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'Hoomi' behaviour is happening way too much in the NRL

I was first introduced to ‘hoomi’ behaviour years ago, having a few after-work beers with some friends who were police officers. The conversation turned to how each workday went and they described one incident that has stuck with me for the best part of 30 years. They were in a marked police car following a […]

Naturally I hope Stokes health improves to the point where he can fully participate in the Ashes. He’s such an important part of the England Test team setup.

That said, we’ve seen some cricketers struggle in recent times with mental health issues, eg Swann & Trott, so it would not be good for him to come back into the game unless he’s physically & mentally 100% right.

Stokes takes mental health break from cricket

“I didn’t feel respected and I feel I wasn’t given a fair opportunity.”

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what “opportunity” the ref was supposed to have given him?

I’m happy to stand corrected, but I thought the refs job was to make decisions and, if the captain questioned that decision, to receive an explanation, presumably a polite one. I fail to see how there is any “opportunity” in that regard?

Sure captains think they can argue the toss and no doubt some officials are happy to join in and have a discussion, but if I’m right and the bare minimum is what I described above, where’s the “opportunity” (there is none) and if there’s no opportunity to bend the ref’s ear, where’s the lack of respect?

'I didn't feel respected': Springboks captain backs Erasmus rant on Aussie ref

“You do realise that Matthew Wade is the current T20 vice captain,”. Sure do and in this format with so many players not available, I don’t think that means much.

Wade at best is hit and miss, where in recent times his misses have been far more prominent than his hits. The top of the order is a ticket to make a decent score, but Wade has made exactly three 50’s in 34 innings. I hardly think that makes him a natural replacement for any of the regular top 3 and his batting average of 21 confirms my view.

As for Maxwell and captaincy, right now it’s a moot point but I guess we’ll see in a few months time if Finch is unable to captain the team at the WC. I have no idea why he’s not in favour with selectors as a captain but I’d be very surprised if the got the top job for a series; maybe for a game, but that would be it.

Carey vs Wade: Who should take the gloves for Australia?

now there’s a thought.

Gutherson's C-bomb spray at teammate in Roosters thumping sums up Eels right now

I’m sure it’s possible Nat, but far from desirable.

Mary K penned a piece the other day talking about this being a World Cup of inclusion, so having a team of non-indigenous players hardly fits that brief. In fairness, neither does the team LM wants to put together but I think most would find that far more palatable then a team that excludes indigenous players

If no World Cup for Indigenous and Maori Allstars, Pacific Test inclusion is the next best thing

This smacks if a school boy bully, ganging up on a kid who can’t fight back – in other words cowardice.

Rules in all sports are rarely black and white and in a complex game like Rugby, there are all manner of times when a ref will make questionable calls, but in the vast majority of cases, they were within the parameters of the particular rules which means they can make those decisions, even if we or Rassie doesn’t like it.

I know this will come as a shock, but refs will also make mistakes but I suggest they make far fewer of these than do coaches, players or overpaid waterboys.

At the end of the day, this sort of thing has no place in any sport. The last thing Rugby needs is some form of tit-for-tat. The last thing the South African team needs, is an official feeling put upon by one of the Saffers staff – even if he’s a waterboy.

Erasmus's extraordinary 62 minute video rant at Aussie ref Nic Berry stuns World Rugby

Nah, not enough average Broncos players who we could pay overs to. 😂

Here's how the Raiders write their Hollywood ending

Nah, our heads were bowed and we followed the boots of the bloke in front of us, we were so buggered after games.

By the time we got to the sheds, the backs had taken all the hot water and you had to get a machete to cut the air, which was full of hair spray and Brut or Old Spice.

We didn’t mind though because we could fill the air with choice words about how many bits of silly play numbers 1 – 7 had done which we had to make up for. 😊

Who really is the best try scorer in the NRL this season?

playing footy! 😊

If no World Cup for Indigenous and Maori Allstars, Pacific Test inclusion is the next best thing

I thought you were on a roll till I read this line.

“The team which has always been quoted as having no depth is the Eagles but that idea is proving to be a bit wobbly.”

If they lose Tommy T, they’re no chance in the finals

Gutherson's C-bomb spray at teammate in Roosters thumping sums up Eels right now

and a free set of steak knives if you order now!

Here's how the Raiders write their Hollywood ending

I’m one of those who’s filthy at V’landys for making a call about the World Cup without consulting players. It’s becoming more and more evident there are more than a few who would love to go to England. That said, I think we need to be careful, especially with this statement;

” Having the Indigenous team represent the host nation with their trans Tasman counterparts Maori team would make a huge cultural spectacle.”

If the team was labelled an Australian Indigenous )All-Star) Test team, fair enough but not an Australian Test team.

I also question how this team would make a “huge cultural spectacle”. Perhaps the author could expand on what they were thinking when they wrote this line?

If no World Cup for Indigenous and Maori Allstars, Pacific Test inclusion is the next best thing

I assume there’s nothing to stop a group of non-Indigenous Australian players from getting together with some mates and proposing they form a team to play in the World Cup. Not sure how much traction it would gain?

If no World Cup for Indigenous and Maori Allstars, Pacific Test inclusion is the next best thing

There was line from an old ad featuring Norm; you know, the bloke sitting in an armchair beer in hand watching the TV – “what a shame that all of this took place, in his imagination”.

Here's how the Raiders write their Hollywood ending

I’m in awe of anyone who can take the time to analyse and draw conclusions from masses of data. In this instance, you’ve gone a step further and devised a formula, then applied it to players over the past 8 years – all in your first piece! I guess I know what you’ve been up to during lockdown!

One question. Can you give more explanation about the GMP please? “Game Minutes Played (GMP): 1 GMP = 4,800 minutes played (80 mins)”

I don’t get how 4800 minutes played equates to 80 minutes?

Who really is the best try scorer in the NRL this season?

what about “bash & barge” style points?

And the rules of the game had to be changed so those flashy outside backs could get their pants dirty and their hair messed up. Before that, they were on-field ads for VO5! 😊

Who really is the best try scorer in the NRL this season?

I think it’s very American, based on what I’ve seen from some of their so called sports shows. The baseball & gridiron bot devote hours and hours speculating not only about player moves, they also have the respective drafts, which adds another layer of speculation.

In reality, this type of thing is all about supposed journalists or media people trying to make themselves relevant. I managed to grow up in the era of Controversy Corner and an hours worth of game analysis – each week. I hardly see the need to worry about what some clown things might happen to player A or Club B. I’d rather watch repeats of Gilligans Island.

It gets some fans frothing, but NRL transfer speculation bores me to tears

I agree Australia should not have lost 3 nil but totally disagree it was an unloseable series. Herath was always going to be the x-factor and at home, he was simply outstanding. He did what the Indian spinners did to England just recently, bowled a line and length with not massive turn and let the pitch do the rest.

Once he got into the Aussie batsmen’s head, it was series over.

Five years on from Australia's loss in the unlosable series

I thought there were some positives to come from this incident.

I now know Gutherson swears like an Aussie, which is reassuring. He strung those words together no problem at all.

He was also thoughtful enough to do this so quickly, he saved the Parra runner from having to come out and say pretty much the same. That poor fella had already done quite a few kms, so I’m sure he was glad of the rest.

I thought the era of giving guys a spray had disappeared from the game but Gutho showed me I was wrong. None of this patting Opacic on the back, or giving him a big hug, for doing something stupid; just an old fashioned bake that Ruadonikis would have been proud of.

Gutherson's C-bomb spray at teammate in Roosters thumping sums up Eels right now

I was chuffed to see a couple of backs doing what they do best – having a go at each other on the field. Does an old front rower proud. 😊

Gutherson's C-bomb spray at teammate in Roosters thumping sums up Eels right now

First of all Ely, thanks for throwing your hat into the Roar writer ring. This is a really interesting piece and judging by the comments, might have stopped more than a few regulars.

As with all stats, in isolation, the numbers are neither here nor there, but for things like sharing workload equitably across the team, field position after the first tackle, etc this is a critical stat.

I also don’t think it makes a lot of difference how these numbers are achieved, or for how long this stat has been important. The conclusion you presented seems pretty clear, so I’m assuming coaches must know about it and must be trying to maximise it, along with other crucial numbers they use in a game.

If it’s working for the two teams that are heading the comp, surely other teams need to get on board.

The secret statistic behind the top NRL teams

As I wrote in response to James just below your comment, Wade has to bat top 3 to be even marginally effective. If he doesn’t, his numbers are no better than Carey and he’s not a patch on Carey as a keeper.

As for the T20 World Cup scheduling, IMO it’s farcical. The article below describes the plan to hold a T20 WC every two years, with Champions Trophy & ODI World Cups every 4 years. The ICC controls the broadcast rights for these and this appears to be a blatant cash grab by them.

As you rightly said, holding these events too frequently devalues them but that’s what the ICC seems hell-bent on doing.

Carey vs Wade: Who should take the gloves for Australia?

Go back and look at Wades record. Since 2020, if he’s batted outside the top 3, he’s made 18,1, 7 & 26, average = 13, which is marginally better than Carey. Bear in mind there’s zero chance of him batting top 3 if Australia puts in anything like it’s best team and he’s hardly the best keeper Australia could choose.

The premise was who do you choose between Carey and Wade. Carey is streets ahead as a keeper, has age on his side and is a firm favourite with selectors. There’s no way Maxwell would be given the captaincy role, rightly or wrongly, for the World Cup, whereas Carey’s a chance for sure.

For mine, Inglis is the guy I’d have keeping with Cumins as captain, but if it was down to either of these guys, Wade would miss out.

Carey vs Wade: Who should take the gloves for Australia?

Wow. This is a no holds barred piece. To use another cliche, the knives certainly came out early, piling plenty of misery onto Parra fans.

That said, I think Tim’s pretty right. Take nothing away from the win over the Storm, but that loss earlier in the season to my boys, the Dragons, suggested to me the same issues Parra have had since Moses joined the Club are still there, ie he’s not a great leader in games where times are tough.

If Parra struggle to beat a depleted Roosters team today, I’d give them no chance when the finals roll around. The question then becomes, what do they do to take that next step in 2022?

Crash and burn time: 'I can't imagine the trauma of being one of the Blue and Gold faithful'

and you know this because?

You’re telling me out of the 380 odd players in the NRL, there won’t be at least 25 or 30 players willing to play Test footy for their country?

Taumalolo is in! Huge plus as Tongan star commits to World Cup