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David, thanks for the info. Dr. Phinney has many fascinating research-based insights, thanks for sharing this one.
rob, sounds like a sound philosophy, I like it.

Cycling, fat, cars and coffee, in that order

Ken, i’ll keep that in mind thanks!
Aljay, amen…
dirk, unfortunately brother, this world isn’t all peaches and cream!

Jens Voigt’s hour-record attempt: Great marketing, great fun

Bobo, I like your style/

Is this the end for Chris Horner?

Kim, I have lost faith in Nibali too! Unfortunately… I really like how he races. Someone as aggressive and full of panache as Nibali though, doesn’t really rely on our hope and support I don’t think, he would probably thrive off it.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win a stage or two, and if the conditions suit him he will threaten Froome and Contador as he extrapolates time on the wet descents. I really want him to step up to the plate, to make for much more of an interesting three weeks.

What does all this Dauphiné activity mean for Le Tour?

Excellent feedback gents, but lift your heads! The passport is working because there are less positives than there was, and the riders are simply riding slower up the mountains 🙂

Floyd’s escapade was much less natural than Contador’s attack yesterday, but I can appreciate the comparison I suppose.

Scott, Talansky didn’t ride the Giro, Garmin was banking on Dan Martin, who crashed out when their entire team dropped it in the TTT. Ryder Hesjedal then stepped up to the plate for the team leader and performed exceptionally, which is why we are seeing him looking so ragged this week.

I’m with you for the Tour podium Scott, for me it will be 1Froome-2Contador-3Nibali. I just have a lot of trust in the mechanisation that Team Sky has implemented into their yearly planner.

What does all this Dauphiné activity mean for Le Tour?

Hey Matt; Yeah that footage is excellent, I didn’t even think cameras on bikes were currently legal in UCI races, but i’m excited they now are. Bones; great quotes from Greg, so interesting to see a different set of skills between a sprinter and a lead-out man.

What really happens in a bunch sprint

anfalicious Oh great work noticing that! Thanks!

Bones and SuperEel my favourite lead-out men are: Steegmans, and possibly Renshaw… Or anyone who is doing the lead-out from a small group of climbers at the end of a mountain stage, because that’s always hilarious!

What really happens in a bunch sprint

Great piece, I just want more stages like when Cadel was world champ and he beat Vino in the mud… Thanks for the article

Evans, Hansen and Matthews to shine for Australia during Giro d'Italia

Thanks everyone. It’s an interesting observation @jayv about “that person would not certainly be well in her head” but I won’t look too far into it incase of a translation clash. Nice reflection on his previous winnings though, a great rider he has always been.

Why Wiggins will be foiled by cobblestones

Journalistic Jingoism? I’m the least patriotic person on the planet!

Of course nothing is ever 100%, and I do apologise for such blind confidence in my fellow man (heaven forbid?). It’s also a shame the scar of historical filth is seemingly permanent disbelief.

Simon Clarke evidence of cycling's new clean generation

I think Gerrans will loose the jersey – probably to the youngster Kwiatowski, on stage 8 to Ax. If not, surely stage 9. Mind you, I said that about Voeckler the year he came 5th and he just wouldn’t give in. Let’s hope Gerro is the same.

GreenEDGE's TTT win at Tour exposes elephant in the room

Tricky one Jim. The sport wouldn’t function without teams because of the sponsors. The whole reason teams evolved was beause it was economical for the riders to pool travel, transport, massage therapy, mid race feed, etc. I would love to see an individual event every now and then, but without a doubt, there would be true corruption in those situations, as the stronger riders bought out the weaker, to do some dirty work. Money, and fame, bring corruption. Sport has both!

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

Hey Dianne I totally understood the tongue in cheek there, and had a good cackle! I agree, on occasion an extremely random twist (with hopefully no dangerous after-effects), is an excellent viewing point!

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

This is excellent. I agree, Froome is more explosive then his team portrays him to be. Also, ‘Contador’ Science.’ Love it.

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

I considered long and hard to add this into my article. It’s such a tricky one. Certainly much better racing, undoubtedly, but the safety issues are the downfall. Mind you, racing down decents, with cliff faces, in the rain, isn’t uber-safe either, so I’d love to see them get rid of the radios too.

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

Lets hope Sagan doesnt just sart dominating the green so that result becomes predictably nullified as well. Rodriguez for sure, when it get’s steep later on next week that’s where my money is.

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

Fantastic points! Me too! The Giro is better though 😉

Will a scientific Team Sky make the 2013 Tour de France boring?

Thanks Kate and Lee, this made me smile!

Adam Semple interview: fighting back

Legs are good thanks boss 😉

We can only hope so… Toowoomba will be tough. *km mountain top finish on stage 2, and a 27km TTT stage 3.
Aussie NRS is certainly heating up…

2013 Battle on the Border, National Road Cycling Series

I love this!

But honestly, if Aqueone is a sadist, we’re all masochists 😉

Jono's Giro: insider's guide to stage seven

Bones, it’s so beautiful over here in QLD, you’re not wrong. It’s like Jurassic Park racing and training in these tropical hills. The most beautiful in Australia, behind Perth hills!

Quokka dodging at the 2013 Tour de Perth

Great opinions all round! Very exciting.

True it seems, that in all walks of life, all occupations with leaders and wealth and responsibility to perform, we are faced with similar issues. Social discourse is key though, and here we have achieve just that!

Remember though, sometimes without over simplification and without tunnel-visioned assessments we can’t see behind the thick layer of muck. No one said anything about being ashamed, or boycotting the companies that are destroying our planet, but if we don’t discuss the problems then we won’t find solutions.

Responsibility of the roaming billboard

Love it !!!! A vessel within an ocean of lactic!!!

Saturday flick: Nick Nuyen's Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2011 win

This race is amazing. I love the steepness did the hills and the brownness of the ‘bianche’ when rain hits. So many crafty Italian riders in with a chance as well, especially given the giro is looming. Pippo Pozzato a potential ring in?

The Strade Bianche: a modern Classic

Thanks guys.

Hugo, Steve Bauer is one man full of bad luck! Such an unfortunate series of events, but all for exciting viewing 😉

Friday Flick: 1989 Mens World Road Championships