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Why are the Chiefs flying under the radar?

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18th November, 2020

After an exciting playoff filled with high scoring and comeback after comeback in 2019, the Chiefs capped it off with a final come-from-behind victory, outlasting the 49ers in the Super Bowl 31-20.

Folks were talking about this team being the next great NFL dynasty, led by Patrick Mahomes who could very well be the greatest ever when he is done. With Andy Reid manning the team, all the weapons on both sides of the ball returning and adding free agents and key rookies this offseason, the Chiefs should be the talk of the town this season.

Coming into the season, they were favourites to win it all again in 2020-2021. So, why isn’t anyone talking about them right now? Why are the reigning Super Bowl winners, boasting a great young quarterback, Hall of Fame coach, and a plethora of weapons not the headline of the year?

2020 has been a weird year for sport and the NFL is no exception.

Tom Brady is in another jersey, most people’s NFC pick, the Dallas Cowboys, are in last place, and the Steelers are 9-0 and with no signs of slowing down and some saying a perfect season is in play.

But where are the talking points with the Chiefs? It is not like they fell off a cliff and are fighting for a wild card position. This team is 8-1 and are one slip up from the Steelers away from claiming the top seed in the entire league.

Mahomes has not been the focal point of most valuable player discussions this year. Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and company are apparently trying to edge each other out, while Mahomes is having another great year. He has 25 touchdowns and one interception. Yes, that’s correct – 25 to one. He is easily going to outperform his stats from last year when he was the favourite for the MVP nod until a knee injury dashed his chances.

Mahomes should easily be the top guy in the MVP talk and will go on to win, barring an injury.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)


Kansas City are on pace to break their total yards, yards per play and rushing yards from last year, as well as fewer turnovers. The 2020 regular season Chiefs are about to be better than the 2019 Chiefs who won it all, and yet I do not see a story about them.

Are we just used to their greatness and wanting something new? We cannot be, considering that Mahomes signed for half a billion dollars and is going to be around for the next decade.

Do we think the Steelers are better than them this year? I doubt it – Pittsburgh are undefeated, but came into this year with one of the easiest schedules and have the second easiest schedule remaining. Give me the Chiefs in the playoffs any day.

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Do we forget about them because they are in Kansas City and not a large market? That cannot be it: we talk about Cleveland every day, and the Chiefs are on a way different level to the Browns.

We need to just stop and appreciate what they are doing. 8-1, a game out of the best record in the NFL, with one of the greatest talents to ever throw a football. Andy Reid is coaching out of his mind and their playmakers are making top 10 plays every Sunday.

Respect the Chiefs because they will be around for a while.