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The full Perth Test preview, why this is New Zealand's best ever XI and a look ahead for the AFL

11th December, 2019

It’s our last edition for the year, so Episode 69 of The Roar’s Game of Codes podcast promises to be a special one.

If you’re a cricket lover, you’re very much in luck.

We start with Roar cricket David Schout to look ahead to today’s day-night Test in Perth between Australia and New Zealand. How will the pitch hold up? How will the fielding side cope in the extreme heat?

Is this really the best Black Caps side to ever tour Australia? Most importantly – who will win?

We stay in cricket next, but we bring on Roar expert Glenn Mitchell as we take a look back at the last decade and make a call on which nation has been the best over the journey.

Is India the clear choice in the Test arena? Or do South Africa have a claim to that title? As for limited overs, are Australia the frontrunners?

Finally, we wrap up our segments looking at where each Australian sport will be in ten years time. Today, we bring on Roar AFL expert and editor Stirling Coates to look at where Aussie rules football will be at the end of the next decade.

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