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Three reasons why Kylian Mbappe is better than Zinedine Zidane was at 21

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20th August, 2020

Both are superstars in the world game and are both freaks in their own right, but Kylian Mbappe is just better than the man named Zizou.

These are three reasons why Mbappe is better than Zinedine Zidane at 21.

1. Mbappe has more trophies than Zidane when he was 21
Mbappe is a four-time Ligue 1 winner at the age of 21, which is quite an achievement. He is also a two-time winner of the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue, not to mention a World Cup in 2018.

He is the new Lionel Messi of world football. On Zidane’s end, the only trophy he had when he was 21 was the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 1995 for Bordeaux. He won his trophies after his move to Juventus and that was after he was 21.

So Mbappe is better in that area, not to mention Mbappe did start off at Monaco who were successful at the time, while Zidane played at Cannes in his first couple of seasons.

2. Mbappe scored more goals in his first three seasons than Zidane
Mbappe scored more goals in his first three seasons than Zidane did. One thing that stands out is that Zidane had more appearances than Mbappe in his first three seasons of professional football.

In Zidane’s third season he only scored once in 31 appearances while Mbappe had 26 goals in 29 appearances. This shows Zidane only hit his peak once he turned 23, while Mbappe is in his prime already at 21 which is quite astounding and shows that both players were at a different level when they were the same age.

Mbappe’s skill and ball control are superior to Zidane’s when he was 21.

3. Mbappe will be remembered better than Zidane
Both players are world-class and are legends, but Mbappe will be remembered better than Zidane. Why, you ask?


Well, because Mbappe is young and Zidane’s fateful last game lives in the memory of many football fans and raises questions if Zidane is truly a legend of the sport because of that infamous headbutt. Moreover, Mbappe is known for that World Cup and hopefully the Champion’s League final on Sunday against Bayern Munich.

Zidane did not achieve success at an early age while Mbappe did. You could argue that Zidane had a harder pathway than Mbappe due to where both players started and you could argue that playing in different eras makes it hard to compare.

Both players are stars but Mbappe is just better. What are your thoughts football fans – I am wrong?