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Eighteen months in: How is Justin Langer really going?

11th November, 2019

Justin Langer couldn’t have possibly taken over as Australian men’s cricket coach at a more difficult time.

With three members of the Test XI – including the two best bats by some margin – out suspended and a comprehensive review into the sport’s culture from top to bottom proving incredibly distracting, it’s no surprise his early tenure was far from successful.

But now, a year and a half into his reign, he finds himself having retained the Ashes urn after an overseas series for the first time in a long time, while getting the Aussies firing on all cylinders in T20s which, previously, proved to be their hoodoo format.

Both of those achievements come with big asterisks; Australia didn’t win the Ashes series and had top-order collapses regularly saved by Steve Smith, while Sri Lanka and Pakistan would’ve struggled to beat an egg the way they played in the shorter format.

So, how is Langer actually going as Australian coach?

We were joined on the Game of Codes podcast by Roar cricket expert David Schout to wrap up the T20 series just gone by and get a report card done on Australia’s current men’s coach.

Listen to the discussion in the player above.

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