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I say lay off Seibold. When are people going to realise that players make coaches. Not coaches make players. If you select the right players then they will produce the goods. the daze of Queensland ruling the roost are over. A new breed of young guns need nurturing to rise above the sticky heights. And it’s not ‘Pop goes the Broncos.’

Seibold is safe according to Broncos CEO

Kevin who?

Cricket Australia reportedly set to sack Kevin Roberts

A very good rugby player indeed, playing outside another great, Des Connor in an era when the Wallabies were the easy-beats in world rugby. The closest he ever got to playing in a winning test team was in 1958 when the Wallabies drew with the NZ Maoris in their second test.
Born 13 December, 1935, passed away May 16 2020. Will be sadly missed by both codes. R.I.P.

League great Arthur Summons dies at 84

There should be a clear rule spelt out for league. And what the rest of the country thinks-who cares?

Players partying and going camping risk blowing it for all of us

Interesting to read these comparisons. Could anyone tell me who coached the 1924 Invincibles? For me, players make coaches. Not coaches make players. They give guidance and something called motivation. I’ve never understood the hulla-baloo that has arisen since the pre-professional era of the Alex Whylie v John Hart or the Alan Jones v Bob Dwyer ins and outs. Peter Burke as a coach achieved an 85 % record, so where does he stand? Or John Gleeson? Or The 1959 Lions that scored 9 tries against the 7 compiled by the All Blacks and still lost the series to the great Don Clarke. Let alone the seven tries to nil against the Wallabies. Who was the coach? A little known Irishman by the name of Ossie Glasgow. Another great coach who I think far surpasses Ian McGeechan in recent times would be Vern Cotter with his 53% winning record as opposed to McGeechan’s 43% record. And had Scotland won that morally-bankrupt semi in the 2015 RWC, Cotter would have been knighted by now. Perhaps I’ll leave the final word to my late father who while at Levin District High School they had the former All Black Harry Jacob teaching them the art of dribbling. Good grief! Dribbling! This former WW1 Maori Officer who was awarded the MM for gallantry did the coaching out of a virtue called ‘love of the game.’

The search for rugby's greatest-ever coach - and no, it's not Clive Woodward

This has always puzzled me. aNZac Day VFL?

Incredible Anzac Day AFL moments

Top notch analysis of this particular era. Really interesting to read. If I may make a suggestion for the next era-Trevor Allan, Charlie Eastes, Brian Cox and Nick Shehadie.

The Wallabies' Revivalists second XV (1920-1939)

Rugby league should continue playing providing they take the necessary steps to safeguard the health of their players. League continued being played during the Great War when all the other sporting codes called it a day. League players such as Frank Burge, Dally Messenger, Howard Hallett, Ray Norman, Sandy Pearce, Con Sullivan, Dally Messenger, Bob Craig, etc all great league players, kept on playing or coaching league during a difficult time while other fit and able men went off to the War. The NRL should have put them into quarantine so the competition could continue.

NRL finally forced into suspending season

Fifth title! Fifth! Fantastic! Meanwhile 276,000,000 Indians live in poverty without any cricket bats or balls to eat.

Australia dominate for fifth World Cup

My apologies ladies but what a big hoo-hah about nothing. Australia will win by the length of the strait. If India comes within cooey of the Australians I’ll be leaping for joy at the fact that a Third World Nation beat a privileged group of non-aboriginal cricketers.

Never fear, Beth Mooney is here

The matches may have been out of the 1950s but the magnanimous behaviour of the Australian women wasn’t. To me they were a bunch of yobbos with the hoop-la and carry on. One thing we can blame our schools for in this day and age is the lack of grace being shown as victors. The Australian women may have won the semi-final against a country where cricket bats and gear are few and far between but South Africa won the day for putting up with the unfortunate weather and its disruptions. Not that that is going to count on the scoreboard.

The organisation of the T20 Women's World Cup is straight out of the 1950s

It’s obvious! no more cutting down of our trees but batting using coal for cricket bats.

Time for sport to realise climate change is its fight, too

You’re on the money here Ronan. How many of these Black Capitulators had great-grand-fathers fighting at el Alamein? Or Cassino? Let alone Gallipoli or the Western Front? Yes! They’re a new breed of determined descendants with their pressed whites, sponsor-driven zip-up footwear along with the plastic American baseball caps and kit bags. nothing like looking the part and being the nicest opposition any Australian team could ever play.

New Zealand fight back at the SCG

There are only two nations that play cricket. India and Australia. The rest are very good at the pyjama game, No-one gives a diddly-squat about the Ashes anymore. England come up with a series win how often? once in a change of gubmint? At least they don’t capitulate like the Black Capitulators! Time to just play the pyjama game where the yob-ohs with their limited time spans and plastic cartons of beer were left to get a brief sun-tan smearing their bronze-tanned bodies with what’s left of the Christmas jelly.

Australia and India are clearly the two best Test teams

Lets hear it for the Black CAPitulators! Hoop-ray! Hoop-ray! Hoop Ray!

Why I'm not watching the cricket today

People still don’t get it. Cricket is an elitist sport. In NZ you used to play cricket in the summer at school and rugby in the winter. Not now. Only those who attend Auckland Glammar, Kings College, Wanganui Collegiate and Christs College can afford the Master Blasters, the Kookaburra kit bags, the New Balance boots, infinitum, play the game. We’re going the way of the West Indies, Sri Lankaans, Pakistanis, even South Africans who would like to play the game but can’t afford it. There are not enough male school teachers coaching cricket at lunchtimes. What is more when was the last time you saw a polynesian representing NZ? Murphy Su’a in what year? Imagine if NZ could get together the kilikiti cricketers outside the affluent suburbs of NZ, NZ could have a team the equal of the All Blacks with those Polynesian sporting skills. Ross Taylor is tokenism at best.

New Zealand batsmen have embarrassed themselves

As Nz have won the toss NZ have a slight smidgeon of remote hope.

Australia-New Zealand Boxing Day Test Preview

Ridiculous to boost any hopes on a NZ outcome. How many years has it been since NZ played a Boxing Day Test at the MCG? The disdain with which Australian Cricket has bolstered NZ cricket is a shameful record. And that has to be conceded in light of the differing records of the NZ sides. Australian Rugby was treated the same way until South Africa was ostracised over apartheid and trans-Tasman tests became a regular item. But playing in forty degree heat, coming from a land of drizzle and darkness the Black Caps from the Land of the Long White Shroud haven’t a show. Besides name me one Polynesian kid in Otara who can afford a Master-Blaster or a Gray-Nicholls Gold bat let alone helmets, batting pads, protectors and a cricket bag. Whether we like it or not cricket is an elitist sport and despite their best efforts the egalitarian Kiwis will be up against an impenetrable brick wall. At least they’ll be nice losers unlike . . . .

Veterans Taylor and Williamson remain NZ's heartbeat

My! Hasn’t the world changed from the million and a half Australian servicemen of two World wars to the legal clique up and down fhis country that once upon a time swore an Oath of Allegiance ending with the words “so Help me God.” Find me one serviceman’s file in two World Wars that didn’t severally swear or sign that document on their file?
It will not be Folau who makes the determination on Judgement Day but our Lord Jesus Christ.
Meantime almost two people a day will die on our roads, let alone almost 1200 a day world-wide. Didn’t happen in Jesus’ Day. Yet we are so concerned about the plight of a very small group of inclusivity. Yet we egalitarian rugby playing, middle class, Christian couch potatoes with reds in our eyes tolerate the bullying of former Wallaby Journalists and advocates of the ANZAC diatribe who demonstrably demonstrate it’s only their way or the highway. Is that what the Salvation Army Officers who crawled on their bellies to serve cups of tea on the front lines fought for?

Why everyone got it wrong about Rugby Australia and Israel Folau

Who was the All Black that once said, “league is a game played by thugs. Watched by thugs.”

Eels legend calls for NRL to scrap ‘no punch’ rule

David Warner – Cricket’s World Hall of Fame?

David Warner deserves more respect

As an Australian myself, I can fully appreciate the anxiety and sensitivity recidivists can be exposed to as a daily treat when mocking one another in the name of innocent fun. I however think you may have quite seriously missed the point. And it was no better exemplified than today with Australia 589 for what?
And Pakistan losing their sixth wicket on just 89 runs? And we call this Test Cricket?
If we continue to play cricket every couple of years against England at the expense of other nations then we will continue to have dwindling crowd attendances turning up to non-events.
Now, about Mick Jagger letting down the good name of Ned Kelly. . . .

Two players offer Kiwis an edge over Australia – neither are Kane Williamson

The real secret to Labuschagne’s success is that his parents moved him out of South Africa so that he didn’t have to sleep in the middle of his house with the rest of his family despite the barbed wire and security cameras. Sadly I’m betting his name won’t be coming up on any trivial pursuits night, any time now or in the future.

The secret to Labuschagne's success

Bring back Wright and Edgar to open the batting!

Two players offer Kiwis an edge over Australia – neither are Kane Williamson

Wasn’t there some bloke called Neesham that used to play for NZ sometime back?

Two players offer Kiwis an edge over Australia – neither are Kane Williamson