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The AFL should become a fully national competition

Gerry new author
Roar Rookie
16th June, 2021
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Gerry new author
Roar Rookie
16th June, 2021
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Following on from my first and only article that was published a couple of years ago, I think it is time to revisit the debate.

NT team
I noted with keen interest the official push for a NT team the other week, which has inspired me to revisit this topic. I am a bit obsessed with it I know.

Since my first article I have done a bit more research and yes my view may still seem like a fantasist one but some of the ideas I put forward last time are coming to fruition.

That is the NT team I mentioned. Now if we really want to get into my wishes I would love a Rioli to coach the NT side if or when it actually becomes a reality. That family is so rich in AFL god -given talent.

God my heart goes out to the wonderful Tasmanian football community. I think it is criminal that they are still waiting for their team. Just get it done AFL, geez.

Wether it means relocating Gold Coast down there or a Melbourne team relocation or indeed my preference a stand alone team. Sort it out.

You could pick all the Tassies out from the current teams and have almost an instant all star team who would challenge anyone. Maybe Nate Buckley or Alastair Clarkson or Sam Mitchell to be coach – or are there any Tassie coaches? Sorry did not do my research there.

Magpies head coach Nathan Buckley looks on

Could Buckley coach the Apple Isle? (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Now I will still stick by my idea to relocate GWS to Canberra. They will benefit through sponsorships, increased fan-base and ready access to the ACT grassroots talent pool.


They already play a lot of their games there anyway. They could even set a precedent and perhaps partner with one of the rugby sides (yes ok I am just acting crazy now).

Still I think it could work in a similar way Footscray became the Western Bulldogs. Just research the thinking behind that, it is interesting and unique.

New Vic. Western Australia and South Australia teams
So that covers the three remaining states and territories not represented. However I have another proposal. Why not expand the competition to 22 teams where everyone just plays each other once before we get into finals?

You would have to alternate the locations each year of course. To achieve this I propose one Melbourne team merge or relocate to Ballarat the third biggest Victorian town, so that does not increase the number of teams from 20.

Then one new team from SA perhaps Norwood to come in like Port Adelaide did and then one from the Peel area of Western Australia to represent the second city of Bunbury.


I believe SA and Western Australia have enough in the talent pool to not dilute or cannabilise it too much from the current teams. For goodness sake Melbourne has nine teams.

GWS to be Canberra Giants; NT Thunder; Tasmanian Devils; Ballarat Bulls or Bears; Norwood Redlegs (as they are) and The Peel Panthers.

I know there is already a Peel WAFL team so there is ready made reserves. Freo needs to have its own team in WAFL like the Eagles. I am going to get my Maths wrong with some options but you can get what I am proposing.

So if Tasmania had its own team and Gold Coast to remain, one Melbourne team to relocate / merge with Ballarat. That should still make 22. So if Gold Coast relocate to Tasmania then no Melbourne team needs to relocate.

It’s food for thought people. What do you all think? Hey I have a day off work so what better way to spend it.