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I found this part of your post quite interesting: “Let’s instead all just stand around in a circle and hold hands, looking at each other with big wide fake smiles pretending we live in a society where everything is perfect and everyone shares the same views, are happy and hold the same religious and other beliefs. “

I think this is a very strange way of interpreting what a “politically correct and modern Australia” means. The so called “PC Brigade” is actually fighting for equality and celebrating differences – not pretending that everyone is the same, and certainly not trying to force anybody to be the same. They are actively challenging long held prejudices that are inherent in our society regarding Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality, Disability, etc., in an effort to create a world where everyone has an opportunity to succeed without fear of judgement for being themselves. They can no longer turn a blind eye to those who spout hate and bigotry to oppress others.

“I believe that there will be ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I don’t think it will be based on the color of the skin…”
― Malcolm X
Note: I prefer to think the term ‘clash’ in this quote is meant to be existential and not violent.

The tragic tale of Israel Folau

The major problem is that the Broncos were a top 4 team or thereabouts since Wayne Bennett returned to the helm in 2015.

2014 (Griffin) – Finished 8th. Eliminated first round.
2015 (Bennett) – Finished 2nd. Lost in Grand Final.
2016 (Bennett) – Finished 5th (tied 4th, but poorer points differential). Eliminated Semi Final.
2017 (Bennett) – Finished 3rd. Eliminated Preliminary Final.
2018 (Bennett) – Finished 5th (1 win off top 4 / minor premiership). Eliminated first round.

Unfortunately there were a lot of recruiting errors made prior to Bennett’s return that left the Broncos with a fairly mediocre roster, for the most part, that could never really hope to reach a level of consistency of the likes of Roosters and Storm. The Broncos teams of the past few years have been able to pull out a win against the best teams in the competition one week, and then get smashed by a wooden spoon contender the next. I really think it’s a problem of on-field leadership. This team hasn’t had a real leader since Darren Lockyer, except for a maybe half a season when Ben Hunt was on fire. And I love Alfie Langer, but maybe it’s time he backed up a bit and let these relatively young play-makers think for themselves.

Troubled waters at the Broncos: Why Bennett jumped ship

Absolutely. Just wait until Souths lose a game.

It’s Round 3 - lay off the State of Origin talk!

Do you? Because every definition of the word is perfectly suited to Dave Warner.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

Wow. Get over it.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

Nah I kind of agree. 10 years ago the crowds were non-stop during a Broncos game, and you’d go home with your ears ringing and wake up with a hoarse voice. Chants galore. These days you’re lucky to get a sustained “Let’s Go Broncos, Let’s Go” chant once a match. In fact, some fans even take offense if you are too loud!

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

As a Broncos fan*, I would probably go and watch a second Brisbane team play out of Suncorp Stadium, just as I do for the Reds, the Roar, the Wallabies, and any other magnificent sporting event that comes our way. In fact, I even made the trip down the Coast to watch the Titans 2 or 3 times a season. In saying that, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to be truly passionate for a second Brisbane team – but I’d still pay to watch them play.

*sadly no longer living in Brisbane – NYC is home for now.

A second Brisbane team? Tell him he's dreaming

No room on the bench – or at the very least an honourable mention – for one of the greatest utilities of all time in Shaun Berrigan? His credentials – 2 time premiership winner, represented Queensland 15 times, Australia 14 times, and won the Clive Churchill medal.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter B

Expanding (or reducing) the number of teams and making teams only play each other once (or twice) might do something to kill the dead rubber matches.

And please say no to a conference system. It works in NFL because there are teams all over the country and 330 million people to entertain.

The NRL’s Wildcard Weekend is making heads explode

So incredible that you blame Folau for trying to catch the ball with his face (and yet, still scored the try!). What about the person who passed the ball into his head? Seriously.

Without Israel Folau, the Waratahs lose that game. It’s really quite simple.

Waratahs winning ugly sure beats the hell out of losing

No – I do support the Broncos. Always have, always will.

I live overseas now, however, which I think has allowed me to step outside the media bubble and take a more reasoned and measured approach to watching the great game of rugby league. That allows me to appreciate the skills of all the players in our game, regardless of club and state affiliation.

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 10-1

I have no idea what you are talking about. I even stated that I am a Broncos fan – right there in my original post. I can’t stand the Roosters. Fortunately I don’t watch the game with one eye.

Regarding Cordner being a Top 3 player – I look at leadership and the ability to inspire your team to victory as being very significant factors in defining the best players, more than individual statistics and the ability to generate flashy plays. He’s the first or second player picked for the Kangaroos, and that’s a pretty decent indicator of what he brings to the game.

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 10-1

How is Boyd Cordner stuck at 15? He’s in the top 3 for sure. He’s the current premiership, NSW Origin and Kangaroos captain. The guy is a machine who makes his team win through his brilliant leadership. As a Queenslander and Broncos fan, I most say I’m quite flabbergasted. I’d have him first choice in any team, any day.

Apart from that striking omission from the Top 10, it’s pretty good. Carry on.

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 10-1

I’m a massive Cook fan. However, statistics do not give a real indication of a single player’s influence on the success of their team. Metres gained and tackles made, etc. is an indication of a coach’s philosophy and playing to a team’s strengths.

Also, one season does not make a career. Smith has been doing his thing now for longer than any other player, ever. And he continues to win the majority of games he plays in and make Grand Finals while he’s at it. He’s the best and most influential player in the game.

I really hope Cook has another breakout year because he’s a pleasure to watch. He brings new energy to the game and really makes me root for him, even though I’m not a Rabbitohs or NSW fan. I just like the way he plays the game.

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 10-1

I also think they would have been a real shot in 2011 if Lockyer didn’t fracture his cheekbone in the semi-final against the Dragons. The Broncos, with Gillett playing five-eighth, and Copley having one of the all-time stinkers, were fairly well beaten against Manly (the eventual premiers) – but would have put up much more of a fight had Lockyer been playing.

What happened to the Broncos?

Cronk is a Brisbane boy.

I broke my hand in 2013. Cameron Smith’s uncle, while prepping me for surgery, told me that Cam was definitely coming to the Broncos. Unfortunately, his wife wanted to stay in Melbourne!

What happened to the Broncos?

Langer was the Australian batting coach from 2009 to 2012, and the interim coach in 2016. He’s had his hands all over the team for a decade.

Don't blame the Big Bash for Australia's batting woes

What a joke this article is. Australia hasn’t suddenly lost their way due to lack of mongrel, as the author suggests. They haven’t had a dominant bowling attack for a decade. Mitch Johnson and Starc may have given us hope sometime, but that’s it.

What happened to the Aussie attack?

I’m not addressing any side of an issue. I’m addressing the problem of male NRL players allegedly sexually assaulting women. It’s pretty simple.
For your first paragraph I’ll reduce it to #notallmen. And that’s great, but my argument is that if all men respected women and didn’t use language that demeaned them, then potentially we would have a world where fewer men and NRL players assaulted women.
For the rest of your comment, I will agree that false accusations are extremely problematic.

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

The inference was that people who make disrespectful jokes about women, are disrespecting women.

Note: making fun of men for drinking cider or other “girly” drinks is ridiculous, shows your character, and your lack of understanding of what irony is.

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

Anyway mate, it’s not about those “jokes” specifically. There’s countless jokes that are intended to belittle the opposite sex and those were just two that came to mind as they are popular memes. It’s about teaching your kids that disrespecting women is not OK, and changing your language accordingly.

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

The fact you think it’s a joke is precisely the point

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

That’s all well and good, and might even have some truth, but what does it have to do with what I just wrote?

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

I didn’t mention domestic abuse. I was talking about the “joke” that simple minded fools tend to throw about for the intention of belittling women.

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

It’s quite bewildering that a fair proportion of the comments on this topic somehow blame political correctness for the problem of NRL players allegedly committing sexual assault and other misdemeanors.

Call it whatever you want, but maybe just teaching your kids to respect other people would go a long way to solving this problem.

Because another generation who think “make me a sandwich” or “get back in the kitchen” is banter or wit, is another generation of men who have little respect for women.

The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour