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Not to forget Wayne Smith either… 👍

ANALYSIS: 'As good a quarter in Foster's reign' powers All Blacks to big win and lets coach breathe easier

…”Of “SOME” Kiwi rugby supporters”…@scrum, fixed your sentence for you

Something new and some things you knew: Maori All Blacks vs Ireland

Is that why you refuse to create an actual account, & shoot from the shadows?!?! You have nothing to contribute of any value?

'You can't spar against nothing': How Rennie's getting under Eddie's skin by doing absolutely nothing

An even better try, was in the NPC, South Canterbury’s 80th min try against Hawkes Bay.

WATCH: Maori All Blacks cut through Ireland to score the most bonkers try

And a great man he is Mr. John Tito, Policeman for long long time now.

ANALYSIS: Key match ups and strategy, plus who will win and why, for July's three massive rugby Test series

@ Scrum, but no one is criticising Foster for the lack of cattle nor him not having sufficient cattle. It’s the poor selection of said cattle, poor tactics etc, for which he can control, that he is being rightly criticised for. I was proven correct in my criticism of certain players selections by how they performed in the recent final (not that it took a genius to work out, the proof is in the poor recent results).

Rugby News: Razor 'open' to Wallabies job, Kiwis' Covid crisis gives RTS debut hope, Gregan hails Eddie's 'courage'

Hansen’s success also needs to be taken with a grain of salt also, in the fact that the years Wayne Smith was with the AB’s as assistant, they were overwhelmingly successful….once he left & then left again… not so much.

Will Scott Robertson succeed at the elite international level being himself?

Sadly, so true!

Kangaroos vs Kiwis by the numbers – with a twist

Australian needs haven’t been “met” because the former ARU squandered the money. And that’s New Zealand’s fault?

'NZ have treated us poorly': Why Phil Kearns is backing RA's hard ball, and how rugby 'wins over league every week'

In all honesty JK’s opinion on all things Rugby, is just about universally “panned” by most Kiwis. Huge respect for his playing career & more so his mental health work, but rugby analysis…just no. No disrespect to RTS & his Blues teammates, phenomenal athletes they are but, lack the game awareness & nuances of the Saders. Nz rugby should always, always look for the Conrad Smith type of player. As un-athletic/awkward a player as you could come across, but made two current (at the respective times) AB’s shift position, such was his skill & awareness. Sporting greats all say the same thing, it’s the top two inches that matter the most. Many of the Blues just don’t have it (the top two inches). There was a great maturing during Henry’s second stint, that got lost during Hansen’s second term, in the sense that “Rugby Players” were picked ahead of “athletes”. Hansen became “enamoured” with the SBW/Beauden type (as opposed to Cruden, who coincidentally has the best winning rate as a starting player) & the poor results have continued there downward trajectory. I don’t hold much hope in the current coaching group’s ability to ascertain this as an issue, or to fix it if they did.

How will the Super Rugby Pacific final impact All Blacks selection?

Agreed Lara! Pretty much describes my favourite player & my goat, Tim Duncan. Coincidentally, both Kerr & Curry have spoken about Tim’s demeanour, outlook & professionalism, being a major influence on their respective careers.

Hot Curry leads Warriors to NBA championship glory with stirring win over Boston

Bit of a typo with Michael Witt. Says he kicked 95 goals from 67 attempts?!?!

The best New Zealand Warriors players who never played representative football

Might be time to learn some “real” history. The Moriori massacre accrued in the Chatham Islands, not mainland Aotearoa.

Are Rugby Australia bluffing?

So many words, so many mental health issues…the “white is right” syndrome is strong with this one… 👎

Are Rugby Australia bluffing?

Hey Muck, can’t argue with what I’ve said mate! I’m definitely in the same boat as you, specially the, “please all…please none” aspect. Is it this “entitled” generation that’s the issue, perhaps?!?!

League can go a long way to fixing rep eligibility dramas by not being rubbery with rules

@ Nick…”late career change as a lawyer”…or make a coherent, literate observation… 😂 😂 😂

NRL NEWS: Kaufusi not guilty verdict divides opinion, Williams exits Raiders, Kumuls keen for de Belin

Been a Storm supporter & paying member since “98…Kafusi is still a grub.

NRL NEWS: Kaufusi not guilty verdict divides opinion, Williams exits Raiders, Kumuls keen for de Belin

Hey Muck, I guess that’s the question (& no I don’t have the answer)…if there’s approximately 40-45% of NRL players from New Zealand & the Pacific Islands…& Origin is the “pinnacle”…how do you “cater” to both?!?! Keep Aussies interested in Origin & appease a large percentage of the NRL population?! It’s a difficult one for sure.

League can go a long way to fixing rep eligibility dramas by not being rubbery with rules

Hey West, thanks for the reply! Agree about Havili & RTS. Roger is certainly not lacking in the physical department. I just think sometimes courage is not a substitute for “size”. But, that is my only concern. By all reports he’s an extremely dedicated trainer & student of the game & he does have prior (albeit, junior) experience. I do hope he develops well. Agreed with Lord. I’m hoping he fills out like his father, a mountain of a man. He may be a late bloomer (size-wise) like him. I do hope Akira can develop some “mongrel “, frightening prospect if he can…how much longer do we give him?!?! Or do we do what we did to Kaino, drop him & until the assertiveness/aggression becomes “natural”?!?! I will endeavour to get back to you about Papalii, I’m hoping you are right…I do like the kid. Jordy’s definitely a conundrum. I like him in both those positions for the positives you have listed. I love his huge boot too. But, is it that much further & as accurate as say Will Jordan’s?! I’m genuinely not sure. Can we “make-do”, if the next “cab-off-the-rank’s” kick length, is only marginally shorter?!?!

ALL BLACKS SQUAD: 'He's still a project' - RTS makes cut despite doubts, Fakatava in and TJ Perenara out

Why do we have to come up with alternatives, Jacko?! I didn’t see that in the “terms & conditions” of The Roar. Should I demand that in order to reply, you need to respond correctly to each of my points?! Or is this a free site?! 😂 😛 😂

ALL BLACKS SQUAD: 'He's still a project' - RTS makes cut despite doubts, Fakatava in and TJ Perenara out

A predictable squad for mine. Some questionable picks continue.
1. Ofa Tu’ungafasi. Cannot for the life of me, see how he is continually picked. Apart from being a huge lump of a man, what does he bring?
2. Josh Lord. Love him cause he’s from my hometown, but he’s just not big enough & lacks impact in clean-outs/rucks etc.
3. Dalton Papalii. “Seagull’s” too much for me. Good defence & ruck presence, lacks an engine & doesn’t seem have any “game-sense”. Good athlete, doesn’t understand the “nuances” of the game or his position.
4. Akira Ioane. Phenomenal “powder-puff” athlete. Always reminds me of the big kid at primary school who could dominate physically but struggles in high school when everyone else catches up. Seriously, this experiment needs to end.
5. RTS. Happy to give him a chance & hoping to be proven wrong, but lacks size/punch for me.
6. Jack Goodhue. Love Jack, but I think the loss of some of his pace is going to comeback to bite us. Definitely has the potential to be the new Snake, hopefully he can.
7. David Havili. Just don’t like him at 2nd. Was the premier fullback in the NPC & just doesn’t look as comfortable at 2nd as he does at fullback.
8. Jordie Barrett. Played 2nd his junior career so no wonder he looks “out-of-sorts” at fullback. Good talent, but as with Havili, there’s just no substitute for the years of experience in their preferred position.
(PS: I did included paragraphs but they don’t seem to work once my comment has been submitted on IOS).

ALL BLACKS SQUAD: 'He's still a project' - RTS makes cut despite doubts, Fakatava in and TJ Perenara out

The best year we had (2013) Kaino didn’t even play. We had Messam who was severely underrated during his career.

ALL BLACKS SQUAD: 'He's still a project' - RTS makes cut despite doubts, Fakatava in and TJ Perenara out

Kafusi is a grub, sick of his dog-acts…just proves he’s not as hard as he thinks he is, having to do things like that.

Keary concussion a concern for Roosters as Storm surge late to win SCG thriller

Congrats to Crusaders & their fans! I’m not too disappointed as the Sader’s are a well oiled machine with the Chiefs very much in a rebuild stage. Proud of the boys for their effort tonight (although lacking maturity tonight) & for the season. Will be hoping for another Sader’s win next week, so that the nephew can claim a SuperRugby title, albeit as a squad member (Triple T).

REACTION: Crusaders forced into insane Super Rugby record for gutsy triumph, but suffer final blow with red card 'absurdity'

@ Nat, Do you speak any of the Australian Indigenous languages, or is that a white superiority complex you have?

NRL NEWS: Wallabies coach's sly 'Lebanon' dig at league, Yeo cleared over concussion, Dolphins nab Titan