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I don’t think a good coach would make much of a difference, with the shambles that is their management/ownership.

NRL 2022 Radar: Only foolhardy or brave would tip Warriors to make finals

No disrespect to LB, but its’ a fair bit easier to play as long as he has, with the lack of defence & physicality he has enjoyed for the majority of his career. Not that I blame him, I’m sure he could have handled the physicality of the 80’s & 90’s with his stature/build & training regime.

Ageless LeBron breaks NBA record in Lakers win

If only Pop let Patty play with his current panache, maybe he wouldn’t have left my Spurs. Actually, the way Patty & LaMarcus Aldridge at the Nets & DeMar DeRozan at the Bull’s are playing, maybe Pop is the problem?!

Mills, Durant drive Nets to huge comeback win in fourth quarter

Hey Mk, to be fair to Fozzie…I don’t believe he’s smart enough to be “arrogant” 😂 I believe he’s blissfully ignorant 😛

Rugby World: Larkham set for top Super Rugby job after quitting Munster, Foster fires back, Hansen's RWC tip

Hey Carlin, agreed…somewhere in that ballpark. Still a phenomenal lift, getting close to lifting double your body weight is some achievement. 👍

'A magnificent sight': Christian Cullen was a divine fullback

Hi Carlin, rumour is upon Cullen’s entry to the AB’s, he could bench press 140kg, while only weighing 77kg. Again, not sure if that’s 100% accurate, but absolutely phenomenal even now if true?!?!

'A magnificent sight': Christian Cullen was a divine fullback

@DDSmash, with all due respect being “well versed” in the cultural significance of haka, doesn’t mean a thing. I’m well versed/knowledgeable in regards to cars/vehicles, as it is an interest of mine. Doesn’t mean I know or understand cars the way a 30+ year mechanic does. In the same sense, unless it’s in your blood, something you have experienced day in & day out, your understanding is only fleeting & just scraping the surface. Also, New Zealand is a far different country compared to the 80’s. Maori culture is celebrated & finally getting the recognition it deserves, as opposed to being “frowned upon” or an nice little anecdote the ruling “white” class acknowledged but only when it suited & then hidden away again. You’re entitled to your opinion sure, but don’t try to pretend you have any “real” semblance of haka’s significance.

The haka's increasing importance

Two things, one: the Warriors (& NRL) have been raiding Nz Rugby stocks for more than two decades. The Warriors have definitely “embraced” raiding the talent, as it were. Two: why would NZR work with the competition to better their product? The Blues et al have lost hundreds of talented players to the League/Warriors system (RTS anyone?!?!). What possible positive for NZR could amount from that proposal? In all due respect, that’s the most ludicrous suggestion I’ve read on the Roar 😂 😛 Only way it could work is if transfer type fees were paid to NZR for developing the players.

Why Warriors' premiership window could be about to open

Somethings “fishy” with this article…the fourth paragraph states that Marshall called it a, “‘kick in the guts’ for TJ Perenara and Finlay Christie”…but later Marshall’s actual quote is listed & it only mentions Christie…Could it be a deliberate “misprint” for clicks?!?!

Also, it shouldn’t be a “kick in the guts” for TJ…it should be a kick in the backside. He hasn’t exactly been playing very well.

'Kick in the guts': All Blacks great 'bemused' at Aaron Smith's late call up

I reckon you’re right 😂

The Wrap: Dumb rugby sees Wallabies sacrifice too many points at Murrayfield

Yup, I get criticised often on this site for pointing out how poor Marshall is as a commentator. I’m just grateful I have a Sonos Arc, & can change the commentary to suit. Even though I can’t speak an ounce of Italian, the standard was much better… 😂 😛

The Wrap: Dumb rugby sees Wallabies sacrifice too many points at Murrayfield

Oh, I guess that’s why Aboriginals don’t support the Wallabies…it doesn’t “represent” them…except for one token player…

The law of unintended consequences: Perverse incentives, eligibility and the Pacific Islands

Descendants of immigrants who moved to Oz for a better life, whining about immigrants moving to Oz for a better life…irony/prejudice much?!?! “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right”…

The law of unintended consequences: Perverse incentives, eligibility and the Pacific Islands

Hey Phil, I don’t believe this issue of Addo-Carr always seemingly “abandoning his wing” & standing too far infield is necessarily his “fault”. Historically, Storm wingers have encroached “infield”, which leads me to believe it is a coaching directive. Anthony Quinn, Steve Turner et al have positioned themselves similarly. As long as I can remember Storm have played with a compressed defensive line. It has always & will continue to irk me. What I’m saying is not gospel, just my uneducated observation.

NRL Transfers: Storm sign Olympic Games silver medallist, Ikuvalu leaves Roosters

@AMD, thanks mate, right back at ya! 😊

What can I say, I’m a “sucker for pain”… 😂 😛

Hiding behind the concussion industry: The NRL’s ticking time bomb

Hey MattH! No mate, ACC in Nz assumes responsibility for all Rugby injuries, treatments & future liability.

Despite an injury I accrued occurring nearly 30 years ago & costing an absolute fortune to rectify in todays money, I had no trouble with ACC. I found them to be exceptionally friendly & helpful in finding a solution to issue.

I’m positive Hayman would have a positive outcome too, if he proceeded done that path.

Hiding behind the concussion industry: The NRL’s ticking time bomb

Great comment Geoff, I concur. I was very disappointed with the NRL when they abandoned their “crack down” on high contact. I thought that attitudes & acceptance were on the rise.

And yup, I sure we all do have similar stories.

And yes very sad about Hayman. I know a mid-fifties lady from Taumarunui who is suffering from dementia, with the onset from her late 40’s. Very sad & difficult situation.

Hiding behind the concussion industry: The NRL’s ticking time bomb

Hey Geoff, thanks for the reply. Hope you are well!

I agree with what you have to say. I have lost a lot of respect for the NRL over the last few years with their ignorant/lackadaisical/hypocritical attitude towards anything resembling player safety (still love the game of league tho).

And I’m not sure what the current NZR stance on concussion is. But, prior experience (or rose-tinted-memories) leads me to believe, they have always had a cautious approach.

A very close friend of mine had multiple concussions at High School (who played in the only Taumarunui High 1st XV to make the Top 8 and won the NZ Secondary Schools Touch comp).

He was forced/encouraged to “retire” at 18 years of age by the KCRFU after yet another KO.

The long term effects haven’t been remotely positive.

While I can’t say for certain that CTE is the overriding factor, I believe it has lead to some if not the majority of his issues ie: broken marriage, alleged spousal battery, homelessness, drug abuse, in & out of Tokanui Mental Hospital with chronic depression & schizophrenia.

A “shell” of the athlete/young man I used to know and admire.

Which then always makes me ponder my own issues & how much influence CTE has had in my own life/choices.

The NRL I fear, is going to have a lot to answer for in the future based off of their current approach.

Hiding behind the concussion industry: The NRL’s ticking time bomb

Hi Geoff, great article once again! However, I wonder what Professor Steven Pinker has to say on the matter. In my somewhat limited study of psychology (Cert IV currently) & the human mechanisms of the brain, I tend to lean towards his theory on brain development and deterioration of function due to physical, mental and spiritual trauma. I have failed to find any recent documentation from him, but have also failed to read his most recent work (all his which is rather ‘heavy’, spending most of my time “googling” the exhaustive medical terms). “The Blank Slate” and “The Better Angels of Our Nature” as stand-outs however. Having suffered multiple concussions playing various levels of union and then club league, mma and my attraction to overly aggressive Maori woman…I wonder too, what the impact of concussion serves in my life, let alone professionals like Sam Cane with his history.

Hiding behind the concussion industry: The NRL’s ticking time bomb

Our Ngati Toa/Toa Rangatira iwi have been in constant communication with the NZRFU & have a seat at the negotiating table with SilverLake around commercial dealings relating to the use of our haka, “Ka Mate”. There are no decisions made without consent from our chief, Andre Baker, our kaumatua & the various whanau & rohe within. Our main concern is not financial compensation, but the haka’s integrity, ihi, wairua & mana being maintained.

The Wrap: Wallabies shake off the rust while All Blacks raise the ton

He’s also quite good at “flopping” 😂

'One of my goals is to play for Wallabies': NRL's Blake Ferguson set to join Cheika in Japanese rugby


Australian raised trio called up for Japan Test debut

Imagine if Aussie had a “third tier” where players could be playing & developing?!?! Maybe Dave should ask RA to sort there own backyard out, & make their own comp?!?! Just a thought…

Koroibete OUT of Spring Tour as Rennie reveals two changes to Wallabies squad

😂 Another trend Union has picked up from League?!?! 😂 😛

Koroibete OUT of Spring Tour as Rennie reveals two changes to Wallabies squad

How are the Fijian players stolen? Are they forced to go somewhere at gun point? Are they coerced to leave? Or do they leave so they can provide what their country cannot, a large income to support their family? Pretty sure Colonialists & convicts the same, moved to other countries to seek a better life & opportunities…how is this any different?

Koroibete OUT of Spring Tour as Rennie reveals two changes to Wallabies squad