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AFL Draft 2018: WATCH why Sam Walsh was named the number 1 draft pick

The Carlton Blues have secured midfielder Sam Walsh as the No.1 pick at the 2018 AFL Draft.

The 18-year-old is a much-needed addition to the team and will be expected to have an immediate impact.

Walsh weighs just 68 kilograms and played for the Geelong Falcons (captain) and Victoria Country.

He’s well known for his composure and ball skills which he attributes to his stint in Darwin playing in his primary school days in 100 per cent humidity which he said felt like ‘wet weather football.’

In his most recent season for the Falcons, Walsh played 12 games and was listed in the best on ground ten times.

He comes from St Joseph’s College – the same school that produced the likes of Jimmy Bartel, Matthew Scarlett, Nick Maxwell, Cameron Ling and Shaun Higgns.

Walsh had interest from up to a dozen AFL clubs but was ultimately happy with Carlton.