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Nice piece Adam, thanks for that. My wife is a big fan of Dak and the Boyz so this is much appreciated!
Aye, I also tend to think they will work something out. It’s been such a drawn out affair though, as you so well articulated. Hopefully they can reach common ground soon and Dak stays in Dallas. Although personally I’d be happy to see him just play one more season there and come to my Colts, haha! (I can’t see Old Man Rivers lasting too long unfortunately…)

Prescott's unsigned contract could be a bad sign

Oh dear, yes I think the Packers had a bit of a shocker. When you have such a tremendous QB as Rodgers surely you build your team around him? It was a very strange draft indeed.

Joe Burrow will be the best QB from this draft

Thanks for the article Tyler. I wish Roar had more NFL articles.
It was an intriguing draft, and not because of the Rona impact. I’ve been perusing the various draft grades and there is a consensus that both the Bengals and the Dolphins have done well with their QBs.
Personally I’m content with my Colts’ effort.

Joe Burrow will be the best QB from this draft

It was a very strange pick by GB

Joe Burrow will be the best QB from this draft

I have a very similar XI Aussie D, but I’ve gone for S.Waugh over Gower. But I agree with your comments, he was wonderful to watch. S.Waugh has a well deserved reputation for a gritty batsmen who sells his wicket high, but he could also play some incredible strokes.

Personally, I only went for the one spinner because I wanted to include the quicks! Laker and Warne in tandem would be amazing though.

Help us pick the greatest Ashes XI of all time

What an excellent idea! Like others I have tried to “go beyond the numbers” but at the same time you can’t ignore runs on the board 😊

Hobbs – two of the best bats in history, and just squeezes out Hayden
Bradman – a lock
Smith – possibly the best batsmen since the guy above him
S.Waugh – if somehow it turns to poo you know he’ll fight to the death
Miller – an amazing bowler (when he felt like it!) who could throw the bat around as needed
Gilchrist – can you imagine Miller and Gilly at either end going nuts?
Warne – he might be a knob but you have to include him, and he might not be too miffed about S.Waugh being in the team if Bradman is the skipper
Larwood – others have better figures but I don’t think he was used very well by Jardine
McGrath – Mr Reliable
Alderman – especially if the match is played in England!

Strewth, so many great players have to be left out!

Help us pick the greatest Ashes XI of all time

Ah, nice one. I’m pretty sure some English clubs do this?

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

It’s a fascinating intellectual exercise but I cannot ever see a hybrid game developing because there’s only one nation who will get a massive boost.

I remember years ago when Eddie Jones was the Wallaby coach and there was discussion going on about this topic. Some big name league folks were quite seriously talking up the possibility of a hybrid game to combine the codes. Union was getting a lot of publicity at the time. Eddie Jones was asked for his view and he said something like:

“I think it’s a great idea to combine the codes. But it will only happen if the combined codes play with the international law of rugby union” 😂

It seemed like a brutal rebuffal of a genuine desire to combine codes with no room for negotiation or compromise. But he went on to point out that no other country would agree to change the rules of Union so that Australia would benefit.

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Some great ideas there Buk. Our biggest sports have a very rich history. I remember reading the autobiography of Harold Larwood and loved it, so many great stories.

And although I think you’re last line could be a tough ask… 😂 I would love to read a doco about the Scottish golden years of years with Finlay Calder and the Hastings lads, with footage embedded of course.

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Thanks Tiger Bill, some great memories there! As a Queenslander I’ve always felt some of our best were ripped off, with Stuart Law at the top of that list. But there were plenty of other great players around the country (although maybe not many from NSW, ha, couldn’t resist) who couldn’t get a decent run simply because our test team was so bloody good!

The underachievers of Australian cricket in the 1990s

What a fantastic game for the SuperBowl! I rank this one up there with the Giants victory over team evil (pats) when Little Eli hit his receiver’s helmet (David Tyree) who had the presence of mind to cling to it with one hand.

Mahomes and hosed! Chiefs end 50-year drought with Super Bowl win

It did seem dodgy but the frame which shows his foot out also has the tip of the ball crossing the plane. The previous frame had neither, so they had no option but to stick with the onfield call. My understanding is that there needs to be clear “incontrovertible” evidence to overturn the call.
And anyway, it looked sensational!

Mahomes and hosed! Chiefs end 50-year drought with Super Bowl win

Thanks for the article Jean-Paul, it’s good to read an Aussie take on the NFL. I wish the Roar had more coverage.
But! I think you’re very optimistic indeed! Nothing wrong with that and I admire your supporting comments. But I reckon you’re dreaming. I think the Chiefs at home will be too strong.
As much as I’d love to see a GB v Ten SB I think it’ll be SF v KC. Which is still ok because the Patriots aren’t there, hurray!

Why the Tennessee Titans are Super Bowl favourites

I do agree with this analysis. On top of which the Chiefs will surely be full of self belief after that incredible comeback. I think they will just be too strong across the board. Plus KC has the human walrus as their head coach 😛

Why the Tennessee Titans are Super Bowl favourites

I reckon that’s a bit harsh on Pakistan and New Zealand. I think both teams gave their all but we are peaking. Our bowling attack is pretty bloody special at the moment, especially in home conditions. And Warner and Marnus have been superb. I’ve personally not found it boring at all!

Aussies set their sights on India after flogging Black Caps

Glorious stuff Dan, many thanks! And what a glorious sumnar it has been.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs New Zealand, third Test

There were two delightfully quirky moments in this test though…
Towards the end of day one Australia only needed one more wicket to finish off the Pakis, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they lasted just another 20 minutes so the “sunscreen advocate brothers” Burns-Warner (love it Dan!) wouldn’t have to bat prior to stumps.
And in a delightful parallel – as the Pakis second innings came to a close, they needed just 10 more runs with two wickets in hand. Not to win of course, to the dismay of their fans no doubt, but to make Australia bat a second time. And again it was the sunscreen brothers involved, this time willing the wickets to fall so they didn’t need to pad up. It was quite exciting to be honest.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs Pakistan first Test

Wonderful stuff Dan, thank you sir.
Nice to have a win but I don’t think this match will qualify for your sequel “The next best 50”

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs Pakistan first Test

When he got out for 97 my first reaction was disappointment for him, but my first thought was being worried he might get dropped because he didn’t get a century. Conversely, if any of Langer & co’s pets, especially SMarsh, had scored 97 they would have locked in their position for the next ten tests!

Burns must finally be respected by Test selectors

Love it!

Underdogs maybe, but the Springboks have what it takes to topple England

Haha! Exactly Jaysper! My preference is also for neither to win. But as Randy taught Stan in SouthPark, sometimes in life our choice is between a turd and a douch…

Underdogs maybe, but the Springboks have what it takes to topple England

I really want Los Pumas to go well, and would love to see them make the semis again but I have a feeling that Les Blues will be too much for them in their opening game. I hope I’m wrong!

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 1: unprepared

Thanks Gatesy, and it is the classic philosophical response to the question why the Wallabies can win it: “why not?”
But I do admit that I am backing them more with my heart than my head!

Time to back the Wallabies for another surprise World Cup run

Well articulated argument Lewis. The decision is indefensible on so many levels. Thanks for the article.

The Australian cricket selectors are back to their ridiculous ways

Hallelujah Ben! The truth shall set us free! I too am a true believer my brother. All praise our saviour Smith!

Have you heard the good news about Steve Smith?