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Year Inthink the Broncos will finish 13th

Five fearless predictions for the 2020 NRL season

Here’s my 5

Knights to make the finals
Eels to win the premiereship
Rabbitohs to miss the finals
Broncos to finish in the bottom 4
NSW to win origin 2-1

Bonus one
Smith to win the daily m

Five fearless predictions for the 2020 NRL season

Interesting article let’s see if your right

The Roar’s 2020 NRL preview series: Not terrible, not good, just average

Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how it goes

The Roar’s 2020 NRL preview series: The bottom two

Good idea

Time for the NBL to re-ignite the All-Star concept

Knights will make the finals this year

Why your team will do better in 2020: Newcastle Knights

I think they will finish 10th

Bulldogs season preview by the fans

If Tigers actually won it would of been Sharks that missed out

Bulldogs season preview by the fans

Where’s Paul Green

Under pressure: Who needs to perform in NRL 2020?

I think 2020 will be finally the year they click

The myth of the Parramatta Eels will be shot down in 2020

I’ll say Knights will make the 8 This year and so will Cowboys and Panthers Broncos Sharks and Rabbitohs dropping out

Ladder yo-yo: Which teams will switch spots for the finals?

Bold prediction for the 2020s Storm to miss the finals at least once

A look back at a decade of NRL football

Knights and Panthers were the 2 most disappointing teams

The 2019 NRL report card: The bottom eight

What about Justin Bieber

103 people more likely to captain the Wallabies than Israel Folau

Be interesting to see how they all go Inexpect Knights Panthers and Cowboys to all be in finals next year

With Broncos Sharks and Rabbitohs all slipping out

The 2019 NRL report card: the top eight

Just play the full 10 minutes please

NRL mulling golden point change

Yeah that’s all they need

All Newcastle needs is a winning attitude

Yep it’s their year to make the finals

The Knights can finally make the eight with their 2020 draw

What about when you can’t kick for goal after the differencencel pentaly

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

No just banned Bali

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

Next year they will make the finals

The Knights can bounce back in 2020

Good predictions this year you should do a two in one prediction next year

Revisiting my five fearless pre-season predictions for the 2019 NRL season

It could go either way for the clubs do you think the Raiders can back it up also

Can Manly or Parramatta back up their surprise semi-final appearances?

Yeah I don’t want to be to confident

Are Brisbane at risk of doing a Melbourne next year?

Eels still won’t win the premiereship because they’ve considered over 50 points

Unb-Eel-ievable! Parramatta blow away Broncos 58-0