobart Rectangular Stadium 11th September 5:30pm
Sydney FC Macarthur FC Moore Park 11th September 7:00pm
Central Coast Mariners Brisbane Roar Gosford Stadium 12th September 4:00pm
Adelaide United Newcastle Jets Hindmarsh Stadium 12th September 5:30pm
Melbourne City Perth Glory Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 12th September 7:00pm
Round 5: Friday 17th September to Sunday 19th September 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Brisbane Roar Melbourne City Brisbane Stadium 17th September 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Sydney FC Illawarra Stadium 18th September 4:00pm
Newcastle Jets Canberra United Hunter Stadium 18th September 5:30pm
Melbourne Victory Western Sydney Wanderers Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 18th September 7:30pm
Western United Central Coast Mariners Tarneit Stadium 19th September 5:00pm
Macarthur FC Adelaide United Campbelltown Stadium 19th September 7:00pm
Perth Glory Tasmania United Perth Stadium 19th September 7:00pm
Round 6: Friday 24th September to Sunday 26th September 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne City Western United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 24th September 7:30pm
Canberra United Macarthur FC Canberra Rectangular Stadium 25th September 4:00pm
Central Coast Mariners Melbourne Victory Gosford Stadium 25th September 5:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Newcastle Jets Parramatta Stadium 25th September 7:30pm
Sydney FC Perth Glory Moore Park 26th September 3:00pm
Tasmania United Brisbane Roar Hobart Rectangular Stadium 26th September 5:00pm
Adelaide United Wollongong Wolves Hindmarsh Stadium 26th September 7:00pm
Round 7: Friday 1st October to Monday 3rd October 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne Victory Wollongong Wolves Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 1st October 7:30pm
Tasmania United Central Coast Mariners Hobart Rectangular Stadium 2nd October 5:00pm
Macarthur FC Western Sydney Wanderers Campbelltown Stadium 2nd October 7:15pm
Perth Glory Brisbane Roar Perth Stadium 2nd October 6:45pm
Canberra United Melbourne City Canberra Rectangular Stadium 3rd October 5:00pm
Newcastle Jets Western United Hunter Stadium 3rd October 6:00pm
Sydney FC Adelaide United Moore Park 3rd October 7:00pm
International break: 4th October to 12th October 2021 (no club games)
Round 8: Friday 15th October to Sunday 17th October 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Adelaide United Canberra United Hindmarsh Stadium 15th October 7:15pm
Western United Macarthur FC Tarneit Stadium 16th October 4:00pm
Brisbane Roar Melbourne Victory Brisbane Stadium 16th October 5:00pm
Central Coast Mariners Newcastle Jets Gosford Stadium 16th October 7:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Tasmania United Parramatta Stadium 17th October 4:00pm
Melbourne City Sydney FC Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 17th October 5:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Perth Glory Illawarra Stadium 17th October 7:00pm
Round 9: Friday 22nd October to Sunday 24th October 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Macarthur FC Wollongong Wolves Campbelltown Stadium 22nd October 7:30pm
Perth Glory Western United Perth Stadium 22nd October 7:00pm
Newcastle Jets Brisbane Roar Hunter Stadium 23rd October 5:30pm
Melbourne Victory Melbourne City Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 23rd October 7:30pm
Tasmania United Adelaide United Hobart Rectangular Stadium 24th October 4:00pm
Canberra United Western Sydney Wanderers Canberra Rectangular Stadium 24th October 5:30pm
Sydney FC Central Coast Mariners Moore Park 24th October 7:00pm
Round 10: Friday 28th October to Monday 1st November 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Canberra United Sydney FC Canberra Rectangular Stadium 29th October 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Western Sydney Wanderers Gosford Stadium 30th October 5:30pm
Western United Tasmania United Tarneit Stadium 30th October 7:30pm
Macarthur FC Newcastle Jets Campbelltown Stadium 31st October 5:00pm
Adelaide United Melbourne City Hindmarsh Stadium 31st October 6:30pm
Brisbane Roar Wollongong Wolves Brisbane Stadium 31st October 7:00pm
Melbourne Victory Perth Glory Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 1st November 7:30pm
Round 11: Friday 5th November to Sunday 7th November 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Wollongong Wolves Western United Illawarra Stadium 5th November 7:30pm
Newcastle Jets Melbourne Victory Hunter Stadium 6th November 5:30pm
Sydney FC Brisbane Roar Moore Park 6th November 7:30pm
Perth Glory Macarthur FC Perth Stadium 6th November 7:00pm
Tasmania United Canberra United Hobart Rectangular Stadium 7th November 4:00pm
Melbourne City Central Coast Mariners Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 7th November 5:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Adelaide United Parramatta Stadium 7th November 7:00pm
International break: 8th November to 16th November (no club games)
Round 12: Friday 19th November to Sunday 21st November 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne Victory Western United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 19th November 7:30pm
Tasmania United Melbourne City Hobart Rectangular Stadium 20th November 5:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Sydney FC Parramatta Stadium 20th November 6:30pm
Adelaide United Perth Glory Hindmarsh Stadium 20th November 7:00pm
Wollongong Wolves Newcastle Jets Illawarra Stadium 21st November 5:00pm
Central Coast Mariners Canberra United Gosford Stadium 21st November 6:00pm
Brisbane Roar Macarthur FC Brisbane Stadium 21st November 6:00pm
Round 13: Friday 26th November to Sunday 28th November 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Sydney FC Tasmania United Moore Park 26th November 7:30pm
Newcastle Jets Perth Glory Hunter Stadium 27th November 5:30pm
Melbourne City Western Sydney Wanderers Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 27th November 6:30pm
Canberra United Wollongong Wolves Canberra Rectangular Stadium 27th November 7:30pm
Western United Brisbane Roar Tarneit Stadium 28th December 5:30pm
Adelaide United Central Coast Mariners Hindmarsh Stadium 28th December 6:00pm
Macarthur FC Melbourne Victory Campbelltown Stadium 28th December 7:30pm
Round 14: Friday 3rd December to Sunday 5th December 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Western Sydney Wanderers Wollongong Wolves Parramatta Stadium 3rd December 7:30pm
Sydney FC Western United Moore Park 4th December 5:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Macarthur FC Gosford Stadium 4th December 6:30pm
Adelaide United Brisbane Roar Hindmarsh Stadium 4th December 7:00pm
Tasmania United Melbourne Victory Hobart Rectangular Stadium 5th December 5:00pm
Canberra United Perth Glory Canberra Rectangular Stadium 5th December 6:00pm
Melbourne City Newcastle Jets Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 5th December 7:00pm
Round 15: Friday 10th December to Sunday 12th December 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Western United Adelaide United Tarneit Stadium 10th December 7:30pm
Macarthur FC Melbourne City Campbelltown Stadium 11th December 5:30pm
Brisbane Roar Canberra United Brisbane Stadium 11th December 5:30pm
Melbourne Victory Sydney FC Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 11th December 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Central Coast Mariners Illawarra Stadium 12th December 5:30pm
Newcastle Jets Tasmania United Hunter Stadium 12th December 7:30pm
Perth Glory Western Sydney Wanderers Perth Stadium 12th December 6:30pm
Round 16: Friday 17th December to Sunday 19th December 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne City Wollongong Wolves Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 17th December 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Perth Glory Gosford Stadium 18th December 5:30pm
Canberra United Western United Canberra Rectangular Stadium 18th December 6:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Brisbane Roar Parramatta Stadium 18th December 7:30pm
Tasmania United Melbourne City Hobart Rectangular Stadium 19th December 5:30pm
Sydney FC Newcastle Jets Moore Park 19th December 6:30pm
Adelaide United Melbourne Victory Hindmarsh Stadium 19th December 7:00pm
Round 17: Wednesday 22nd December to Sunday 26th December 2021
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Brisbane Roar Central Coast Mariners Brisbane Stadium 22nd December 8:00pm
Western United Western Sydney Wanderers Tarneit Stadium 22nd December 7:00pm
Wollongong Wolves Tasmania United Illawarra Stadium 23rd December 7:00pm
Melbourne Victory Canberra United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 23rd December 8:00pm
Perth Glory Melbourne City Perth Stadium 26th December 6:30pm
Newcastle Jets Adelaide United Hunter Stadium 26th December 5:30pm
Macarthur FC Sydney FC Campbelltown Stadium 26th December 7:30pm
Round 18: Wednesday 29th December 2021 to Sunday 2nd January 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Western Sydney Wanderers Melbourne Victory Parramatta Stadium 29th December 7:30pm
Melbourne City Brisbane Roar Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 30th December 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Western United Gosford Stadium 31st December 7:30pm
Sydney FC Wollongong Wolves Moore Park 1st January 7:30pm
Tasmania United Perth Glory Hobart Rectangular Stadium 2nd January 5:30pm
Canberra United Newcastle Jets Canberra Rectangular Stadium 2nd January 6:30pm
Adelaide United Macarthur FC Hindmarsh Stadium 2nd January 7:00pm
Round 19: Friday 7th January to Sunday 9th January 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne Victory Central Coast Mariners Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 7th January 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Adelaide United Illawarra Stadium 8th January 5:30pm
Brisbane Roar Tasmania United Brisbane Stadium 8th January 7:00pm
Perth Glory Sydney FC Perth Stadium 8th January 7:00pm
Macarthur FC Canberra United Campbelltown Stadium 9th January 5:30pm
Western United Melbourne City Tarneit Stadium 9th January 6:30pm
Newcastle Jets Western Sydney Wanderers Hunter Stadium 9th January 7:30pm
Round 20: Friday 14th January to Sunday 16th January 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne City Canberra United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 14th January 7:30pm
Adelaide United Sydney FC Hindmarsh Stadium 15th January 5:00pm
Western United Newcastle Jets Tarneit Stadium 15th January 6:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Macarthur FC Parramatta Stadium 15th January 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Melbourne Victory Illawarra Stadium 16th January 5:30pm
Brisbane Roar Perth Glory Perth Stadium 16th January 5:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Tasmania United Gosford Stadium 16th January 7:30pm
Round 21: Friday 21st January to Sunday 23rd January 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Sydney FC Melbourne City Moore Park 21st January 7:30pm
Perth Glory Wollongong Wolves Perth Stadium 21st January 7:00pm
Tasmania United Western Sydney Wanderers Hobart Rectangular Stadium 22nd January 5:30pm
Newcastle Jets Central Coast Mariners Hunter Stadium 22nd January 6:30pm
Melbourne Victory Brisbane Roar Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 22nd January 7:30pm
Canberra United Adelaide United Canberra Rectangular Stadium 23rd January 5:30pm
Macarthur FC Western United Campbelltown Stadium 23rd January 7:30pm
Round 22: Wednesday 26th January to Sunday 30th January 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne City Melbourne Victory Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 26th January 7:00pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Canberra United Parramatta Stadium 28th January 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Sydney FC Gosford Stadium 29th January 6:00pm
Adelaide United Tasmania United Hindmarsh Stadium 29th January 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Macarthur FC Illawarra Stadium 2nd February 5:30pm
Brisbane Roar Newcastle Jets Brisbane Stadium 2nd February 5:30pm
Western United Perth Glory Tarneit Stadium 2nd February 7:30pm
Round 23: Friday 4th February to Sunday 6th February 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Wollongong Wolves Brisbane Roar Illawarra Stadium 4th February 7:30pm
Newcastle Jets Macarthur FC Hunter Stadium 5th February 5:30pm
Melbourne City Adelaide United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 5th February 6:30pm
Sydney FC Canberra United Moore Park 5th February 7:30pm
Tasmania United Western United Hobart Rectangular Stadium 6th February 5:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Central Coast Mariners Parramatta Stadium 6th February 7:30pm
Perth Glory Melbourne Victory Perth Stadium 6th February 6:30pm
Round 24: Friday 11th February to Sunday 13th February 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Western United Wollongong Wolves Tarneit Stadium 11th February 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Melbourne City Gosford Stadium 12th February 6:30pm
Adelaide United Western Sydney Wanderers Hindmarsh Stadium 12th February 7:00pm
Brisbane Roar Sydney FC Brisbane Stadium 12th February 7:30pm
Canberra United Tasmania United Canberra Rectangular Stadium 13th February 5:30pm
Macarthur FC Perth Glory Campbelltown Stadium 13th February 6:30pm
Melbourne Victory Newcastle Jets Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 13th February 7:30pm
Round 25: Friday 18th February to Sunday 20th February 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Melbourne City Tasmania United Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 18th February 7:30pm
Canberra United Central Coast Mariners Canberra Rectangular Stadium 19th February 5:30pm
Sydney FC Western Sydney Wanderers Moore Park 19th February 7:30pm
Perth Glory Adelaide United Perth Stadium 19th February 6:30pm
Macarthur FC Brisbane Roar Campbelltown Stadium 20th February 4:30pm
Newcastle Jets Wollongong Wolves Hunter Stadium 20th February 6:30pm
Western United Melbourne Victory Tarneit Stadium 20th February 7:30pm
Round 26: All on Saturday 26th February 2022 at the same time
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Tasmania United Sydney FC Hobart Rectangular Stadium 26th February 7:30pm
Melbourne Victory Macarthur FC Melbourne Rectangular Stadium 26th February 7:30pm
Wollongong Wolves Canberra United Illawarra Stadium 26th February 7:30pm
Western Sydney Wanderers Melbourne City Parramatta Stadium 26th February 7:30pm
Central Coast Mariners Adelaide United Gosford Stadium 26th February 7:30pm
Brisbane Roar Western United Brisbane Stadium 26th February 6:30pm
Perth Glory Newcastle Jets Perth Stadium 26th February 4:30pm
Semi-finals: Friday 4th March to Sunday 6th March 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
3rd Place Team 6th Place Team 3rd Place Venue TBD
4th Place Team 5th Place Team 4th Place Venue TBD
Preliminary finals: Friday 11th March to Sunday 13th March 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Premiers Plate Winners Lowest Placed Winner Premiers Plate Venue TBD
2nd Place Team Highest Placed Winner 2nd Place Venue TBD
League Cup final: Saturday 19th March 2022
Home Away Venue Kickoff Date/Time
Highest Semi Final Winner Lowest Semi Final Winner Highest Venue TBD

This is something I have wanted to share with the Australian Football community for some time as the unbalanced A-League fixture is annoying. There are certain teams would play each other three times during the season before they have only played other teams once. This isn’t right so I wanted to make sure that all teams played each other once before they played each other again.

I have always been a fan of a balanced schedule, so the sooner the A-League can expand to 14 teams the better.

This will allow the league to have a home and away schedule based on balance. If we eventually add more teams to the A-League then the number of games can increase to the point we may have further discussion on whether Australia is mature enough to go with a traditional European League season where first past the post are the recognised champions.

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There are other issues that are hindering the league’s growth with regards to the A-League’s independence, removal of the salary cap, increase the size of squads, a national second tier, should the youth league be blended to become a reserves league etc. But I wanted to focus on a few points that I am very passionate about with my fixture list.

I am hoping for genuine feedback good and bad and hopefully, I can learn from your feedback and I hope you can see where I am coming from with this mock fixture. The more feedback and ideas put down and shared in writing, the better