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So, do you want Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz as your QB?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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26th May, 2020

Would you rather have Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz? The question has divided opinion since both entered the league in 2016.

There is really no wrong answer – both are franchise quarterbacks and both have talent – but seeing as both were drafted in the same year and in the same division, the two signal callers were destined to be compared against each other for the rest of their careers.

Wentz was drafted number two overall by the Eagles, while Prescott was taken during the fourth round at 135 overall by the Cowboys as insurance for Tony Romo.

Over their first four years, Prescott has been better in almost every major stat that quarterbacks are judged on.

Prescott has 15,778 pass yards to Wentz’s 14,191, a starter record of 40-24 compared to Wentz’s 32-24, Dak has 14 game-winning drives to Carson’s eight, while the Cowboy has a better completion percentage 65.8 compared to the Eagle’s 63.8.

Prescott also has a better passer rating, more rush touch downs and surprisingly has 17 fewer fumbles than Wentz, all while averaging more yards per pass attempt.

Wentz has not won a playoff game whereas Dak has been in three, although only winning one he at least has that monkey off his back.

But this is just going by stats and as we know they tell some of the story but not all of it.

The biggest talking point for Prescott and Wentz is that Dak has all the weapons and Wentz does not. Clearly Wentz has done more with a lot less, simply going by last year alone did not look good for Prescott.


Dak came up short in the battle for the division title – the Cowboys biggest game of the year and a chance to cement their playoff spot.

Prescott threw for 265 yards going 25 for 44 and no TDs, with the Cowboys offence only managing three field goals for the entire game, while Wentz came up big with a depleted side, going 31-40, throwing for 319 yards and a touchdown to lead his side to a 17-9 win, clinching the division and a playoff berth.

After four years, Prescott is statistically better than Wentz in nearly every category and is a lot more durable, which is what most pundits look at when this argument comes up.

But sometimes it just boils down to who people like better and being the quarterback of America’s team, Dak comes in for some harsh criticism. Most people love to see Dallas lose and when they do, Prescott cops it. Yet when Wentz loses, excuses are made for him.

However, if Wentz is that good, he should not be compared to a fourth-round pick. It should be a no brainer but there are people on Dak’s side and that is somewhat a win already.

Going through all the stats, watching their gameplay and how they conduct themselves as leaders of their respective franchises, I am taking Dak Prescott over Carson Wentz as my quarterback for the future.

Honestly, it’s not even close.