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Can GWS bounce back, or will the grand final loss scar them?

2019 grand finalists; Richmond and GWS. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)
30th September, 2019

There’s a big, big stat floating around the internet lately – and it’s not good reading for the Giants.

The last ten grand finalists to lose the big game by 40 points or more have all failed to win a final the following season.

Geelong in 1996, Sydney in 1997 and 2015, Melbourne in 2001, Collingwood in 2004, Brisbane in 2005, Port Adelaide in 2008, St Kilda in 2011, West Coast in 2016 and Adelaide in 2018 have all either been one-and-done in September the year after a grand final shellacking, or have failed to make it back to the finals altogether.

Nobody since the Cats in 1995, who were demolished by the Eagles the previous season, have been able to win a final the year after a heavy defeat in the decider.

Are Greater Western Sydney at risk of falling in the same hole in 2020, or do the numbers point to Leon Cameron’s side bucking the trend?

We were joined by Roar AFL expert Marnie Cohen on the Game of Codes podcast to look at GWS’ prospects for next season and make a call on what their pass mark is for 2020.

Listen to the debate:

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