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I examined the stadium/pitch situation a few weeks back: and

In summary, each region in Australia and New Zealand has its unique advantages and challenges, but it is possible to fixture A-League and second division games from March to September in suitable stadiums and on quality pitches. Bring it on!

A-League’s winter move fraught with danger

Further to Waz’s point, here is the same rule for AFL:
Scroll down to read: “should your daughter prefer to play in mixed-gender team or competition they are permitted to do so until age 14”.

Equalising the A-League and W-League brands to tackle gender inequality

You should have kept reading:
“Changing the league names is also easier to solve than many of the practical challenges. It is low-hanging fruit that can act as a vital step forward for the cause of gender equality.”
Vital step forward. Doesn’t solve everything. It is a beginning.

Equalising the A-League and W-League brands to tackle gender inequality

If A-League is the Australian league and W-League is the women’s league, that implies that the men’s comp is the main comp and the women’s comp is secondary. I’m not talking about pay, or skill level, or who watches what – it’s about our industry creating an imbalance in how we look at men’s and women’s football.

Equalising the A-League and W-League brands to tackle gender inequality

Yep, that’s right. It’s only used by Sth Melb and no one else is likely to want it, so it works as Sth Melb’s home ground if they came in. Although it might need some touching up.

The A-League stadium situation: Part 1

That’s what I’ve examined in this article. There are enough gaps in most stadiums to work around rugby to avoid bad pitches – playing on alternate weekends or sneaking in for a Friday night game before rugby is played on Saturday. It would require some complicated fixturing, such as waiting for the other codes to fixture first and then plugging the gaps, but it is possible.

The A-League stadium situation: Part 2

Perry Park is an excellent location and I love the idea of professional teams playing there, but it would need a new build. So for this article, it falls under the category of essentially being something new.

The A-League stadium situation: Part 2

Good entertaining read, Andrew!

If we can ignore the current financial cloud over the game: do you think there is feasibility in a 2nd Brisbane team (perhaps representing the northern suburbs with a nod to the Strikers and City history) and the Roar going in together to privately build a 15-20,000 seat, football-only Perry Park to co-manage and be dual tenants? Presuming you don’t win the lottery that is.

Football in Brisbane: Steady as she goes

Thanks for the best wishes, but it’s a bit patronising to call me green. It might be my first article, but I understand the landscape and I did my research. Try to be more thoughtful next time.

If you go back and actually read my article, I suggested one game is given to FTA, but with two games to choose from, state-by-state. Exactly as is done with the AFL.

As for going back to SBS, just because they weren’t happy in the past doesn’t mean we stick with ABC forever. The above suggestion of targeting games better state-by-state makes it a better piece of content which might appeal better than in the past. And yeah sure SBS has lost live football, but it still provides better coverage of football than ABC through its TV and social media coverage. It’s in its DNA.

Nothing is easy in the sports media world, especially at the moment in this unknown space, but I think my suggestions are good ideas, and worth pursuing.

Maximising the A-League’s free-to-air TV coverage