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In the good old days, if Johns was a forward, I’d have said he’d stuck his head into too many scrums, but being a back in the modern era, I can’t come up with an excuse for this thought bubble.

It’s simply wrong in so many ways.

'One of the game's heartlands': Matty Johns' surprising pick for 18th NRL team

and that’s the tough part isn’t it, trying to gaze into a crystal ball and tell a 23 year old whether it’s worth playing cricket again.

I feel for the medical staff who have to make this call, as well as bearing the weight of expectation from Cricket Australia, the media, fans and of course Puckovski, to give an all-clear when that might be a really bad call.

I guess that’s why the specialists charge the big bucks.

'Devastated to hear it': Paine's update on Pucovski's latest 'shattering' concussion

You’re right, he only played Tests last year thanks to injury to Puckovski, but that’s 10 months ago and plenty has happened since then. For a start, he’s made a lot of runs in England, which if Paine is to be believed, counted for nothing, because he rather have a player with virtually zero form as an opening bat, than one who has shown some good form.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Harris fan. He’s had plenty of chances at Test level and hasn’t delivered, but like Head, he’s doing everything he can to show he’s capable of making runs, so Paine’s comments would have hurt. At the least, Paine owes him an explanation.

'Devastated to hear it': Paine's update on Pucovski's latest 'shattering' concussion

The nice thing about this article and the following comments is, no-one thinks this is a bad idea. Sure there’s plenty of discussion about where games should be played, but the basic concept is sound, so I don’t think it would take much to sort out these other issues.

Grow the Game Round: How the NRL can take top-grade footy to untapped areas

Paul from Nigeria here. I can clean you out….. I mean ,fix this problem if you send me your account number and pin, 😊

Grow the Game Round: How the NRL can take top-grade footy to untapped areas

If these are like the roadtrips I’ve been on, no way. The NRL players seem to have no problems getting into trouble already.

Grow the Game Round: How the NRL can take top-grade footy to untapped areas

Unlike all the other naysayers, I don’t have too many problems with these selections.

None would have cost a lot of money and all would be keen to really put in and have big years, given all three are on one year deals. If this means we have some reasonable depth and these blokes can actually a) get through a full season b) help improve our younger guys and c) not cause any incidents like we saw this season, I’m not sure what down side there is.

Signing spree: Dragons land three more recruits for 2022

Given Hazlewoods efforts in the IPL, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t do well in the World Cup – as long as he doesn’t get injured.

We need a “touch wood” wmoji.

The hardest job in cricket: meet the bowlers set to take the T20 World Cup by storm

Not hard to see why the Windies go into this tournament as one of the favourites when a piece highlighting 9 outstanding batsmen has four from that part of the world.

Such a shame AB de V is not in this tournament. I reckon he’d have made this list pretty comfortably.

Fence clearers and death defiers: the big hitters to watch at T20 World Cup

T20 cricket is a form of the game that is perhaps evolving way more quickly than the other formats, mostly because batsmen & bowlers have almost free reign to try any thing they like. The top teams these days IMO are collectively far more skilled than they were even 6 or 7 years ago, across the board, though there are always going to be highly skilled played in any era.

The teams these days have also had more time and more matches to devise better tactics to manage both batting & bowling, while the fielding skill levels have ramped up considerably.

I’m thinking who ever wins this years title, would likely win the title of best ever T20 team – for now.

Was Sri Lanka’s 2014 squad the best T20 World Cup-winning team?

Sounds like we have two players in good T20 form; Maxwell and Hazlewood. Now we just need another dozen blokes to help them out.

Really good to see Shubman Gill back playing too.

Hazlewood delight as Chennai win IPL title

Message to Dr Paine; you’re not a qualified neurologist, so don’t offer an opinion about this man’s health or his ability to play top level cricket ever again.

PS age has nothing to do with it. Happy to school you in concussive impacts on brain function for an agreed fee.

'He's only 23': Tim Paine backs in Will Pucovski to bounce back from latest concussion

Perhaps we’re talking about two different “hows”.

I don’t care right now about how Puckovski was sconed. That runs a very distant second to his health. I’d reckon his doctors would think the same.

Once he’s on the road to recovery and a decision needs to be made about his cricketing future, that’s when the “how” becomes important. If he doesn’t play any more first class cricket, for me, it makes no difference why he kept getting hit, other than as a curiosity.

If he decides he wants to keep playing, then I want to know how he got sconed each time and what he’s doing to fix the issue(s).

Pucovski's latest concussion raises doubt over Ashes ambitions

yeah, this manhug stuff does nothing for me. A hand shake and maybe a pat on the back is still good enough, IMO.

Forever an Immortal: rugby league icon Norm Provan dies aged 88

Hitting throw-downs in the second week in October is a long way from coming out to bat with England 3 down at the Gabba and Cummins, Hazlewood and Starc are on a tear.

I hope he does play in the Ashes, but only if he’s 100% right to go.

'Hugely exciting': Stokes raises Ashes hopes with video in nets

about when a number 5 or 6 bat could be in.

'Devastated to hear it': Paine's update on Pucovski's latest 'shattering' concussion

Fair dinkum, Paine’s been taking some strange medication as he recovers from his neck injury, judging by his stupid comments in recent times. ““In my opinion, he (Puckovski) would’ve partnered Warner in that first Test match, there’s no doubt about that.”

Tell me Tim, how do you think this makes Marcus Harris feel? The guy’s the incumbent Test opener, has made a swag of runs in England just recently, is fit and ready to go, yet you reckon a bloke who hasn’t held a bat in anger for months and has only played 5 first class games over the past 18 months, was a shoe-in to open?

At this level, managing egos is super important, so making these sorts of comments, especially when one guy will likely play the whole series and the other will not, is simply dumb.

You’re rapidly losing a lot of supporters, Tim.

Cue Pedro! 😊

'Devastated to hear it': Paine's update on Pucovski's latest 'shattering' concussion

What about facing the second new ball?

'Devastated to hear it': Paine's update on Pucovski's latest 'shattering' concussion

I’m so far not impressed with Hockley at all. I’m sure he’s doing plenty in the background but his public persona suggests he’s an overpaid cheer squad leader, whose main role is to say lots of positive things but not provide answers to sticky questions.

Obviously I hope he’s right and there are no more issues, but we’re a month or 6 weeks from England being in-country and this tour is not settled. That’s simply not good.

Cricket Australia chair resigns after messy fallout

I won’t think the Ashes is 100% a goer until the last ball of the 5th Test is bowled, Ian 😊

We saw in that last England series against India, what can happen to cricket with zero notice

Cricket Australia chair resigns after messy fallout

especially in States like NSW which likes to think it’s votes carry more weight.

Cricket Australia chair resigns after messy fallout

I don’t think the “how” is super critical to know, at least not in the short term. Those providing medical care will not be hugely concerned about that, only about the current impact on his brain.

Further down the track, if he’s given the all clear to play again, then the “how” becomes important

Pucovski's latest concussion raises doubt over Ashes ambitions

I doubt even a top neurologist would want to comment on this story without way more facts. It’s fine to suggest he stop playing cricket but without knowing way more and without a clear understanding of how his injuries have affected his brain, that’s an impossible call to make.

My only hope is the Puckovski is getting the best level of medical treatment and advice about his short and long term outlook. I also hope the right decision is made based on sound medical evidence & advice, one way or another.

Pucovski's latest concussion raises doubt over Ashes ambitions

I’m not trying to be obtuse, but how can a person supposedly representing a State, not take direction from senior cricket officials in that State?

I get that they can vote how they see fit, but if that’s contrary to what the majority in that State want, I wonder how long they’d last as delegate?

Cricket Australia chair resigns after messy fallout

The few I’ve spoken with are okay to lose Manly as long as the Sea Eagles stays. Like the Rabbitohs & Dragons, it’s become iconic in Australia at least

What's in a name like the Dolphins?