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They were too dumb

Why the Wallabies still need 'Three Storey Rory'

Rennie intimated in SMH a few weeks before the Arnold Amendment was announced that he MIGHT seek a dispensation for “one or two locks”. He was talking about lineouts.

My guess is that only locks, or possibly Latu will be called from OS. Otherwise, local replacements.

Given Coleman is also injured, I’d say only Skeleton is a slight chance, as his lineout has apparently improved a lot.

No backs will be called up, and not Rodda either,….at least if the players have any “say”

Why the Wallabies still need 'Three Storey Rory'

Resentment amongst players too BS

Why the Wallabies still need 'Three Storey Rory'

Maybe one day Nick, but the other players (who made Covid $ sacrifices) are in no rush to see Rodda back

Why the Wallabies still need 'Three Storey Rory'

It’s the players who don’t want Rodda back. That’s a fact

Why the Wallabies still need 'Three Storey Rory'

By now Hodge has become a specialist #23 IMO.

Perhaps he should have been kept in one position, but he wasn’t.

He/we should make the most of it. Plenty of guys don’t make the team at all.

Why the Reds have the best defence in Australia

Campbell had a shocker on the wing a few weeks ago and was hooked.

IMO he’s a brilliant fullback.
Duaganu can play fullback, but if a hybrid, why not Ramm?

Why the Reds have the best defence in Australia

Can kick goals too

Why the Reds have the best defence in Australia

Na, he was banned

Captains' call offers nothing by way of real Rugby Australia solutions

My team starts with the need to have about half of the players as “class” players because this is a final. I won’t define my definition of “class” here, but I would say that Gregan had “class”, and Jonno Lance didn’t. I also have a requirement for a “worker” in about half of the positions, and a “game reader” in about half of the positions. Obviously someone can have more than one of these attributes, and it could be argued that a few had all 3.

My team also must has someone that can manufacture a try out of nothing, someone who can save a try when all is lost and ideally a great goal kicker,… but none listed.

The captain is crucial, and has to be able to relate to all players and the coach.

I break the team into back 3, centres, halves, back rowers, second rowers and a front row. Ideally there is a “class” player, a “worker” and a “game reader” in each of these categories.
Back 3: Brumbies 04
Centres: Tahs 14
Halves: Brumbies 04
Back Row: Brumbies 04
Second Row: Reds 11
Front Row: Tahs 14.
I know, I know,…fancy picking someone like Simmons or Robinson, but I couldn’t work out a formula not to. I also couldn’t work out a method to get Digby Ioane into the team.
The obvious captain to me is Horwill.
The team therefore is:
Horwill (C)

The Australian Super Rugby Championship XV challenge

Nick did a good article about him (and White) about 6 months ago

Why the Giteau Law has to be fit for purpose in 2020

Big T was VERY good in 2018 for Tahs, and top try scorer in SR with about 15.
We didn’t even make a counter offer to UK offer.
We don’t understand modern Rugby unfortunately

Why the Giteau Law has to be fit for purpose in 2020

He jumps pretty well these days.
Probably 3rd jumper for Sarries

Why the Giteau Law has to be fit for purpose in 2020

Yes Nick, change must happen

I hope they simply say something like:

Played in Australia for 5 seasons and were available for selection during that period.

There should be no mention of number of tests played.

The current 60 test thing is a disincentive to stay home for players with few or no tests, as they know they are unlikely to qualify. It effectively keeps everything within a small co-hort of those already chosen

Changing to a 5 seasons rule would let back in Naiyaravo, Kerevi, Arnold, Latu and possibly McMahon

Why the Giteau Law has to be fit for purpose in 2020

Good team.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Petaia is tried at 15 at some stage.

From memory he was a 15 as a junior

Salakaia-Loto locked in for another three years with Australian rugby

Just negativity Nic. We are Aussies

Why the Wallabies are running for the exit

Kepu has Tongan background, not Fijian

Wallabies confirm team for first Rugby World Cup pool game vs Fiji

Kepu did according to my sources Old Soaks

Aufragstaktik: The management style of winning teams

Great article

Giving to Israel Folau isn't patriotic, it's funding fanaticism

He’s in my squad, and maybe my XV 100%

How did a season of such good form slip quietly by?

Great analysis Oz, but you won’t get much support here from the conspiracy theorists!
PS you are right on every point re who was favoured over who, and when that happened, but that makes no difference

Why this Super Rugby season will see a huge shake-up at the Wallabies

With that team, Vui and HJH (and possibly Latu) on front row bench, Dempsey on bench for backrow. Holloway will probably play as a lock, which puts Staniforth as bench lock.

In the backs, and assuming Mason is at 5/8, Gordon would cover inside backs and fullback, with possibly Folau (J) as wing cover. I can’t remember names, but a couple of Shute Shield 5/8s are playing well. Possibly Hunt actually is a chance. Old heads are AAC, Fitzpatrick, Phipps, and to some degree Hannigan, Miller and Holloway

No rest for the wicked: Waratahs to go ‘all in’ with season on the line

Assuming Hunt not fit, they’ll do the following:
Vui into squad for Kepu. Talakai starts
Stanaforth for Simmons
Miller for Hooper
Mason for Foley (on bench last week)
Newsome for Beale and Clark to wing.
Gordon can play other places, including 5/8 and fullback.
They won’t be terrible

No rest for the wicked: Waratahs to go ‘all in’ with season on the line

Thank the Lord

Super Rugby team of the week: Round 14

Great article YNHA

The Folau freedom of speech double standard