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i hardly class his half season at the jets as having a ‘great track record here’. Speaking of the jets,
there supporter base must be livid with this news plus the ownership issues.

Robinson jumps ship from Newcastle to take Wanderers top jop

There never will be another “golden generation”, you can look at any sport and there’s always that once in a 100 year group of players that comes around. However In saying that, there can/could be some really great players that could represent Australia one day again, the problem is consistently getting them to that level which is where the myriad of issues happens.
We’ve lost so many quality junior players because of the absurd local federations fees each year to register them (easily over $1000 a year). This drastically needs to get lowered, we should not be paying that much for our kids to play a sport they love. So what happens when these kids reach 14 and you can see there skills really start to develop in the positions they play? Next step up would be your local premier/state league clubs in their respective age groups (under 16/18/reserves etc). Which is all fair and good, but what about the immensely talented ones?
This is where the AIS centre of excellence comes into play (elite coaching/training/conditioning) etc for the 14-18 year olds . They would be 30 or so players that have been identified as potential socceroo’s players in the next 4 years, hone there craft with the end game being playing in a strong European or Asian league . Currently these really talented kids aren’t getting that elite level of coaching/training/conditioning and are either leaving the game completely or playing in their states local leagues with fully grown adults.
The only step up from the local leagues is the a league, there is no in-between. This is where the national second league needs to be introduced to give these players the opportunity to make the grade. The y league currently and always has been a joke of 8 games, it’s a waste of time and money for such little amount of game play.
The next ‘golden generation’ is already here and that’s the talented local African Australian players, however our local coaches can struggle to contain there natural born flair and the players can also be difficult when asked to stick to their roles rigidly . I’ve witnessed it first hand here many times over the years in Adelaide with our African Australian players. It’s a bit of give take from both parties, but I truly believe that the socceroos in the next several years will have a team that incorporates 7 or 8 African Australian players in the matchday 18.
Socceroos will never be world beaters, but they should always be competitive. The smaller nations of Asia are catching up rapidly, they’re spending millions of dollars on there various age groups; while Australia continues to be stagnant. It’s a very exciting but very scary time for the game in Australia

From golden generation to lost generation: What went wrong with football in Australia?

what goes around comes around… he snaked babbel and now the axe has fallen on him

Wanderers part ways with coach de Marigny

another nsw team was not needed in the league, it should’ve been Canberra or Tasmania.

this was another case of being bullied by foxtel into a decision that was wrong for the game

The A-League’s newest derby: Bulls and Mariners

you could not pay me enough money if i was a professional athlete to play in india!!!

Indian Super League: An improving competition and A-League threat

This is a bad move; he’s always struggled when playing for a bigger club (victory, urawa) but is great
with a smaller club (Newcastle). i have a feeling Jamie mac will steal his thunder, which could
protect him from criticism (or maybe not)

Why Andrew Nabbout to Melbourne City makes sense

i dont work in marketing so ive got no idea, but they need to get a move on with sponsors asap; in preparation for the season following the divorce from foxtel

A-League enters death spiral

that’s only because they’re trying to push rugby in Adelaide, which is why theyre looking at this multi purpose stadium

A-League enters death spiral

i had suggested a squad size of 26, which would include the asian visa player who would have to be good enough of being a starting player

A-League enters death spiral

nothing personal, i was basing that on how much it costs to travel to NZ and accommodation. Im assuming this would save all the clubs money since all travel/accomodation would be in the same country rather than international

A-League enters death spiral

death spiral????This is now the time to rise from the ashes like a phoenix though. Im expecting next
season (the last of the foxtel deal to be a disaster) however it is the perfect opportunity to rebuild.

heres how you fix things (in my opinion anyway lol)

coverage – if you want paid it has to be optus & SBS as FTA , otherwise inernational go with bein or
dazn. I think people forget that the a league in asia is one the most gambled on leagues, we should be
exploring that market more; being closer with asia. There should be 1 first XL player from asia in
each team!

Media access – Let journalists speak to who they want and ask what they want in the week of, before or
after the game. its way too scripted currently (i always remember that doozy of an interview that made
world wide news of that cricket player talking to mel) allow players and journalists the freedom to
engage in banter within reason.

referee access – after a match a referees should be in front of the cameras explaining why he sent that
player off, or why that decision was over turned.

social media – i still dont think clubs/players are doing enough with this platform

broadcast times – another crucial thing that needs to be sorted. You cant allow you local/international
broadcast partner to dictate what times the games start. Clubs/fans need to be given more say in this.
there are certain times/dates that work for different clubs.

Active support – get the RBB and NT boys back to matches etc. Football has such a
passionate fan base around the world, its been a crying shame that active support has died because
of imbeciles like gallop and heavy handed policing (there are more fights at cricket/afl matches
then football in australia) chanting, tifos, flares etc all should be allowed to come back. If you
have a young family dont sit near them. Its been part of the sports since its inception, it never
shouldve left

children supporters – under the age of 13, let them in for free

Sponsors – long term sponsors must be signed up.

media coverage – has always been dismal (print, radio, digital etc), this absolutely needs to be

get the wages right – someone like george blackwood should not be on a couple hundred grand a year,
this is part of the problem; average players earning way too much.

visa players – only 1 ‘marquee’ signing per club and only 1 other non asian visa player should be
allowed per team.

teams – another melbourne/sydney team were not needed. Theres untapped markets out there where the
sport would have free reign (tasmania, canberra; even a 2nd qld team) as for wellington? sorry guys
goodbye; you shouldnt even be in the league

stadium size – this is one of the biggest problems, clubs cant afford there own?. Government needs to
start stepping in and helping (even if theyre multi purpose stadiums)

boardroom – put people with actual football knowledge and experience with administration in positions
of power, not afl/rugby clowns like gallop.

youth – 26 players in the squad? half of that should be players under the age of 20. Play the kids
theyre the future! we lose too many of our next generation to other sports because theres a lack of

transfer fees between clubs – has to be happen asap

juniors fees – need to be drastically reduced asap.

relegation/promotion – has to be happen asap, no other sport does that in this country

ethnicity – Sydney United, Sydney Olympic, South Melbourne, Adelaide city etc you’ll fnd theres fans
of those teams that dont watch the a league but support there local teams. This ties in with

states/federation – all must be in agreement, this is one of the biggest issues. everyone needs to
come together.

bring back academies – centre of excellence is sorely missed

futsal – there should be a bigger emphasis on futsal in this country, a televised national futsal
comp would be a treat to watch.

beach football – with summer coming up, a televised national beach comp should be a given.

7 a side – much like beach football, a national 7 a side comp should be televised in summer.

e sports – foxtel have done a bit of coverage on it, but fifa ultimate team is that popular and cant
de denied. E sports must be televised and closer associated to the a league

womens world cup – must use this to help the womens game grow more in the country

A-League enters death spiral

i have been saying this for years, the team is full of O.A.Ps & they don’y play kids

With the 30% wages cut, im actually looking forward as to how Sydney will line up in the
next season or 2. I fully expect them to not finish top 2 (which shouldnt be happening every year in
a salary cap league anyway) This might bring them down to other clubs levels now finally.

Sydney FC needs to follow the trend and give youth a go

adding to my previous rant of advertising, transfer fees between clubs need to be introduced asap!!!!!, we just got raided again by Melbourne city; this time for Taras
Gomulka (who definitely has potential to go to europe and even play for the national team). All because
we couldn’t afford to offer him a senior contract. We put the kid in the spotlight and lose him for
nothing (same story with our kids each year)
add to that, the impending sale of McGree and blackwood just signed for kewells oldham. thats 3 of our matchday squad gone already. Time to unleash some more
16 years old next season!!!

I'm not sure how much more of the A-League I can take

I didn’t see much in either of his lads in the many glory games i watched, yes they’re young and the kids have there ups and downs but i didn’t see this ‘potential’ people are talking about. It’s asking for trouble having your kids in the team, people are always going to think they only go their spots because of daddy.

Greece is an absolute minefield of politics and corruption. Yes he’s apparently going to be given
free reign to shape this club in his own image, but this is going to end badly.
I’ll give him 1 year tops, before he comes back home with his tail in between his legs to take over
the victory job (brebner is already a dead man walking)

Is three Popovics a few too many?

this was the problem when you had ex afl/rugby guys in positions of power within the governing body. Football administration is miles different to afl/rugby

I'm not sure how much more of the A-League I can take

The sport will never get to the platform it truly deserves, with how dispicably poor the
advertising has been (and always has been in this country). In papers, the a league might get 1 page
as opposed to other sports getting several. On the radio/tv the a a league might get a 20 second
snippet, while other sports get several minutes. Online probably has the best advertising, but even
then its nowhere near other sports.
Foxtel has been a blessing and a curse, im super nervous about what happens once the deal expires next
year; but im also optimistic where it might take our league (fingers crossed for optus).
There’s a few fundamental things that need to be changed (junior club fees, transfer system,
promotion/relegation, advertising which i touched on earlier) we say this every year and it never
happens lol.
I still believe the sport is in great shape with so much room forgrowth, all these other sports can’t
really go anywhere/improve because they’ve already hit their pinnacle, the a league and football in
this country definitely can though.

I'm not sure how much more of the A-League I can take

lol bigoted? its called the world game for a reason. Its played every
where in the world no matter your race, gender, age, religion, or sexuality. I’m assuming you
follow AFL (as the ethnicity comment touched a nerve). AFL is what 85% anglo saxan (predominantly of
british origin) 10% indigenous and the other 5% would be a mixture of african/arabic/europen?
the sport doesn’t represent any form of multiculturalism what so ever.

not sure if you noticed but you seem to have clicked on the wrong tab, if you look at the top of your
screen where it says AFL, jog on son 🙂

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

He seems to have lost his mojo after the wanderers. His general demeanor in press conferences
plus his blatant nepotism didn’t help glory this past season.
im guessing that he’ll either get sacked or leave because he wasn’t paid, i mean what could go wrong in Greeces 2nd division? lol

Popovic leaves Glory to join European club

i was incorrect, i’m admitting i was wrong lol.
how was i meant to know that the VFL had the first ever playoffs and is in relation to the AFL? you couldn’t pay me enough to watch or know anything about a sport that i have zero interest in.
regardless, my original point is that playoffs have no benefit in either Australia or America, they are just blatant money spinners for there respective competitions

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

im basing it on what i knew, I had no idea what ‘VFL’ was until you mentioned it, i legitimately had to look VFL up on google to work out what sport it is. Now i know its that sport that has minimal skill, where they wear those silly tight shots, has a lack of ethnicity and its played nowhere else in the world. Its been force fed to us through all forms of the Australia media for the past several decades

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

Playoffs were introduced by america and they are designed to make more money for its respective league from fans.
In all American sports (NBA/NFL/MLB/MLS) the team that finishes 8th can still win the title (which should never happen because you finished 8th over the course of the season) There is absolutely no benefit in coming 1st or 8th in american sports except for home advantage, they dont qualify for an international competition like in europe. Playoffs are a blatant money grab!

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

playoffs were designed in america

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

The team that finishes first is the champion & gets an automatic ACL spot(much like in europe, none of this stupid Americanized playoff garbage).
the team that wins the FFA cup get the second automatic ACL spot.
the team the finishes 3rd goes into the ACL qualifying rounds.
the team that finishes bottom is relegated.
the other 7/8 teams, get a percentage of money depending on where they finish in the league (obviously 4th will get more than 9th lol) . Every team in the league gets something with my format loll!!

A new solution to the old A-League finals problem

not a big fan of WU (very boring, dirty team) or Rudan who is an arrogant so and so.
However i respect what Rudan and WU achieved this year, i knew they would be competitive and
score/create chances with berisha and diamante in the team, but did not expect them to get into the
6 (they wouldn’t have if we didn’t have that mini slide before covid hit).

as much as i despise rudan, he’s done exceptionally well with clubs he’s coached (sydney united,
wellington & wu) i dare say he is the Australian equivalent of mouriniho in terms of demeanor, press
conferences and playing styles.

in saying that though, another Melbourne team wasn’t needed

Sydney FC may have claimed the A-League trophy but Western United made the season

“other clubs need to chase more sponsors, make more astute purchases, develop and keep their youth players and try to raise their level just like Sydney needed to to catch The Victory and The Roar a few years ago”

lets use adelaide as an example shall we. more sponsors? we live in a small city that is dominated by AFL, our sponsorship wouldn’t
exceed $200,000 (your front of shirt sponsor is worth more than all our sponsor combined) more astute
purchases? thats a bit hard to do when the owner wont let you splash the cash and we’re working with
a tight budget (much like more than half the league) develope and keep the youth you say? thats what we do each
year because we cant compete finanically in a salary cap league with your sydneys and melbournes. Our
best youth are constatly poached each year by other teams because we cant afford to keep them. We have
got the best young african australian players in this league and i could almost guarantee you they’ll
be gone in less than 2 years. (not to mention our other youngsters & mcgree will be off after the seaon he had to)

all your points can easily be shot down, because this salary cap league is not fair. it never has been
and never will be

Gripping grand final proves there's still life in the A-League yet