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Cowboys need to make changes and they need to make them now

Dak Prescott (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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28th October, 2020

Just when we thought my Dallas Cowboys could not do any worse this season, they once again proved us wrong. This time with a 25-3 hammering at the hands of their once-famous rival in Washington.

To put it bluntly, the Cowboys travelled the 2,137.5 km journey to simply kick a field goal. Now when you have weapons like Zeke Elliott, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and Ceedee Lamb that is unacceptable.

Now the defence for once this year did not give up over 30 points in a game, that is at least some sort of progress, right?

At the time of writing, Dallas has just traded Everson Griffen to the Detroit Lions for what stands at this stage as a sixth-round pick but depending on what happens for the rest of the year, that could jump up to a fifth-round pick.

With that trade, it tells you a lot about where Dallas is at and where they are going this year. Nowhere.

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Now I for one did not seriously expect them to go 12-4 or something silly like that, but I genuinely thought that a 9-7 season was not beyond them, even 10-6 would not have been a stretch. However now, sitting at 2-5 no matter what anyone says, we must face it, the season is over.

So that brings up another remarkably interesting situation here for the Cowboys. It might seem a little out there but hear me out.

So, they have just traded away what was considered a good signing at the start of the year, and for what we can only assume is to give snaps to the younger players on the roster and we all know how that is going to go, for this season at least.


Looking at the Cowboys schedule, there is legitimately not one game that I can see them winning from here, and yes that includes Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

If I do happen to be right, they would finish 2-14 and potentially have a high pick in the draft, probably a top five pick. You can not see them getting the number one simply because as bad as Dallas are, the New York Jets are worse.

Dak Prescott runs with the ball

Dak Prescott’s injury has hit the Cowboys hard. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

That brings me to my point here. Say for example Dallas has a top five pick in the 2021 draft( as it stands they have pick 8) when it is their turn to make their selection if players like Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence are somehow still on the board will they take one?

Will Jerry Jones let Dak go and test the free agency market? That scenario scares me, but it is something that I can see Jerry doing. The other side of that is do they stick with Dak and then go and get some defensive help with players like Defensive end Gregory Rousseau from Miami or cornerback Patrick Surtain II from Alabama?

It is going to be interesting to see how Dallas approaches the remainder of the season. Would they be better served by allowing Ben DiNucci to play out the remaining nine games to get some experience because with the cap going down next year?

I am fairly confident that Andy Dalton will not be the back up next year as his salary will most likely be too high and for me, I would rather have a young rookie get his chance than a quarterback who is on the outer of the league if they decide that the season is done.

Then there is the coaching group. What a mess that is. Say what you want about Covid interrupting training camp and injuries playing their part, but for me, that is not the biggest issue facing this team. Now as a person who has played a sport I can say that no player goes out, especially at a high level, and does not give effort however that is all I am seeing from every player on this team.


Whether that is because they know their season is gone or because they simply do not believe in Mike McCarthy or any of the other coaches we will never know but something has to change and it has to be soon.

I can not see how nothing changes by the November trade deadline, decisions must be made because let us face it Cowboy nation, this does not look like a quick fix.

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I think Jerry just must scrap everything and start again, different coach, different coordinators and for the life of me, decide at quarterback with Dak Prescott. It is clear how valuable he is to this team so either sign him or let him go and then go after your next franchise quarterback in the draft.


Because right now Dallas is the laughingstock of the league and that includes the Texans, Giants, Falcons, and Jaguars who are all 1-6, the Vikings and Bengals who are 1-5, and lastly the 0-7 Jets. Dallas is considered worse than all those teams by the media and it is hard to argue against that, well perhaps the Jets is a stretch, but it is close.

Something must change because this once storied franchise that epitomised excellence in the league for years is now slowly drowning thanks to their owner, who simply will not make the tough decisions that need to be made.

Own up to it Jerry, admit you made a mistake and move to rectify it, not in a year or six months, now. Cowboy Nation will not care if you admit this year was a mistake and move to change it.

Put plans in motion now so that when Dak is healthy this franchise can finally move from being a laughing stock to one that at least has some pride in how they go about playing their football.