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Craig Bellamy and Dave Donaghy take big pay cuts

Allowing Clubs to disappear from the top flight because they can’t stay afloat financially, is way different than arbitrarily deciding 4 teams have to go because someone wants a 12 team comp.

If that happened to my Dragons, for example, I’d naturally be sad, but that’s the way of it in business.

Brandy Alexander responds to Andrew Johns' call for a 12-team NRL

So his players are staring at an 87% pay cut and the CEO & coach have given up 50%. I hope the Storm players and supporters are okay with this?

Craig Bellamy and Dave Donaghy take big pay cuts

hi BVNS, thanks for putting in this piece.

I think there’s a critical issue that many of us in Australia forget, when the IPL is mentioned. Most focus on the big names and the huge dollars these greats of the game can make. We forget though, that there are lesser known Indian players who make up these squads, for whom this tournament is super important, not only for the money they can make, but it offers a chance to put them up in front of the Indian selectors and perhaps breaking into the national squad.

I’m not a fan of T20, but I hope the IPL does go ahead at some stage this year, if for no other reason than giving the guys I mentioned a chance to play. Perhaps the next Kohli, Dhoni or Bumrah could be missing out on a chance to shine, if this tournament is cancelled.

The impact of COVID-19 on the IPL

got that exactly right Tim. I support neither team, but had the same feelings of sadness both in ’89 and last year, that 2 sides deserving to win, didn’t.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

Adrian, I don’t live in Sydney, so your story was the first I’d heard of this. As a result, I found the original piece by Michael Chammas and your version of events doesn’t appear to match his version at all.

In the very first paragraph, Chammas writes, “Channel Nine won’t be making its quarterly broadcast payment to the NRL on April 1, but has outlined a desire to renegotiate its current rights deal to extend beyond 2022.” That does not appear to me to suggest Channel 9 wants to rip up a contract.

In fact the only mention of that term I could find was the following, “However there is a reluctance from the NRL to rip up its current broadcast deal, which is worth a combined $1.8 billion between Nine and Fox over five years, or to extend that arrangement.” This suggests to me, that the NRL are the ones who have thought about this, but as it says, are reluctant to move in any direction for the time being.

As for your questions, the answer to 1 is, Channel 9 doesn’t appear to be going that way, so this is a hypothetical at best.

Question 2 answer is, Channel 9 has issues with an NRL season extending into summer because of the likely overlap with the T20 World Cup. They believe viewing audiences will be down and obviously don’t want to pay top dollar for a product less people are watching. In other words, if/when the 2020 season starts again, 9 will be probably be wanting pay discount rates for games that clash with the cricket.

As for 3, the NRL as an entity might die off, but the game won’t. There are far too many people, like yourself, who are passionate about the sport. As long as that’s the case, the game will continue to be played and enjoyed.

Channel Nine looking to tear up their contract with NRL

Graham Gooch did his best for hairy top lip brigade, Dave. Can’t think of too many others though.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter Y

I think too, many forget these guys were not considered to be top players given those had all been given WSC contracts, with the exception of Thommo, yet they were expected to play as well as the guys who should have made up the Test teams.

And when they didn’t, they got hammered in the press.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter Y

DK Lillee, Rod Marsh, Ian Chappell

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter Y

I saw that 268 he made and he looked even less likely to get out IMO, than Warner did when he made that triple century, this past summer. He could seriously time the ball.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter Y

I get where you’re coming from when you suggest some players could/should retire to help ease the financial burden, but surely it’s about salary versus need. I notice for example you don’t include DCE or other high paid 200 gamers in your list of players who might have to retire, but include guys like Chris Lawrence, who took a pay cut to stay at the Tigers.

You also suggest reducing the number of teams from 16 to 12 could help the NRL, but how does this help the game as a whole? The majority of Clubs have been in the comp for more than 40 years, so dumping Clubs would have a massive impact on fans. It would also hurt the codes bottom line, having 2 less games a week to televise and leave plenty of players and support staff jobless. I can see this approach hurting rather than helping the NRL.

Why over 1500 games worth of NRL experience could be forced to retire

I vaguely recall a well respected Roar contributor, penned a piece a year or two ago, trying to describe which were the “weakest” teams. The rightly pointed out it wasn’t only about dollars, but about things like membership, sponsorships, fan support, etc. So Joey might be in for a rude shock which teams actually disappear if he got his wish.

There’s also an assumption the “money” teams will be okay, once this crisis is over. I have no idea how anyone can predict what’s going to happen with any degree of certainty right now, so again Mr Johns Knights, for example, might become a memory, if they don’t have the dollars to be viable.

'Only the strong survive': Why Joey Johns thinks the NRL should let its four weakest clubs die out

“I am really sorry for the world and understand that many readers don’t want to read my whinging about not being able to watch sport”

I for one have no issues with you having a whinge Keith. IMO, it’s healthy to get rid of some frustration, in your case into an article and let’s face it, you’re only expressing the sort of emotions millions will be feeling, not only in Australia, but around the world.

Hopefully you and yours stay healthy & safe and the crime thriller is a good read! 😊

Confessions of a frustrated sports fanatic

Poor old Yallop, couldn’t take a trick as skipper in the 70’s and would have a nightmare time in the field with 6 Youngs in the team!

I felt sorry for him when he captained one of the worst Australian teams we’ve put onto the field against a very useful England team. Once that weight was off his shoulders, he showed what a good batsman he was.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter Y

A key point that seems to have been lost in this discussion is the following

“Any deal would likely come into effect until the end of this year’s season, with players having already been paid 40 per cent of their annual salary.”

In other words, these guys have been paid nearly half of their contracted amount already, which for a guy on $100,000 is 40 grand. If he only gets another 13% for the rest of the year, he’s still making $53,000 and this is worst case scenario. I’m guessing the RLPA might be able to squeeze a little more from the NRL.

If these guys were expected to ONLY get 13% of their total contract, that’s another matter entirely, but that’s simply not the case.

NRL asks players to take massive pay cut to save game's finances

Good piece Jack. I know it’s before your time, but you could throw in the ’89 Grand Final, where the Tigers were denied a premiership by an outstanding Canberra team and one Bill “I’m never wrong, just ask me” Harrigan decision.
Balmain never looked like wining a premiership after that, certainly not before they became a joint venture.

Missed it by that much: clubs that have missed their chance

On top of his entitlements, I’m sure Souths and R Crowe will do right by him, Matt. Whether he get’s any cash or what ever is between them, I’d have thought, but this action won’t go unrewarded by Souths.

Rabbitohs general manager steps down to save club money

Man, that was cruel 😁

The most popular English captain in Australia

I’m not sure they were taken that seriously Tiger. Yes they played outstanding cricket, but I think they were seen as entertainers, rather than “serious cricketers”, like us Aussies and the Poms. That was certainly the case until they hammered the Poms in England in 1966 and Charlie Griffith & Wes Hall gave them some hurry up.

The most popular English captain in Australia

I wonder how much of that had to do with Bradman who was the ACB chairman at the time? I know he told Benaud to play exciting cricket against the Windies in 60/61, but he certainly didn’t want to see us lose the Ashes

The most popular English captain in Australia

Gotta be Gladstone Small! 👍 👍 👍

The most popular English captain in Australia

blame spellcheck! 😁

The most popular English captain in Australia

I think you’re on the money Bob, but I felt there were times when Grieg simply went too far. In other words, he didn’t know when to stop. and that’s what annoyed me.

The most popular English captain in Australia

I hate exactly no time for Tony Greig, Bob. I thought his commentary was worse than ordinary and he only seemed to want to provoke Bill Lawry. I turned off the cricket all together one day thanks to his constant goading.

The most popular English captain in Australia

I did exactly the same thing, Clay 😊

The most popular English captain in Australia