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It’s time for the Knights and their supporters to move on

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12th September, 2019
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As we progress into a new era under Adam O’Brien, we still have some who doubt the guy. Do I doubt him?

I’m all for giving a chance and taking a risk. In life, you need to take these risks otherwise you will never accomplish anything. We’ve gone from the team no one wanted to be a part of to the team which has been rebuilt after seemingly being damaged beyond repair.

A lot of things did stuff up our season. That bogus report about Kalyn Ponga wanting $1.5 million a year, Nathan Brown’s unfair dismissal and a constant change in our spine. Our players just let the media get to them.

A lot of things went sour but if there’s anything I have realised it is that when we went on our six match winning streak, we showed what damage we can cause when we’re in the right mindset. Could you imagine if we were like that the whole season? We would easily be in the top four, but sadly life doesn’t work that way.

I get it. Some Knights supporters want Andrew Johns to come out of retirement, but – for real – it won’t happen. I will start believing he will when I see a vampire getting a sun tan.

We can put the blame on a lot of things if we want. We can blame Nathan Tinkler, Wayne Bennett, Michael Hagan and everyone else involved when the club suffered serious damage – but then we’ll be back to square one. All Nathan Brown did would have gone to waste, so let’s put all that behind us. It’s taken me five years to do so but I’d rather it take that long than to still dwell in it.

Mitchell Pearce doing the double teapot.

(Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

We fans did our bit in the rebuild by being there for our team when they needed us the most and we will be there no matter what. Wests Group own the club but the team belongs to us. So many Knights supporters back them through thick and thin – we bleed red and blue and some of us ink it too.

I spent 90 minutes getting the Knights logo tattooed on my right shoulder, but it was worth it. Does this mean I’m the biggest Knights supporter? Yes, but so are the rest of us. We all hold that moniker together, so instead of making our sole claim for it let’s just own it as one.


Let’s celebrate the fact they still exist, because if it wasn’t for Wests we would have folded and would no longer exist. Imagine during the NRL season driving past Marathon and knowing that the team doesn’t exist anymore.

It would be the same as Thin Lizzy when Phil Lynott died. I’m a huge fan of the band, but when Phil passed away he took Thin Lizzy with him – and they were never the same again. I know this season didn’t work out and I know this will sound depressing but I would prefer our team to miss the eight than to not exist at all.

I am finally ready to move on into the next era of our team and I’m sure many other Knights supporters are as well. To those who aren’t ready to move on, I understand – but you can’t change the past. This isn’t Back to the Future.

If my calculations are correct, our time is near.