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Australia’s most entertaining batsmen

If you ask any young cricket follower in any era who is their favourite batsman is, they’ll be quick with a reply: Donald Bradman, Neil Harvey, Norm O’Neill, the Chappell or Waugh brothers, Doug Walters, Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke, Steve Smith, Dave Warner – the list goes on.

I’m trying to work out why there’s a conversation about the wooden spoon happening after 6 weeks of football? Canterbury is just as likely to string a half dozen wins in a row as any other team in the comp, because as Gus Gould said, wining’s infectious. If they do that, all of sudden they’re being considered as outsiders for a finals spot. Ditto with the other Clubs outside the Storm, Roosters & Rabbitohs.

Those further up the ladder could just as easily go on a losing streak – just ask the Dragons.

This is a discussion best left till after the SOO series. Till then, hopefully the Doggies can translate some of that courage Mary likes into competition points.

The Bulldogs won't be wooden spoon winners

hi Adrian, first of all anyone who trains it from Penrith to Newcastle to watch their team play has my complete admiration, especially if you do it for most of their home games.

I’m wondering if you and the Newcastle faithful are asking the wrong question about Mr Brown? The team’s played 6 games and won one, so this is when good coaches hit the reset button. No more talk about finals places till after round 25, just work on winning. It doesn’t matter by how much or how they do it, they just have to win.

Brown needs to wield the big stick so if guys are underperforming, they’re dropped from the team, if that’s what it takes to get the team winning. The players also have to accept ownership for winning and be filthy on themselves if they lose. In other words, right across the board, the complacency that’s led to the current Knights dilemma needs to be eradicated.

The real question to be asking Mr Brown is whether he’s the coach to do all this?

I'm losing faith in Nathan Brown

Albo, I have no issue with refs making errors as long as they are mistakes that could have been reasonably made, ie close calls going to one team or another. As you say in your comment, these sorts of things tend to sort themselves out across the season.

Where I can’t wear it is when a ref makes a howler. Forward passes are the obvious examples but there are plenty of others that happen within close proximity to where the officials are standing. 50:50 calls need to remain a part of the game but dead obvious mistakes shouldn’t happen, not with the technology we have available to stop them.

Maybe a captains challenge is the answer, I don’t know but it seems crazy to me I’m concerned about something in 2019 that was an issue in the 1960’s.

Do refs and touchies really have problems with their eyesight?

I’m not sure I understand where you’re going with this comment Edward. You suggest in part that these sorts of incidents even themselves out in the wash, but finish by saying “something that occurs in the first five minutes may actually determine the outcome of the game due to what subsequently happens”.

I deliberately chose the forward pass for Melbourne’s first try as my example, because I’m no fan of either team and had no interest in the outcome of the game. This is a case of an incident that totally change the game. The Roosters were up by 20 points, only a few minutes to go till half time, try scored scored against them. This killed the momentum they had going into the break. If the Storm had not scored that try, I doubt greatly they would have got back into the game to the extent they did.

Do refs and touchies really have problems with their eyesight?

The point of this piece was to highlight an issue that has dogged the games for at least the past 50 years; officials “missing” transgressions that are obvious howlers, that are right in front of them.

I’m not bagging refs, far from it. I’m questioning why this is still allowed to happen 5 decades later and the NRL needs to do more to fix this issue.

I’m suggesting we have a huge array of technology that could be used to enhance the game and the NRL seems reluctant to use it. For example, with digital technology, it’s relatively easy to manipulate an image to create a 3D version and look at it from any angle. Thus it should be simple for officials to “see” of a player’s in front of a kicker, if a pass that appears a yard forward met the rules for a pass, etc.

As it stands, we have all these you beaut digital cameras that are being used about as effectively as the one camera the ABC used when covering games in the 70’s.

Do refs and touchies really have problems with their eyesight?

You’re right Gee, but I wanted to focus on some of the lesser names. His stats were appalling for a bloke who, before Christmas, was right in the mix for a Test opening spot.

The disappointing players from the Shield season who could do better

It’s interesting that two of the three guys involved THAT incident in SA are now back in captaincy roles

Steve Smith stars with match-winning knock in first game back as Rajasthan skipper

Fair cop, but he’s still capable of being helpful where footy’s concerned, Chris P.

I have to wonder about people wading into debates like Mundine did, when they have little or no knowledge/expertise on the subject.

Mundine to make rugby league comeback

Good on him for giving it a go. If he can pass on some positive advice & support to kids, that has to be a good thing.

Mundine to make rugby league comeback

Hunt’s historical baggage in big games hurts his chances. I don’t think it’s a contest at this stage, DCE is well in front.

Hunt, Cherry-Evans in Origin stalemate

Mary, I can’t see how JDBs lawyers can come out and say, in closing arguments, “the NRL did not put their client through an education program about violence against women “. Your legal background would make you way more knowledgeable that me, but surely this is a statement that a) needs to be backed up by proof and b) can and should have been challenged by the NRL?

I also don’t know why you didn’t seek proof yourself, prior to writing this piece. For example, did you try and contact either the Dragons or the NRL to find out EXACTLY what type of education JDB received on this issue?

I have little knowledge of this case, living outside, Sydney, but it seems both parties are grasping at straws, in order to defend their positions. I think the comments from the presiding judge when she rules will be worth noting, especially around the issue you raise.

'He wasn't educated': De Belin's lawyers play the blame game

What an interesting selection problem for Australia to have. One incumbent keeper in good form being chased by 3 guys in either very good or red hot form.

I don’t think Australia will chose a backup keeper if Bancroft’s is playing in England and is in this kind of form. Mr Langer will no doubt get in his ear and suggest he keeps going as he is for Durham and he could be called up if Carey’s injured.

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

That second try was fine Stuart. JWH was behind the kicker and the guys on the right didn’t interfere in the play, so all good.

Roosters and Storm confirm their favouritism, while the Bulldogs remain a mystery

Laurie Smurf – that works!!

Roosters and Storm confirm their favouritism, while the Bulldogs remain a mystery

Albo, I’m wondering if you’ve any thoughts about why the Bunnies are not doing better? There were signs in that first half that suggested they were going to put 40 on the Doggies, yet they failed to score a second half point.

Before the Souths faithful jump in, the side can’t do much more than win and there’s still a long way to go before the finals, but this is probably a game they should have won convincingly, yet they did just enough to get across the line.

Roosters and Storm confirm their favouritism, while the Bulldogs remain a mystery

I agree Robinson shouldn’t be panicking but it must be a concern. If losing Keary is the reason for not scoring, they need to find a way to get it done with him. Ditto if Cronk goes down in a game.

It had 54 minutes of great attack and defence and 26 minutes of grind. It might be the best game of the year to date but as far as being a great game, don’t think so.

Roosters and Storm confirm their favouritism, while the Bulldogs remain a mystery

Peter I have the same sort of dislike for these Clubs as I do for vegemite. It’s something deep seated and certainly doesn’t involve jealousy.

Disappointment continues as Storm’s forecasted decline nears decade without fruition

players are coached to hold up the play the ball as long as they can and refs encourage that by doing things like, yelling “held” then doing a mental count, all the while the tacklers doing the same.

It should be quite simple, as soon as the ref calls held the tacklers stop the tackle and immediately start to let the ball carrier go. No more going on with tackles after “held” is called – players can hear the ref, but know what they can get away with, so change the interpretation so if they don’t start to disengage immediately, they get pinged.

"The worst I've seen": Bennett slams NRL over referee leniency

and the angels from Brookvale NEVER do it back, AE?

"The worst I've seen": Bennett slams NRL over referee leniency

The question Robinson needs to address from the Roosters win is why his side could only score 1 point in the second half? Some of the footy they played, especially down the left side, was simply brilliant in the first half, but the second half from an attacking point if view, was not much of a spectacle.

I’m also wondering if the officiating of that little “melee” (as the Aussie Rules boys like to call it), is going to be the standard for the rest of the year? Plenty of guys ran long distances to join in from both sides, and in years gone by, at least one from each team would have copped 10 minutes. As it was, the refs only gave the original penalty as though the after tackle scuffle never happened.

I was also disappointed to see this game called a great game of football. It was….. for the first 54 minutes, when both sides were trying to win, but that last 26 minutes was not a great showcase of the game because both sides were playing not to lose.

Roosters and Storm confirm their favouritism, while the Bulldogs remain a mystery

Stephan, you raise a really valid point about a dearth of older, experienced Test cricketers in Shield ranks. I’m positive the Tassie side benefitted from Ponting’s presence after he gave away international cricket and the same would have to apply to NSW and the Waugh brothers. There’s the odd player like George Bailey, but even now he’s still being mentioned as an outsider for some form of international cricket.

I look at the county scene and guys like Ian Bell and Sangakara ( even Mark Cosgrove), are still producing the goods. Their experience has to help the younger generation coming through.

PSA: Mark Cosgrove is in England too

Peter, I think the selectors might have no choice, thanks to less than stellar efforts from Stoinis. If he was in form with the ball, we should be safely getting 10 overs between him & Maxwell, in which case Smith probably wouldn’t bowl.

As it stands, I wouldn’t have Stoins in the side on form, so that leaves us short a bowler, with very few options; Finch, maybe Warner or maybe Smith. The alternative is to trust Maxwell to get through 10 overs per game, which is effectively asking him to be a front line bowler, which he isn’t.

I’m hoping Smith isn’t needed as a bowler, because if he is, our chances of winning this tournament will drop dramatically.

Selectors can’t rid themselves of the Marsh habit

I’d agree 100% TCL, if it was only about batting but Smith’s a terrific fieldsman and is no slouch with the ball. I think we’ll use him more than one in the World Cup to get through some overs, hopefully without getting hammered.

Selectors can’t rid themselves of the Marsh habit

I’ll bet Gus isn’t chortling too much though

Watene-Zelezniak moment of madness riles Cleary

No argument there Peter. My perspective is play & watch and that’s where I think small country towns and Darwin has it all over Melbourne

Melbourne will never be in thrall to rugby league, and that's marvellous