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“You’ll thank me later in life”

There are two certainties in life at present; the sun will rise in the east and Steve Smith’s burning desire to bat…and bat…and bat. The Roar has been showing a video of a club rugby player who went in to make a tackle and suffered an injury from a bad head clash. What do these […]

so the other 10 blokes in the side have not contributed?

Have Australia really been the better team in this Ashes?

exactly ESL, but you added in a factor I hadn’t considered – the availability of talent at junior level, which is a very good point.

Are the great eras in Australian Test cricket over for good?

hi Bad, this article was prompted in part by a debate I heard after England lost the 4th Test where, Willis, Botham and others were really concerned about the state of the game in England, particularly with the huge amount of short form cricket being played, a situation that will only worsen with the introduction of a new competition, 100, next season.

Their situation is similar to ours, in that both teams have very mediocre batting lineups ( with some obvious exceptions), but the talent pool in both countries has largely been drained of Test quality cricketers.

CA needs to do anything, including some or all of the ideas you’ve posted, to make sure we have a bunch of guys capable of being good Test players – not okay, not mediocre, but good players.

Are the great eras in Australian Test cricket over for good?

That might well be an answer Steve, but unless the quality of the pool of cricketers, especially batsmen & spin bowlers improves, selectors will be forced to select players of mediocre ability at Test level.

Are the great eras in Australian Test cricket over for good?

Well Larry it’s not stating the obvious as a side could beat the Roosters next game and lose the GF.

Utter embarrassment as the ‘pride of the league’ are pummelled by the Roosters

An excellent article about a very fine cricketer, Chris. Cummins has the skillset to be able to bowl perhaps for another decade, assuming his body holds up. He’s shown it’s not all about blowing guys of the pitch, as you rightly pointed out, but by out-thinking the opposition, which he’s done quite brilliantly this series.

Combine that with the skillset you mentioned and it should not matter if his pace inevitably drops as he gets older, he should still be perfectly capable of doing a job for his team

Pat Cummins is a great in the making

It helps when you have a squad as good as the Roosters, who have also had relatively few injuries across the past couple of seasons. They can give guys a break, coast at different times of the game or the season, knowing when the put their best team on the paddock, they have another gear they can go to. Scary stuff for the rest of the finalists, IMO.

Utter embarrassment as the ‘pride of the league’ are pummelled by the Roosters

I thought the style of the game was similar to last year’s grand final, Stuart. The Roosters played the first half with great intensity & flair, built up a big lead,then coasted after that, doing enough to win the game in a canter.

I’d suggest any side that beats them in the next couple of games is going to win the premiership. Otherwise it’s theirs for the taking.

Utter embarrassment as the ‘pride of the league’ are pummelled by the Roosters

Alexander made the comment several times about Verrill’s service out of dummy half, particularly his passing that cleared the ruck and allowed the guys outside to set up overlaps, etc. Robinson must be thinking to leave well enough alone with this guy playing so well.

A standout talking point for me was that try saving tackle Cronk made late in the first half to deny Souths a try in the corner. The commitment he showed to not only get there, but to force the winger (?) into touch,shows what a professional he is and another example of the 1 per centers the Roosters will have to replace when he retires.

Six talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs qualifying final

I hope you’re right General. I also hope we haven’t seen yet another MM cameo which will be followed by some sub-par performances

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

“He’s declared that he believes Young didn’t gouge the young Warrior.”

IMO, you were doing well till you mentioned Ricky’s reaction to Young’s suspension, Matt.

A failing in my eyes of Stuart as a coach has been his denials over the years. He’s been really quick to blame referees and anyone else when his side’s been beaten. On occasion, those comments have been fair enough, but more than once his side has simply played badly or he pulled the wrong strings as coach and the team lost.

A good coach should be able to acknowledge when he or someone in his charge has erred and have a strategy to fix the issue. It’s way harder to do that if the coach is in denial.

For the love of Ricky Stuart

he’s done well for sure in this innings but I wonder what will happen after this game?

Langer and Paine made it very clear they were adopting a “horses for courses” approach to selections, which should mean Head comes back and MM doesn’t get a run in the next Test at the Gabba because there should be no need for a 5th bowler.

PS I really like the Ken Macleay analogy!!

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

I think Mr Gilchrist is being overly generous in his praise for Smith and his technique.

Smith is not dissimilar to Gilchrist; both had a great “eye” and both got into position to play the shot they thought best suited each delivery…. BUT how can anyone write a coaching manual for such naturally talented players?

This level of eye/hand co-ordination is not something that can be taught, you either have it or you don’t.

Gilchrist: Smith may change batting forever

spot on U. Waugh had also taken 40 wickets by his 24th Test, including a couple of 5 for and two 4 fors. Again, these numbers are well in front of MM after 31 Tests.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

I agree Jeff, but the author put it out there and I wanted to show there were other factors to consider.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

hi Matt, I’d suggest there’s an element of truth in MM’s comments. There were plenty of comments about his selection and HE could have taken many of these to heart, believing, as he said, that plenty hate him.

I feel sorry for the guy because IMO, he’s not quite there at Test level with either bat or ball. Yes he can have some good moments, but the genuine Test players have these on a pretty regular basis.

MM has underperformed quite a bit and it’s these underperformances which have caused so many questions, especially when he’s continually picked over guys many believe deserve a place ahead of him ( rightly or wrongly). No doubt this can come across as “hatred”, which, as you say, is totally unfair on a bloke just trying to do his best his country.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

Big AL, I notice in your comparison to Steve Waugh, you made no mention of the quality of the bowlers each played against. Waugh had to face guy like Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham, Abdul Qadir, Iqbal Kasim, as well as 4 guys named Marshall, Ambrose, Walsh and Patterson. Who has Marsh made runs against – certainly not to many guys of this calibre.

The other aspect you didn’t touch on was the improvement Steve Waugh showed and his ability to do something in games that help his side to wins. Granted it took a while but it was obvious to most, this guy was going to be special. I can’t say the same about MM, who has occasional periods of very good cricket, interspersed with either injury or zero contributions with bat or ball, (hence his Test figures).

IMO, MM has had a lot of opportunities to both display his talents and also improve both facets of his game, but his record suggests he’s underperformed. Regardless of his efforts last night, the criticism to date has been warranted and Marsh needs to display way more consistency with both bat and ball if he wants to play much more Test cricket.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

I think in reality, England are about 20 runs ahead of what would be a par score on the other grounds they played this series. This pitch is doing way less than the others and the outfield is really quick and, in places, very short. If they make 300, in my mind that should equate to about 270-280. At any rate, this is way below other first innings scores on at this ground in recent times.

There are 3 blokes who’ll be really annoyed with themselves; Siddle for dropping a sitter and not bowling in his usual manner, Cummins for overstepping when he had Curran lbw and Paine for not going at that catch with two hands and 100% commitment. I also wonder if the slips were standing a tad too close, as the ball seem to get to them pretty quickly.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

I’d love to help you out Papi, but I’m as perplexed as you are about these and many other judiciary “decisions” made this year. My comment was purely about the Burgess incident, these others are a whole different kettle of fish.

'Are you serious?' Andrew Johns slams Sam Burgess suspension

No Andrew, he’s missing a game because of multiple infringements over the course of the season. The guy is supposed to be a Club leader and he does something stupid like that??? If I were a Souths fan, I’d be fuming – not at the judiciary, but at Burgess.

'Are you serious?' Andrew Johns slams Sam Burgess suspension

It makes sense for the Storm to rest Munster if he’s not right to play, rather than risk more serious damage that could keep him out of multiple games later in the finals.

Storm hopeful of Munster return for final

Given Gould’s dinosaur approach to the game, he’ll probably suggest Mary should “bring back the biff” and accept all accolades for winning the Club’s first wooden spoon nest year.

No doubt Gould will take all the credit if things improve in Dragonland (which I doubt), but will probably say the Dragons didn’t follow his review recommendations when the team crashes & burns in 2020.

The Gould review: Dragons fans set aside decade for five-year plan

I know you’re a guru at stats Tim, but it’s one thing to locate them, it’s another to put these numbers into a coherent article that is also a good read.

Many thanks for taking the time to put this piece together. I’m usually not a numbers person, but this was an article worth reading.

Qualifying finals: The real contenders (and the real pretenders)

brilliant!! :stoked:

Qualifying finals: The real contenders (and the real pretenders)

hi Scott, all indicators point to a very flat pitch and assuming that’s the case, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a draw or a very large Australian win.

England look more jaded IMO than Australia, especially Root and Stokes (the latter looks simply knackered). I’m sure they’ll gain some energy from the guys coming into the team, but they will still be up against a relentless Australian attack and a bloke named Smith who is obviously in ridiculously good form.

If Australia bats first and makes anything like 500, I can see England really struggling to match it mentally for the rest of the match. The only way they make this a close game is to get Smith cheaply and keep Australia to a 250-300 total. If not, I can see this Test being a blow out.

The Ashes: England vs Australia fifth Test preview, prediction