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Formerly AdelaideDocker (AD). Based in Adelaide. Live blogger, 2018/2019/2020 AFL Power Rankings columnist and Freo fan.



Days without Crows controversy: 0

Crows stand down Stengle over third off-field incident

Archie’s words would have had zero effect in terms of barring clubs from choosing him, and he would’ve simply had to accept it if an interstate club drafted him.

I’m sure he didn’t say it in any vindictive way. In one way it was a refreshing honesty, but I can see how it was a weird thing for a potential draftee to say.

2020 AFL draft: Club-by-club review, my take on every team

Reading that, I want Freo to struggle next year

AFL rubber-stamps full-length quarters for 2021

Ah, man, The Roar is gonna be a poorer place, however temporarily.

You’ll definitely be missed here – none moreso by me, as you were my first editor and the first person to really encourage my writing/blogging on here, even if there was no way I could ever live up to your standards.

Go well, Josh, and can’t wait to see your writing appear here again. I no doubt look forward to teasing (or praising?!) you about the Roos sometime again.

2020 AFL draft: Club-by-club review, my take on every team

Yeah, I’m with you on most of this WASS. Specific ladder positioning is nigh on impossible to get at the moment, but I think you’re roughly right in terms the top, middle and bottom groupings of teams.

My boys and the Blues are gonna be the top eight wildcards for mine – cannot wait to see how both teams develop. And I’m not sure I’m going to be able to underestimate your Doggies next year…

A speculative look at the next AFL season

Oi, ye of little faith in my Dockers, whatcha mean you think Freo will be in 13th?

Don’t disagree with your West Coast thoughts though – but they’re a team you’d not want to bet against.

A speculative look at the next AFL season

Presser at 11:30am my time, so midday on the east. Not long.

The bluster of the Pies

Haha! I know, I know, I can’t complain.

The bluster of the Pies

Great piece, Les. Excellent morning read for me in lockdown, day two.

The bluster of the Pies

“Had major concerns over the family situation”, despite the fact that both Treloar and his partner were completely fine and Treloar wanted to stay at Collingwood.


Buckley explains Treloar's Magpies exit

From Fox Footy regarding Collingwood and Treloar:

“If it wasn’t clear two weeks ago, it is now that part of Buckley and co’s strategy was to make Treloar feel as if he was worthless. They knew that if they told him enough times he was not wanted – and even said teammates did not want him – he would eventually relent. Nobody wants to work for an organisation that doesn’t think you should be there, least of all Treloar, who has spoken openly of his love for the club and was left shattered by Buckley’s directive.”

There’s almost no words to describe how horrible that is.

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

Yeah, you’re not wrong. Excluding Collingwood, that is a pretty imposing top eight.

I still think that the Blues and Freo are going to be pretty similar next year, and should both be competing for the top eight.

At least I’m hoping so…

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

He’s been around this morning on other articles!

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

He’s almost my favourite AFL personality because of how honest and open he is about his mental health and similar things. Not often you get that – and it makes it sting even more with how he was treated by the Pies in the last week and a bit.

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

Thanks for this recap, Josh.

Glad to see Freo quiet in the trade period – you can’t make any disastrous trade decisions if you barely make any.

In saying that it’s disappointing to see Hogan leave. Alas, if this was 2017/2018 I’d be more concerned, but the club evidently has smarter heads on shoulders than in the recent past and I’m content at the minute.

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

Treloar is a d*ckhead?

AFL trades 2020 report card: Every club graded

Real nice piece, Pete – a better article than many of mine this year.

I haven’t been following this saga too closely, but from an outsiders point of view I’m super confused as to why Treloar is suddenly expendable to the Pies, given his obvious love for the club and his prodigious talent. It’s bordering on blatant disrespect for Adam.

Collingwood and Treloar - sorry for the three flags you missed Ads but we seem to have overspent

Bit cloudy but not bad here in Adelaide, too 😛

Thunderstorms threaten AFL grand final

Hold up, let’s not jump to conclusions that Cats fans are responsible for this. Crappy incident for sure but a bit reactive to jump through the hoops to get to that.

On another topic – good luck tonight, Realist. Hoping for a cracker of a clash!!

Today Richmond are the AFL's bad guys - but the bad guys are going to win

Just as a point of clarification for ya’ll: I do think Tom Lynch will be the first goal kicker (as said in my text) but a copy error on my behalf sending my piece through to Stirling indicated I said Tom Hawkins.

For the record – I irrefutably think Tom Lynch will kick the first goal of the clash.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Grand final

Out of intrigue, where’d you read that, Col? Blakely is no surprise – I’m not fussed if we trade him away. I’d prefer to keep Hogan though.

What you club needs from the AFL trade period: Part 1

Yeah, sorry, I meant horrendous on the day.

Geelong won’t be as bad in the decider as that duo, and Richmond won’t get it as easy as they have done in the prior grand finals.

Five talking points from the AFL preliminary finals

Yeah, not my preferred Grand Final in any sense – far from it – but it’s dumb to sit here complaining about it. Both teams deserve to be here and it should be a cracking game.

Initial gut feel says Richmond, but given they’ve had the horrendous Crows and Giants as their prior competitors in these events, this should be the toughest premiership decider yet for them.

Five talking points from the AFL preliminary finals

In fairness I also tipped them against WC when they had less of a chance than last week, sooooo….

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals

Woah, not sure whether to laugh or be offended at this comment, Brendon…

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals