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If South Africa win we have a problem. NZ beat South Africa in the lead ups so in that case they will still be No 1.

The Rugby World Cup final mega-preview, Sam Burgess and the 2020 NRL fixture

Hey! Hold on! hold on! hold on! The All Blacks are still the No.1 side in the World and they can still make the finals. They just need to buy tickets. That’s all.

The Wrap: Do the World Cup semis tell the truth about the final?

Agree with Bobby. Sure the All Blacks like to win but for the sake of the game globally lets visit Georgia. Lets visit Tonga. Lets visit Namibia and Uruguay and infinitum. Well done England.
and who was the mastermind who came up with the dit-dit-dit dah?
Dit-dit-dit dah! Dit-dit-dit dah! dit-dit-dit dah! dit-dit-dit-dah!

As a New Zealander, this is why I don't like the World Cup

Cheika was a good coach but like his predecessors Deans and McKenzie they just could not select.Thorn is no better.A very good player in his day but not a good selector.
Players make coaches. Not coaches make players. For me and I’ll keep harping on about this till my dying days you had the best winger in the world playing for Queensland and Deans discarded him along with McKenzie and co. Rod Davies helped QLD to win the Super Rugby title in 2011 along with Genia and Cooper. Has QLD done anything since?
Not a jot!Only Twiggy Forest has had the guts to resurrect Rod Davies from the drizzle and darkness of RA.

Quade Cooper swipes at outgoing Wallabies coach on social media

Agree. You’ve nailed it in one.THey’ll have to play better than that boring 9 man rugby.

Six talking points from Japan vs Springboks

No more leaguies playing Rugby Union. There is plenty of talent around if the selectors were to look around instead of interviewing their typewriters or overhearing a conversation on how Chuck is playing for the B’s.

Rugby Australia target Suliasi Vunivalu for 2023 World Cup

You’re joking! There was an off-season brawl where drink was not involved? And this was just before these students of the game were about to sit there end of year university exams? How on earth did this shocking set of circumstances arise when there were aid programmes these footy players were engaged in assisting these third world countries where league needs to be nurtured? Why weren’t the parents made to be accountable? And more importantly why didn’t the TMO intervene?

Fancy that Australia, a drunken punch-up in Bali?

Apart from the Aussies, is there any other team that will come remotely close to winning this global tournament?

"I'm not sure where we're at, but we've got a fantastic team": Mal Meninga on the beautiful uncertainty of the Nines World Cup

Typical Cpl Jones. “Don’t panic! don’t panic! don’t panic!”

Eddie Jones proves two can play at the selection surprise game with England team announcement

An absolutely marvellous game. Great open rugby for once. Good to see a referee too, not get out any red or yellow cards as for instance the Gray tackle, unlike the previous match where Uruguay looked like creating another upset before officialdom took over once again to ruin a good contest. Full marks to the Uruguayans with their gutsy tackling. And full marks to the Scots with their comeback effort. Rugby is once again on the map globally but much is still to be done lifting Pacific, South and North American Rugby . Why don’t the All Blacks tour Russia or Romania to promote the game there? And as for dropping the Japanese from the Super Rugby? What an insult by a bunch of non-de scripts!

Japan into RWC quarter-finals after beating Scotland 28-21

The refereeing in this match was appalling. These yellow and red card penalties have turned what should be a contest into a lob-sided circus. Jim Flemings refereeing in 1995 when South africa played Samoa was the most abysmal adjudications in the history of rugby world cups but this chap whoever he was, wasn’t too far behind. He just killed the game as far as a good contest was concerned and it will be remembered as a non-event. Ireland deserved to win and showed great strength in their forward pack. And if they want to win by killing their brain cells by playing eight man rugby so be it. But it along with this referee does nothing to foster the spirit of the game. 😡

Pinpoint grubber sees the Irish completely dominate a poor Samoan side

The game is going to the pack. How many red or yellow cards were ever issued in 1987? 1991? 1995? 1999? 2003? 2007 ? It’s time we really got stuck into the administrators and tell them we want the game to be safe but please take into account there are non-malicious tackles that anyone with an ounce of common sense can see they were not deliberate. The game is turning into a game of dominos with body types being penalised for being six foot twelve!

England demolish Argentina after early red card

The game is going to the pack. Red and yellow card pack

England demolish Argentina after early red card

Dan Biggar! Very clever fly-half to have looked up a book on the arts of drop kicking by Phil Hawthorne.

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

Wales to win! No Hodge, no Folau, no Rod Davies, no Quade Cooper, no Beale at fly half, the quagmire continues.
It will be another year of that great global game played in South Auckland, NSW, Queensland and Northern England, thugby league. Along with more lob-sided VFL.

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

On the grand scale of things and allowing for tribalism to emerge it was quite frankly a non-event.

Five talking points from the 2019 AFL grand final

Overton V Woakes ? strange? Mind you I would say, more importantly,”who’s won the toss?”

England confirm one change for fourth Ashes Test

“It’s time,” said the rugby paying public to the ARU that the Brumbies re-emerge into NSW and, pause, deservedly so, reinstate Western Australia as a Super Team for the competition.
Look at how many spectators turned up to the other side of the Back of Beyond. To not include Twiggy Forest as a supporter of rugby is tantamount to shooting yourself in the metaphysicals. Amalgamate the Brumbies and NSW becomes a power-house once again. And just to be fair offer Canberra on alternate nights with Sydney. Any MP with the full quid, a bit of interest and clout in Canberra will then continue to be a supporter of the game. Keep Victoria. Just make sure the game grows in Australia nation-wide. Besides what professional rugby union player can afford to live in Sydney anymore? Their wages are being eaten up by the rent!
Now is John Miller still going strong after all these years?

Brumbies poach Will Miller from Waratahs

Unfortunately they won’t win because of the weather. It’s wet and miserable in Auckland. This will suit the grind and bash of the All Blacks.
Rugby in this country needs a lift or something to lift its profile. Israel Folau can’t do it alone on his own!

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

Congratulations to the Wallabies on their meritorious win. There is no doubt they deserved it. Unfortunately the loss of a player helped to make this game a lob-sided result. i can remember the same thing happening after England won the World Cup in 2003. England toured NZ and an English forward got ordered off for fowl play. The contest that we’d all paid good money to see between the reigning World Champions and the unofficial world champions of rugby, NZ, was a disappointment. A non-event.
I believe the player should be replaced and a special seven point penalty should be given to the non-offensive side. Why should a TEAM suffer for one person’s indiscretion. And in this case I don’t think Barrett’s fowl was altogether malicious. And that applies to some of the tackling where a player I think for the most part doesn’t deliberately tackle around the neck or drops him from an above the horizontal position. It can often be on account of a unequal body collision or tackle as well as a sharp turn of direction.
If rugby wants to make the game safer there can be nothing more dangerous than a pack of forwards pushing against just seven forwards. That is highly dangerous.
No I say replace the red-carded player but penalise them with an automatic seven points and get on with a fair contest.

Nine talking points from Wallabies vs All Blacks

Folau one.
Australia none.
South Africa won.
Australia done.
England wun.
Black Caps had some fun losing by just one run.
Well! It rhymes doesn’t it!

Wallabies haunted by Ellis Park curse

I’m staggered. They haven’t ? Have they? Canterbury? get Cheikha to order a seismic eruption over here!

Crusaders fight past Jaguares to make it three straight Super Rugby titles

Australian Rugby has to rethink big and hard what it wants and what it needs to do to recover its soul.
First I would sack the Union, Aunty Raelene, Tom Coblee and all.
Second employ Twiggy Forest as director.
Third amalgamate the Brumbies into NSW playing on alternate nights at either Canberra and Sydney.
Fourth bring back Izzy and Rod Davies into the squad
Fifth I would hold trials between Possibles and Probables from Cairns to Hobart and Sydney to Christmas Island.
Finally bar divine intervention or a mystical miracle I would apologise to God and appoint Alan Jones or my Mum to coach the Wallabies.

Has the latest Wallabies squad heralded the end of a selection era?

“Give Extras a go!”

Australia vs India Cricket World Cup live stream and TV Guide

And full marks to the league for capitalising on the occasion. Rugby despite it being played in Egypt prior to Gallipoli landings, on Mudros Island between NZ and Australia, in France, in England and in Palestine where the Moascar Cup was played, there was never any affiliation to league between the ANZACs. And I might add the VFL. Under what if any circumstances does the NZ in aNZac have to VFL?

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7