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I looked at it a different way, Matt, bearing in mind this is all hypothetical.

Should Clubs wear the cost of a player NOT playing, especially if the issue which caused them to be stood down, happened before their contract started with a new Club? In my view, the Club is already being penalized enough through not having the player there, as well as the bad publicity, so the NRL should wear the financial costs and allow the salary amount be added back to the cap.

Bear in the two alternatives; if the player is NOT stood down, the Club has to pay him as he’s a full time contracted player, so the Club benefits. If the player’s sacked, the Club can use his salary to recruit another player, so the Club benefits.

If the NRL ever got around to standing players down, this is the sort of thing they and the Clubs would need to nut out.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Dat, I’m not arguing anything, I’m asking why he’s considered to be an “automatic” selection when his numbers aren’t great. Last year, Pandya played 13 ODIs, batted 8 times and made the following scores; 3, 14, 9, 0, 21, 22, 16 & 45. He also bowled 91.2 overs for 9 wickets at 506, so going for a bit under 6 an over. It seems to me others in the Indian side have to really produce or their position’s in question, but this guy doesn’t do a lot, yet he’s considered an automatic selection. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I seem to recall some comments during the India/England ODI series that India had not fielded the same team in two consecutive matches for something like 38 games. This wasn’t down to injury but down to Kohli and (I assume) Shastri tinkering. The Indian team appears quite settled but this constant changes can’t be good for the guys who are not “automatic selections.

My apologies, I should have specified Kuldeep Yadav. I really rate this guy as an ODI spinner who I thought bowled very well in England. Assuming I was a selector and the pitches were the same for the WC as they were for the ODI series, I’d have him as one of the first names penciled. He’s a genuine wicket taker who can also keep the runs down.

Who will solve India's middle-order muddle?

I read your excellent comment about risk and duty of care and was agreeing with you. I probably didn’t write it quite the way I thought it, 40/20.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

maybe they’re allowing him to train and play for his own mental health, Bunney.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

40/20, in Lodge’s case, once the charges were laid, the NRL should have made a decision what to do and assuming being stood down with pay was an option then yes, I think that would have been the correct thing to do until the matter was settled in the courts. Once that happened, Lodge should be able to play again, assuming he’s not prevented from doing so by the courts.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

I’m asking why the Dragons should have to pay for a player they get zero return on? If the NRL decides JDB is causing the brand to be tarnished and the opportunity to suspend him with pay is available, THEY take it, and THEY pay for it.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

This ONLY becomes relevant if the wife makes it so. Assuming something then writing about it as though it’s fact, doesn’t make it true or correct.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Saurebh, I copied a side that played Pakistan a little while ago. You’ll probably recognize these names;

Rohit Sharma
Shikar Dhawan
Virat Kohli
Youraj Singh
MS Dhoni
Kedar Jadhav
Hardik Pandya
Ravi Jadeja
Ravi Ashwin
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Jasprit Bumrah

This was the team that choked with the ball and allowed Pakistan to make 338/4 then choked with the bat and were all out for 158 in the 2017 Champions Trophy final. I’m guessing 8 of this team will play most games in the World Cup. What makes you think they won’t do the same thing again?

You talk up your batsmen but the fact is they can fail and when they do, India loses and your bowlers are by no means the invincible group you make them out to be.

The game you should be concerned about is not on the 16th of June but on the 14th of July. If India makes the final, most will be wondering whether they can take out the Cup, or will they play as they did on the 18th of June 2017.

World Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan preview and prediction

“That’s the price for stupidity”. Lets look at another example, bearing in mind we’re talking about suspending a player on full pay for an incident where he’s been charged by the police, but has plead not guilty and there is no clear evidence that would allow the Club or the NRL to terminate or de-register him.

Corey Norman has recently joined the Dragons and has already been convicted once for drug possession. Half way through the season, he’s charged with another drug related issue that occurred BEFORE he signed his Dragons contract.

According to you, the Dragons not only have to pay for him NOT to play, but also don’t receive any salary cap relief for an alleged piece of stupidity that occurred before he joined the Club. How is that fair on the Dragons, who have already lost the player and potentially fans, sponsors, etc?

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

It’s clear CA AND the broadcasters got their scheduling badly wrong with the BBL, I2I. I think they’ve already admitted as much when Roberts said a few weeks ago they’d be reviewing the BBL arrangements.

You also have to bear in mind, this seasons schedule was put together by Sutherland, Peever and co, who clearly put the almighty dollar, well before the game. Hopefully, now that they’ve gone, some sanity can prevail and we can strike a balance between making money and enjoying the various forms of cricket.

Cricket players to divert $30m of player payments to grassroots initiatives

At present, we don’t have anything resembling a fixed WC squad (as you say, there’s roughly 20 players in contention), lots of hope is riding on two or three injured players (Warner, Smith and Marsh), we have really important players like the ODI captain, in less than stellar form – yet Ponting wants to talk big?

I guess what I’m trying to get across is a public strategy of low key communication, versus talking it up with the players. Border did the same thing in ’89, where the Pommie press gave it to us, saying we were the worst touring team to contest an Ashes. Border did nothing publicly to dispel those comments but within the team, talked it up and rest is history.

Are Ponting's World Cup comments a help or a hindrance?

The first two sentences in the “rewrite the rules book” did it for me – it all got too hard after that!

Is the game dying or already dead?

Mary, two questions – who is going to foot the bill when he is stood down and why he should he be included in a team’s salary cap when he’s not allowed to play?

If the NRL agrees to pay out of their pockets and the Club can use freed up salary dollars to look for a replacement, your suggestion would work on a practical level. If the Club has to pay for a guy who can’t play, yet he can use the facilities including the training staff, it seems to me the Clubs being penalized as well as the individual. Ditto with the salary cap.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Adrian, I don’t get where you’re coming from with this piece. Can you put some context into some of your statements like the title – where did you get the impression the game was dying or dead?

” Today the NRL focuses more on business and politics than football to the point people are calling it the National Rigged League.” In the 40 plus years of watching and playing, I’ve never heard the game called this. Care to explain further?

It’s clear you’re not a happy camper with the state of the game but sacking the board, changing the rules and (especially) putting Phil Gould in charge seems a tad over the top.

Is the game dying or already dead?

I get the impression this is a “put up or shut up” year for the Titans. Excuses have been made for nearly a decade about why they haven’t made the finals and in fairness, some of these excuses have been valid. They now have a lineup that could and probably should sneak into the final 8, assuming they keep the bulk of their first choice team on the field for the season. Much will depend on which Ash Taylor turns up to play, but if the top quality Taylor fronts, then the Titans are a real chance to play a game or two in September.

Season preview: Are the Titans bound for September?

hi James
I tried to fathom the ECB regulations around “overseas players” and I found it really difficult to read, considering it was came from the place that invented English!! That said, I found another website that talks about what type of player can obtain the relevant visa, which is essential to play County Cricket (see below). I know this is from 2016 but am not aware anything’s changed, so guys who have played enough first class games can get a visa but there’s no stipulation in them playing Tests, as far as I can see.–regulations/overseas-players-13873/

Pucovski is the future, not quite the present

The issue the NRL has to deal with, is making sure damage to the brand is minimized with media, fans & sponsors. Right now they only have two courses of action, let the guy train & play (JDB) or sack him (Barba).

It’s completely reasonable for the NRL to come out and place someone on extended leave with pay, based on the premise their presence on the field has a high risk of damaging the brand.

Part of that move has to include allowing the player to train, attend team meetings, etc but there should be no media interaction of any kind and the topper, the player cannot attend public functions as a registered NRL player, including games. This is as much to protect the player from the fans, as it is to kill off the perception a player under investigation of a serious crime is free to do as they choose.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Mary, comments like the following have no place in this sort of article;

“Irrespective of whether De Belin is found guilty or not, his behaviour smacks of disrespect, particularly to his wife of six years, who was at home pregnant while this incident was taking place.”

You are writing about whether this player should be stood down, pending the outcome of a trial. What emotional impact this has had on JDBs wife should have zero bearing on whether he plays or not.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Some body needs to be in Mr Gabriel’s ear and tell him to shut it. He’s not helping his team and his comments are simply making him look like an idiot & a bigot.

Windies' Gabriel banned from England ODIs

Rishav, you’ve confused me. The tile of this piece refers to a middle order muddle in the Indian one day side but then you make the comment;

“Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav – due to his bowling abilities – and Hardik Pandya select themselves automatically. There’s only one place that is left in the middle that is up for grabs”

I’m not sure how you can call a question of who plays in one middle order spot a “muddle”?

I’m also wonder why Pandya “selects himself automatically”? Have a look at his last few ODI series and he’s hardly scored a run, mostly thanks to the guys batting so well above him, but hasn’t done a lot with the ball either.

Why wasn’t Yadav picked in your team? I thought he was outstanding in the last ODI series India played in England and I’d have him as one of the first guys chosen, if he could play for Australia.

It will be interesting to see what Kohli/Shastri do with the lineup. They seem to like playing with it for some reason, so I can see a few guys getting a chance.

Who will solve India's middle-order muddle?

hi Tyler

I think you need to be very careful making some of the statements you have as they’re difficult to defend;

“Undisputedly the 21 year-old has a treasured ability to spend long stints at the crease and will have a prosperous career in the baggy green.” Perhaps it’s better to say “he has great potential to have a prosperous career….” After all, he hasn’t even scored his first Test cap yet.

“Pucovski needed to debut in the last Test for Australia against Sri Lanka to be eligible to play county cricket and demonstrate his talent in English conditions”. Why can’t he play in England without playing against Sri Lanka? The Waugh brothers both played County cricket prior to their first Test and he should be able to do the same?

” In home conditions Anderson is near on unplayable.” Really? Anderson is very good in home conditions for sure, but nearly unplayable?

“A longer period away from the game and a debut in home conditions would be a perfect start to what Australians hope to be an extensive career for Will Pucovski.” Why does he need more time away from the game? Are his health concerns more serious than they appeared to be a few weeks ago? Who would he replace in the current lineup, assuming Warner & Smith come back into the team.

Don’t get me wrong, Puckovski has enormous talent and should be a real asset to the Test team, but he has to get there first. If he can, he should be playing as many games in overseas conditions in the coming months because this will help his career further down the track

Pucovski is the future, not quite the present

still a few months away James, but maybe Tyler has some inside knowledge?

Pucovski is the future, not quite the present

I disagree Jimmy. It depends on how seriously the powers that be want to take this particular accolade of world rugby league champion and much of this has to do with fan reaction. I think you could have the equivalent of a State Of Origin, which has enormous fan buy in, every year, if some restructuring was done to the NRL season in particular, which is already way too long.

If you have 16 teams, as we do now, playing 15 regular season games, that allows plenty of time for this sort of series. You say it could never work but I think I the game can spread and become more popular, particularly in America, your “never” might change to a regular event, soon than we both think, after all the Americans are World Champions at most sports!!

NRL interest in Super League showdown a world-class challenge

hi Jimmy, thanks for putting together this first piece for the Roar. It’s certainly a controversial topic you’ve chosen to write about first up.

In not so many words, you’re saying the NRL and it’s teams are largely indifferent to the world club challenge and there is significantly more interest in England. Would that change if, for example, there was a best out of three series held, rather than a one-off game?

Look at State Of Origin and Test tours which generate way more interest than one off Tests have tended to do. Perhaps linking in with woman’s football and having double headers would help this concept as well. Obviously the timing of these games would need to be examined, but it’s doable, if Clubs and their masters want to commit.

NRL interest in Super League showdown a world-class challenge

I remember writing a comment when the penalties were handed down, questioning whether these guys were rubbed out of the game for 12 months, or was it longer? Obviously there are some who think these guys should get longer, which is a worry, but a separate problem.

The other issue is whether these guys would be ready to go as soon as the bans were finished. I’m not talking about being ready to play cricket – you and I could roll our arms over or strap on some pads after this sort of payoff – I’m referring to their ability to step straight back into top class cricket. CA has lucked out that both Warner & Smith are injured, otherwise they’d have no excuses if these guys go back into the international teams and fail. They should have been playing domestic cricket since 1 January, if fit, but the CA knee jerk 12 months ago made that impossible.

A golden opportunity: Don't pick Smith and Warner