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After a great 2018-19, Watford’s Premier League fortunes have dipped

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Allysa Laco new author
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17th October, 2019

Eight games into the new season and Watford is yet to come up with an impressive performance.

The Hornets are sitting ducks at the very bottom of the Premier League table. Watford has played eight matches, winning none as the season progresses. A lot of fans are sensing disappointment as they continue to struggle.

The Hornets have a goal difference of -16 after eight matches. They have managed to score only a total of four goals in all of those matches. Many have begun to doubt if the team can come back and get a win in any game this year.

This season rates as the worst start for the Hornets in league history. History has been a witness to all of the franchise’s struggles. After eight matches, this is Watford’s lowest goals tally.

Manchester City dominated the Hornets in an 8-0 rout. This was a big statement of the difference between the top-tier teams and the lower-tier teams in the Premier League. That whooping exposed what the Hornets need and sorely lack – confidence.

It is still early to conclude and seal out the Hornets in the Premier League. It is still possible for them to claw out of that 0-8 hole they put themselves in. Taking a look back at the previous matches they played, Watford does not run out of flaws, but that never means it cannot be fixed.


In their first match with Brighton, the Hornets were quicker and more confident in attacking. Their 11 shot attempts were promising, but they failed to convert.

Still, it was a tough loss for them as Brighton was able to win by 3-0. Both had three shots on target, but Watford can work out on that accuracy problem. All in all, it was just tough luck.

Their next match with Everton was a close one. Watford did put up a fight and was able to hold against Everton’s fast-paced offence. Bernard was able to score in the 10-minute mark for Everton, but Watford surely had many chances to push through the goal but couldn’t finish.

That was a close one. Watford ultimately had the upper hand for the rest of the game, but couldn’t hit a single goal. The match concluded with the Hornets completely scoreless, and Everton walking out with a 1-0 win.

Their 3-1 loss against West Ham was purely a proof of their inability to score well. The Hornets had 23 shot attempts, but only three were on target. West Ham, meanwhile, was efficient with 16 attempts with 10 shots on target. Watford was superior in pushing the ball at that time, having 83per cent passing accuracy.

That loss was fourth in a row at home since 2013. The disappointing performance at Vicarage road has started to take its toll on the Hornets.

They were able to make a draw in their match against Newcastle. The teams were an even match, as their statistics were almost the same. Impressive as a stalemate can be, the Hornets have received criticisms on their inability to closeout and win matches. That 1-1 draw was their first of the season.

Their tie game with Arsenal at 2-2 saw their aggressiveness come back. They had 31 shot attempts and was really sharing the ball well on 88 per cent passing. Time was the enemy for the Hornets in this one. They weren’t able to penetrate in the final moments, thus resulting in a draw.


The 8-0 rout by Manchester City was fatal. It did cut out the confidence of the Hornets. They weren’t able to look for answers and solutions to Manchester City’s fast attacks to the net.

They found none, and couldn’t even put up a fight. They did not have anything in their sleeves as they were completely dumped.

They lost another one against the Wolves. Despite having much more attacking speed, they were unable to convert yet again. They did have possession for almost 61 per cent of the match. Their point-blank misses were certainly the ones that haunt them in their sleep as they were not able to score once more.

Their battle against Sheffield was different. It showed more promise than disappointment for the Hornets. They stuck together as one, they showed that resiliency despite the match resulting in a draw. The Hornets badly needed that win, but their efforts weren’t enough as they failed to score, again.

There’s nothing that a bit of training can’t fix, after all. The Hornets really need to work on scoring wide-open shots. Most of their matches are a result of poor accuracy when it comes to shooting. That has been their main problem.

They can either practice three-way cuts on the way to the net. Since their passing accuracy is remarkable, that can be used to generate better offence for them. This will allow the Hornets to stay flexible and quick on the run while having different offensive options.

Anything is possible for the Hornets. Watford isn’t a team that is keen on repeating the past. There is still enough talent and potential in the team for them to shake off that eight-match slump. They can still survive if they will to do so.

Confidence remains a problem. They lack the initiative to chase down big leads when the momentum is not on their side. They tend to be easily affected by the quick changes in the pace of their opponents. Once they are able to stay on track without maintaining consistent scoring, they might be able to figure out this problem.


Their game with Sheffield showed the squad’s togetherness. They were a different team, they were sharing and communicating well. It may take some time for the Hornets to harness that chemistry and ability to work together consistently, but that should give fans a sign of things to come.

They still have a chance to turn things around. The team might want to consider changing plays on the fly, or try experimenting new line-ups. There is still plenty of time for Watford to figure things out before the season ends on them.

Watford isn’t out yet. They may want to consider fighting back now if they are to get back in their momentum this season. They were once able to be a strong team that is feared in the Premier League, and there is no doubt that they can recover and do it again.