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Could Samu Kerevi really play for Fiji if he wanted to?

18th November, 2019
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In one of the more bizarre post-Rugby World Cup stories we’ve seen, Samu Kerevi made headlines after apparently expressing a desire to represent Fiji at the 2023 World Cup.

By Monday, however, he’d moved hose down those rumours, claiming on social media the comments had been taken out of context and were of a jocular nature.

Wallabies fans will sure hope this is the last they hear about defection rumours from their vice-captain, but you’d imagine there’ll still be drama to follow.

But what’s the real deal here? Why does Kerevi even want to move and – crucially – would he even be able to pull such a manoeuvre off?

With plenty of smoke and mirrors surrounding the rumours – where does the truth really lie? Is this all just a ploy to put more pressure on the Giteau law?

We were joined on the Game of Codes podcast by Roar rugby union expert Geoff Parkes to explore the possibility of a move for Kerevi and what it would mean for Rugby Australia going forward.

Listen to the discussion in the player above.

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