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What does the next ten years look like for Australian rugby?

10th December, 2019
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With this decade winding down, we’re casting our minds ahead ten years and trying to pinpoint what each sport will look like at the end of the next decade.

Today, it’s rugby’s turn as we get Roar expert Geoff Parkes on the Game of Codes podcast to work out what the next ten years looks like for Australian rugby.

The decade began with ambitious expansion in Super Rugby, only for it to followed by very controversial contraction. Will the competition still exist in ten year’s time? Or will it be replaced by a more Pacific nations-focused league?

We also take a look at the global power struggles between Northern and Southern hemisphere nations and whether they’ll continue over the next decade, as well as other governance issues in Australian rugby.

We also spend some time looking at how the game itself will change over the next decade, with the rising awareness of head injuries and the like.

In any case, let’s hope we’re not still talking about Israel Folau in 2029!

Listen to the discussion in the player above.

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