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Craig Bellamy and Cameron Smith show their compassionate side

(Ashley Feder/Getty Images)
Roar Guru
27th June, 2020

The Storm’s Craig Bellamy and Cameron Smith decided to enter the Warriors’ dressing room after they just pummeled them 50-6.

The Warriors are obviously a team in disarray and are in urgent need of not just some leadership, but also to be with their loved ones.

Bellamy and Smith have long since been described as legends of the game of rugby league because of their professionalism on and off the field, but to go into the visitors’ dressing room and sharing encouraging words with the team they have just run off the park is simply outstanding.

They both obviously know that the Warriors’ mental strength was completely shredded after this defeat, not only because of what happened to Stephen Kearney but also because they are in the strange situation of not being able to be with their families and friends.

I am a Warriors fan living on the Sunshine Coast and I would like to thank both Bellamy and Smith for what they have done. I can only hope that what they had to say will make a difference because we have heard that some of the Warriors players want to go home.

No one can really blame them for that, but a team apart is a team broken. All they wanted to do is play the game and be included in the NRL, but was it the best decision for them to leave everyone behind. After the first game, everyone would have agreed that it was the correct decision, but since then I am not so sure.

I don’t know what was said between the boys, Bellany and Smith, but it will only be positive. So thank you to the Storm’s leaders, you are true legends of the game and if I got the chance I would shake your hands.