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From Brisbane, Australia, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spent 4 and half years living in London. Love Football, Rugby, Cricket and Rock'n'Roll.



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It might be coming home

An Australian supporting England in most sporting endeavours is akin to high treason – an act so reprehensible, deplorable and unconscionable that the revoking of citizenships and forced registration on a public list would be fully justified.

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England vs Wales is poetry in motion

The historical enmity between Wales and England has been shaped by centuries of cultural, political, economic, and most importantly, rugby union-based mistrust and conflict, rendering the Australia versus New Zealand rivalry a primary school sandpit fight in comparison.

Sorry should’ve mentioned – thoroughly enjoyed the articles Geoff. Really good at explaining all the intangible frustrations with Australian rugby.

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two

Your fleeting mention of Wales is a good comparison for Australia. They appear to be in the same situation except the phenomenal success of their national team papers over the cracks far better than us.

Unlike us, Wales completely ballsed up professionalism from the start, and the creation of the regions under David Moffett (the controversial ex-NRL chief) started an all-out civil war, with the emotions of it still running high and festering to this day.

There’s been recent talk of cutting a region, or merging them, and the once-proud and famous club game there is struggling massively, with Neath only just surviving a winding up order recently. As I said their national team has been consistently good for a decade, and they fill Millennium Stadium for every game, but you worry about what happens when Gatland leaves and the talent might tail off.

I’m sure Nick Bishop can de-bunk everything I’ve just said.

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two

Ah my bad – should’ve seen that!

Predictable Ireland bore themselves into a shock defeat by England

Murray and Sexton looked extremely under-cooked. No surprise for Murray considering he’s barely played for Munster this season but I was very surprised Schmidt didn’t throw Carbery and Marmion on way earlier considering they’ve proven they can handle big games and situations before.

Predictable Ireland bore themselves into a shock defeat by England

Too many uses of “very” in that comment.

Seven talking points from Round 1 of the Six Nations

England were very good. Mako V. was outstanding and the Tuilagi/Slade centre combo looked very dangerous. Very good point about Johnny May – used to just be a speed merchant but now looking very well-rounded. Bring on next weekend.

Seven talking points from Round 1 of the Six Nations

’97 was the first year I was properly invested so it’d have to be going to Crushers games with my dad (including one against St. George where the bloke on the gate let us in for free because they were desperate to boost crowd numbers ha) and watching the ARL GF that year in Newcastle with my mums relatives and friends – party time!

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

They also won’t kick Italy out because everyone loves the Rome away day as well!

Who will be the King in the North in 2019?

I felt the same as Ted during my first 6 Nations experience as a fan after I moved to the UK- basically amazement and awe that it’s such a cracking atmosphere when it’s on,
For me Wales vs Ireland is the quintessential 6 Nations fixture – both sets of supporters always in good voice with a wide repertoire of songs, and the mix of green and red in the crowd of two amazing stadiums. Last years Dublin fixture was a belter only sealed with Stockdales inctercept at the end.
There is a bunch of us having to ring a few pubs here in Buenos Aires this week to ask if they can open and show the games – day drinking not much of a thing here tragically!

Who will be the King in the North in 2019?

Yeah the Italy conundrum is a serious issue I feel. There were calls for relegation last couple of years and give maybe Georgia a go, but Italy beat Georgia in November which put those calls to bed, but as I said, Conor O’Shea is no mug and they’ve had good coaches before, but it’s just not happening.

Six Nations preview: Claims to the throne

Not doubting his title credentials but the line does make specific reference to the fact he completely unravels in the third season wherever he goes, which is fact.

Wales has more experience than Scotland of rising to the 6N occasion, I remember similar talk about Scotland being smokies last year and then they got blown away in the first match in Cardiff.

Six Nations preview: Claims to the throne

Like the 78 scored last year? (5.2 per game)

Six Nations preview: Claims to the throne

I highly recommend everyone read the brilliant article on The Guardian Rugby section about Irish rugby, and how everyone works for the national team without diluting the fierce rivalries of the provinces. Made me think it could be their year. It’s a top read.

Is 2019 the Wallabies' year?

Will have a keen interest in this conference this year now that I’m living in BA – plan on going along to plenty of Jaguares games so hopefully they provide plenty of entertainment, despite the huge loss of Sanchez!

Unpacking Super Rugby: South African conference

Probably because there has been a ‘How to fix the Wallabies/Australian Rugby’ article basically every week for the past 3-4 years on here, and there’s only so many times people can repeat themselves.

Take me back: How to fix the Wallabies

Hear hear Machooka -great post.

The Lions is possibly my favourite thing in rugby and I have every intention of going to South Africa in two years to soak it up, even if I don’t get a test ticket (mid-week would do as they’re still great spectacles). I suggest re-watching the 2009 tour documentary – I did a couple of months ago and it made me wish the tour was now!

Sliding doors: Wallaby lessons from the 2001 Lions tour

Will never forget walking in to the Gabba with my dad and grandad and we were just blown away by the noise and size of the Lions crowd – basically knew we were stuffed there and then, as absolutely nobody expected to see that many red shirts.

I read the book ‘Behind The Lions: Playing Rugby for the British & Irish Lions (Behind the Jersey)’ at the end of last year and it was striking how joyful the sections on the ’97 tour were, with every player interviewed saying it was the highlight of their careers and how together the squad was, compared to ’01, where as you said it was a proper professional – was it perhaps a bit jarring and disappointing for some players who were on ’97 to not have the same sort of team spirit?

Also any chance of a 6 Nations preview in the next couple of weeks? I’m counting down the seconds until the first game as it is so damn wide open this year.

Sliding doors: Wallaby lessons from the 2001 Lions tour

Off-topic but what’s with the whole run it straight thing that keeps getting promoted on here? So many worries about concussion these days yet in every single video they promote someone is clearly getting a concussion.

I know people are free to do what they want but I find it highly irresponsible.

Take me back: How to fix the Wallabies

I’m pretty sure the Lions tours already fill in this so-called “lull” between World Cups – I’m already looking forward to the South African tour in 2 years time.

Also the recent CVC investment in the Premiership Rugby means they want that to be the dominant competition so I doubt they’ll entertain thoughts of this.

Making the World Super Rugby Championship a reality

I’m only joking (kind of) with this suggestion, what with it being the twilight zone period of the year between Christmas and New Year where I don’t know what day it is or what planet I’m on, but a dual-registration ‘London Australia’ club ala London Irish, London Welsh and London Scottish would’ve been good craic to set up.

Obviously too late now, and it seems Exeter are the main Aussie bunker in the Premiership, but it would’ve been fascinating. That’s all from me!

Why Bob Dwyer was right about Will Skelton too

One thing I found living in the UK is the culture around rugby there seems so much more fun – you see the Aussie boys over there become so much more relaxed and therefore they start enjoying their rugby and themselves a lot more.

It’s like light and day going from the incessant doom and gloom of Aus rugby in to that UK environment where the banter flows more freely and the players are allowed to express their personalities (just look at all clubs social media profiles and the players always seem to be keen and up for a laugh).

Was just an observation from me – I even though the most relaxed and care-free Beale has looked in his career was when he was tearing it up with Wasps and joking around with Haskell et al, and I noticed Toomua posted how delighted he was to catch up for a beer with his Leicester Tigers teammates after the England test. More to the point of the article, the professionalism over there seems miles ahead of Aus, and its well-known that even cashed up football clubs look at Sarries and Exeter for some cultural inspiration.

Why Rugby Australia should listen to Bob Dwyer and dump the Giteau Law

Hard to gauge how effective Johnson has been with both Scotland and Wales in the past 15 years or so. Most Welsh fans seem to not think of him highly at all, and he appears to have been one of the reasons Ruddock left the Welsh job (obviously Nick Bishop would know the exact reason behind that!).

Some Scottish fans I’ve spoken to seem to think he’s a bit of a bluffer, too eager to take the credit for Scotland’s revival in the past 5 years when most people can see that Vern Cotter was the main architect, although he did appoint Cotter in the first place so maybe he does deserve credit.

I’m going for the optimistic view (might as well, nothing to lose!) that he’ll design something effective for post world cup, and if it increases our chances of nabbing Cotter after 2019 then I’m all in!

So, how will this all work for Australian rugby?

Was hoping that Aussie consortium was going take over at Charlton, if only so there was a sliver of hope that an Aussie coach/manager could give it a crack there, but then again that could also be seen as a Swansea move, where the Americans took over and installed Bob Bradley to much chagrin from the fans.

Let's talk about Australian managers

Pretty similar to my experiences – I wouldn’t say Xenophobia as that is a strong word though, but there certainly is a bubble, especially when it comes to rugby. When Sam Warburton retired this year I was chatting with some rugby mates back home and half of them didn’t even know who he was.

Likewise I’ve found it fascinating how the Springboks and All Blacks have such a strong rivalry and respect for each others rugby history, whereas for some reason Australian rugby fans don’t tend to respect the Boks as much, hence the empty seats every time they play in Aus.

A role for White, but not as Wallabies head coach

‘Oxford Town’ is the one from that album that always lodges in my head.

That’s all I can contribute as every word that can and should be said about the Wallabies this week and this year has been said!

Bring on the Six Nations in 66 days!

Why the answers for Australian rugby are blowin’ in the wind