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“You’ll thank me later in life”

There are two certainties in life at present; the sun will rise in the east and Steve Smith’s burning desire to bat…and bat…and bat. The Roar has been showing a video of a club rugby player who went in to make a tackle and suffered an injury from a bad head clash. What do these […]

It was either Botham or Holding, after watching the highlights of that all out 67 innings said, in disgust “let’s ban T20 all together”. Part of their anger stemmed from players making the usual big noises “Test cricket’s the pinnacle” “I’ve dreamed of playing Tests”, but as they said, you can’t learn how to play long form cricket, if your summer is spent thrashing white balls.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

What categories do you think you’d prefer to write about? Historical pieces about memorable games or players, commentary on current games, commentary on current players, pieces about how the games is run & suggestions for improvement, etc.

You’ve got a raft of choices, so if you had any preferences, perhaps some ideas could flow back to you?

Why cricket isn't the winner in the World Test Championship

All of these thoughts make a great deal of sense, Waxhead. I was listening the Michael Holding talking with a number of British commentators and they made some really interesting points about the England Test team;

1) Jason Roy had not played ANY long form cricket in a year, before being picked for his debut against Ireland
2) They were pretty unanimous that only Root & Stokes were Test quality batsman
3) they also agreed the other bats in the side were picked on their form in T20’s & ODIs and all agreed none had the right technique to play Tests when the ball moved, similar to what you mentioned about Warner.
In other words, England is suffering exactly the same sorts of issues as Australia, because of the emphasis on short form cricket.

I wonder just how far selectors could take the policy you suggest of guys playing Tests based on whether they were playing at home or overseas? The only problem is knowing who’d do well overseas, before choosing the team. Perhaps setting up more games between possibles v probable sides on greentops or spinning pitches might be an answer?

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

he hasn’t done a whole lot in the leadup games, Andrew, not just this Test.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

I thought Harris footwork when he got out was worse than ordinary, even for the shot he was attempting. The ball went through a gap easily 6 – 8 inches wide, which is pretty poor considering this was the first ball he’d faced against a completely new bowler.

I agree before that he didn’t look too bad but as has been the case IMO in his Test career, he gets some ort of start then throws it away by relaxing and playing a loose shot.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

Again, there’s every chance you’re right Josh, but I’m withholding judgment till I see him play back in Australia. Everyone knows he prefers hard tracks when he can play through the line, so if he’s not making runs at home, he’s clearly in trouble.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

Adrian, there are 4 sides so far this round who copped beltings and this shows to me the players are not engaged with the programme for the rest of the season. Sure there are a few who are trying but the bulk just want to season to end, which is really tough on fans, especially fans as passionate as the Knights have.

Who ever picks up the coaching position with your guys has a tough task next year, because he inherits both the playing roster and a side that lacks spirit. It’s probably going to take more than a season to instill the sort of attitude that prevailed when the Chief & co were playing. Don’t expect miracles in 2020, I think your boys might disappoint you.

Where did it all go wrong for Newcastle?

At least your blokes are giving you both hope and enjoyment at the back end of the season, TB. My Dragons gave up the ghost weeks ago – again.

The unlikely Bulldogs live to fight another week

It’s certainly not easy to judge whether Warner’s batting has slipped a cog or two, given the dominance of ball over bat in this series. He’s certainly not playing with much confidence and as you say, his footwork, such as it is, has largely been MIA.

We may have to wait till he plays back in Oz to see if he still has what it take at this level, Greybeard.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

People who reach elite levels in any sports want to achieve the very best they can, be it coaches, administrators or players. As Robinson said, part of his role is to develop the coaching staff, as well as the players.

Surely it should be kudos to the Easts machine if O’Brien takes up the role at the Knights, especially if he can make the side a genuine finals contender? If they see this move in a negative light, that to me is just petty.

Chooks' feathers fly over Adam O'Brien sticking to his contract

The first hour in particular but the first session tonight is likely to determine the fate of this game, one way or another. England have done well to date in their second innings but badly need Root & Stokes to kick on. We obviously need to get both out cheaply. A pretty simple equation.

Tim Paine's Australia finds a way even through the narrowest passages

Umpires lose form and confidence exactly the same as players do. This guy needs time away from the game to get his head right.

Umpiring howler so big he just hangs his head in shame

Chris, similar wraps were put on Stokes for that century in the last Test but how many times was he out, but for poor umpiring?

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

It’s interesting you largely ignored the option for Khawaja to open the batting and for Labuschagne to bat 3, Ronan. I realize it’s only a small body of work, but neither Bancroft or Harris have been overly impressive this series and Warner’s only saving grace has been his first innings in this Test.

Khawaja has a pretty good record as an opener from memory and he bats well with Warner. It also makes sense to me to have your form batsmen coming in early, rather than leaving them in the shed and Labshcagne batting 3 & Smith at 4 would take a lot of pressure off Head & Wade, hopefully allowing them to score runs.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

Sunday looks to be a repeat of Saturday, according to BBC weather.

Marnus Labuschagne could be the player Australia have waited for

well, this tactic’s managed to trick most of the pundits and all of the English press, Maccaa.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

not sure I understand James,

Why is hard to watch – I remember watching Greg Chappell struggle through 7 ducks in a row, I watched Rod Marsh who, in his prime, was good enough to play as a batsman in the Aussie team, mentally disintegrate under the barrage of short pitch bowling from the Windies quicks and now Root is really struggling.

Great players all seem to go through bad patches of form and I find it hard to take pleasure out of that.

Joe Root's embarrassing dropped dolly couldn't have summed up England's day better

Brown and the two Souths blokes need to made to watch their thuggery over and over again while serving what ever suspensions they’re given by the judiciary.

I truly wonder what goes through some guys heads at this time of year, when sides are in a battle for finals spots and these 3 idiots try cheap shots on defenceless players. Brown’s already spent 11 weeks getting over an injury then he comes back and does this!! If I was a team mate, I’d be letting him know what I thought for sure.

How Josh Jackson's shoulder charge reaction shows the Bulldogs are in a good place

Many Australians, including me, might suggest you’ve called it a little early, Jonathan. That said, 283 does look like an awful lot of runs on a pitch that’s already turning and bouncing.

The delivery that good Harris was a good one, but it seemed a very ordinary shot to play, given the circumstances. I wonder if Harris didn’t mentally relax after surviving a pretty testing opening spell, as his footwork was poor and the gap the ball went through was huge.

Much will depend on how the pitch plays on the third day and whether the bowlers can deliver a repeat performance. Obviously the English batting will be a little demoralized after such an ordinary first innings, but they’re still a chance if luck and some wayward bowling goes their way.

Australia (almost) retain the Ashes

I think Warner’s had a fine game Pierro. I know the second innings was not pretty, but that first knock, in the context of what’s happened since, shows what sort of character this guy has.

Four terrific catches and a very useful 61 – he’s certainly contributed this time round.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

I wrote a piece a few months ago, suggesting exactly what you’re proposing, Noah.

Everything works for playing cricket in the north in the southern winter and I agree, it would certainly help some of the weaker nations to improve their game if CA would commit to getting some Tests into Darwin & Cairns.

Why cricket isn't the winner in the World Test Championship

was McGrath using a Dukes when he took 8 for 38 at Lords?

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

There were some interesting comments made by Bayliss and Root about Jason Roy, before the Third Test started, Ryan.

Bayliss acknowledged they were trying to manufacture an opener, that all thought Roy was real value to the team, given his ability to score quickly ( in short form cricket) and suggested they needed to maybe think about where he batted in their order.

Root came out and made it clear he was the captain and he decided the batting order, which suggest to me things might not be completely harmonious in the England camp. I’ll bet it’s even less harmonious after day 2 at Leeds.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

totally agree aussiekiwi, it was far more possible to get runs on day 2 than on day 1. On day 1, you were always likely to get that completely unplayable ball, whereas day 2 conditions were a fair bit easier.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

I wonder how much control Bennett has over his guys? He came out during the week saying there was no place for thuggery in the game, yet two of his guys then proceeded to do two dog acts on defenceless players.

Bennett coached teams are know for their discipline, but this Souths squad has had plenty of incidents this year that suggest they’re not buying into that. It’s going to not only cost them games, as players sit on the sidelines, but fans who aren’t happy with some of the actions from supposed professionals.

Souths Sydney's Bennett and Demetriou temporarily win the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ argument