ICC announces World Cup final to be 'best of three' following India's loss, BCCI complaint

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The ICC has unveiled a shock change in format for the World Cup final following Australia’s upset victory over India, ruling the decider will now be ‘best of three’.

Closer analysis of the tournament’s playing conditions at the request of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has revealed a previously unknown clause determining that, in the event of India losing the final at the Narendra Modi Stadium, two more matches would be scheduled for Mumbai and Kolkata to ensure their conquerors were truly worthy of the prize.

It means Australia’s impressive six-wicket win in Ahmedabad will now only secure them a 1-0 lead in the series, with their World Cup trophy and player medals taken off them by ICC officials overnight as they celebrated what they thought was their sixth tournament win.

“Rules are rules, and all teams must abide by what is set in the official playing conditions,” ICC chairman Greg Barclay said in a statement on Monday morning.

“Had umpires and match officials properly adhered to the rules as set out in the official tournament document, last night’s presentation ceremony would not have gone ahead.

“Under the rules, a tournament host losing the final – in this case, India – would have the right to try again in two further follow-up finals, with the trophy to be awarded to the victors of the best-of-three series.

Rohit Sharma. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

“This rule will remain in place for the 2027 World Cup in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia; however, due to there being three teams sharing hosting rights all with a chance of participating in the tournament, the laws state the right of a three-match finals series will be awarded to the host of the previous World Cup, which in this case would be India as well.”

The two matches will replace a five-match T20I series between Australia and India which was set to begin in four days’ time, with that series set to be rescheduled, according to a Cricket Australia spokesperson, to ‘whenever the BCCI tell us it’ll be’.

Ground staff in Mumbai and Kolkata have reportedly already begun preparing pitches for the two follow-up finals, with reports from the Wankhede Stadium that the wicket has been doused in kerosene and set on fire in accordance with the requirement for the second match to be played on, in the exact wording from the official ICC document, a ‘raging Bunsen’.

It is believed Australian captain Pat Cummins and Game 1 player of the match Travis Head are in doubt for Game 2 of the series on Wednesday evening due to crippling hangovers, while David Warner is battling a bruised thumb sustained from an errantly popped champagne cork.

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Steve Smith is also facing a disciplinary hearing after reportedly telling ICC officials who came to retrieve the World Cup trophy from the team’s victory celebrations that they would need to ‘take it from my cold dead hands’, which could see him hit with three demerit points and suspended for the remainder of the finals series.

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Thing Me

Roar Rookie

I stand corrected when perusing through results. Over the full 48 matches if a team won the toss your chances of winning were 41.3%. Initially it seems after the first match with NZ and England where NZ won bowling first, teams followed suit. But shortly after the success of teams became dependent on batting first.



Roar Rookie

Thanks for reminding me. I remember the Chappell game for obvious reasins but forgot it was part of a 5 game series. Just topped 460,000 reads.


Rajeev Ravi

Roar Rookie

Rule should be applicable from 1983 world cup... Losers ..cry cry babies


All day Roseville all day

Roar Guru

1980/81, Aus v NZ, went to a fourth final 1981/82 , Aus v WI, went to a fourth one as well The 1980/81 series was when G Chappell, suffering from cricket overload, instructed T Chappell to bowl underarm in the third game.



Roar Rookie

Just under 360,000 reads now. Quite incredible. It would be really scary if this actually gained real traction. I don't recall there ever being a 5 game finals series in WSC in the 80's. 3 games for sure. I love that suggested match condition change. As you sy, India had Australia comfortably beaten last Sunday. Only problem was, they forgot to tie the game I also guess that change means we won't see close to 650 sixes in the next WC because teams will be far more focused on scoring singles. :laughing:


Ishan Tewari

Roar Rookie

Whatever people talk I don't care as an Indian I can say Australia won the World Cup and they deserve a trophy no doubt they played well as for Indian team they need to improve more untill they become completely unbeatable


All day Roseville all day

Roar Guru

It's right up there with Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds." :stoked: Apparently it's being justified on the basis that during the 1980s, aka the "Golden Age of (ODI) Cricket," the World Series Cup used a 5-match finals series. Further, the countback in any tied match will become "most singles scored." Justified again by the 1980s, when Aus coach Bob Simpson demonstrated that each match is invariably won by the team that runs the most singles. Which might explain why India, after galloping to 80 from 10 overs, then just pushed the ball into gaps to amass only 159 from its remaining 40. It understood that this playing condition was already in place.


The Magic Man

Roar Rookie

So close to the bone this... when satire reflects the deeper truth.



Roar Rookie

Up over the 340,000 mark now. Love to know how many took this even semi seriously.



Roar Rookie

Great satire, but there’s one thing that rang true in this post when CA said “whenever BCCI tells us it’ll be”. Because even in satire everyone in australia knows CA is BCCI’s lap dog and will do whatever they say lolol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Warna Perera

Roar Rookie

After lost the World Cup, Indian Cricket Board ( BCCI ) tries to act Devil Dance. they remind & appeal from ICC, that there is a rule to play another two final Matches when unexpectedly India lost finals at Narendra Modhi Grounds, for real Winning. this is real stupid. they can't feel to face lost. Lost or won something is the nature of human. no point to appeal again for after final celebrations. that is real stupid thing. :laughing:


All day Roseville all day

Roar Guru

334,695 views in just 48 hours, and still going up ? Congratulations editors, on breaking the internet ! I'm assuming that you've had to turn off comments, given that none have been published for almost 12 hours now...



Roar Rookie

At least the tournament completed without Ball bitings, ball sanding, bucknoring. Can't even imagine if this happens to Australia in Australia. All of a sudden ACB will demand 1 under arm should be allowed per over. Captains can bite ball once in 10 overs. You can request for emry papér during the breaks. Finals will be on WACA. Where extra rubber layer would be laid to suite Aussie players. Team spirit award for best sledging team.



Roar Rookie

FAKE ALERT ⚠️ Dear Australians, There is no such things will going to be done, this article of TheRoar.com.au is just a way to defame the Indians by using the name of BCCI involved in this, my friends they are fooling u so please don't believe in such ???? article with FAKE infos. P.s. - Congrats to your great fielders which led the cup in your bucket. Peace ✌???? & Love ❣️


Prakash Khadka

Roar Rookie

It is bullshit. It seems ICC is also in favor of India. BCCI wants to snatch the title by hook or crook. I promise I will never love cricket again if Australia loses the title.



Roar Rookie

Change the toss, let the away side select bat or bowl. If its 2 neutral sides let the lower rank team choose bat or bowl.



Roar Guru

Now we're getting somewhere Rosie :happy:


All day Roseville all day

Roar Guru

Most singles taken, wins ? That would explain India's batting, in the last 40 overs of its innings.


All day Roseville all day

Roar Guru

The top of this article currently states 147,693 views. That's about 146,693 more views, than an article gets on average. The Roar has either been hit by a virus, or gone viral on the sub-continent.


JJ's Dad

Roar Rookie

I think it sbould be best of 11 series, 11 players either side so it sort of makes sense, dont you think?

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