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I wonder who those wins were “meaningless” for TB? I’d have killed for even one of them for my Dragons,simply for the ticker your boys displayed.

Bulldogs season preview by the fans

I hope you sent this to Dean Pay, TB?

Bulldogs season preview by the fans

Yes I am John but including ONE first grader is simply mocking the NRL because they consider this to be a non-event.

Exhuming the NRL Nines: Flogging a dead horse no-one wants

“So you can’t see the hypocrisy of a batsmen being not out lbw to a ball pitching even marginally outside leg where he/she has missed the ball yet can be out caught if they hit it?” What hypocrisy? It’s a game. I didn’t hear anyone bleating about hypocrisy when Wagner was bowling?

What are the rules around negative bowling in Tests? The two bouncers per over is not to combat negative bowling, so what other rules could be used to stop negative bowling like this?

As I said in my last post, it makes no difference whether you or anyone else is or is not advocating bowling wide of leg stump, this sort of change will allow captains to do exactly that and they would be stupid not to do so, if they have the attack to make best use of a rule designed apparently to improve the game.

How to fix cricket's broken laws

The problem with this tournament, apart from the timing, is the NRL has not given it a purpose or a meaningful outcome.

Is it meant to be simply a promotional exercise? Is it only meant to whet our appetites for the upcoming season? Is the title supposed to be something winning Clubs would brag about? Is the million dollars on offer supposed to tempt Clubs?

As a result, clubs like the Roosters, who simply on’t care about this event because a) they don’t need the money, b) the title is meaningless and c) they’ve got way bigger fish to fry come September, don’t give a fig for this event and their playing roster shows that.

If the NRL can work out a meaningful outcome that entices Clubs, maybe this could become a regular event, but there’s no way Clubs should be treating this upcoming event, as anything but a bit of fun and providing some entertainment for footy starved fans

Exhuming the NRL Nines: Flogging a dead horse no-one wants

“Finding middle-order batsmen who can wreak havoc like Maxwell is remarkably difficult. There are only a handful of cricketers on the planet who can arrive at the crease with the field set deep, facing quality spin or pace and immediately begin scoring at a lightning rate.”

This paragraph sums up the issue for the selectors. We’re trying to find someone who can replace one of the best hitters in white ball cricket when, as the article, says, there are only a handful of guys that good in the game.

Do the selectors need to think about moving one of the top 4 down the order, given it’s far easier to find a “starter” than it is to find a “finisher”? Do we also need to accept that neither we nor just about any other team could find a replacement for a Maxwell-type hitter and rejig our batting tactics?

I suspect this might be more of a coaching rather than a selection issue and Langer will be earning his money if he can come up with the right balance in the team to cover for Maxwell’s absence.

Glenn Maxwell's injury exposes Australia's dearth of middle-order batsmen

You mean on the same pitch where Pakistan made over 400. Where the spinners and quicks from both teams equally shared the wickets and the Pakistan spinners bowed about 1/3 of the overs in each Bangladesh ininings.

Yep, I thought again

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

Sorry BM but whether people are or are not advocating negative bowling, that could easily be the end result.

We saw a little of that in the series against the Black Caps where Williamson stacked the legside field, simply to stop guys from scoring runs. It succeeded as a tactic in the sense that it slowed Australia down, but the Kiwis lacked the necessary bowlers to do this well.

If the proposal was adopted, I can easily foresee Root, for example, setting a 7/2 or 8/1 legside field and having his quicks, especially Archer, bowling around the wicket at the right handed batsman, which would virtually stop the scoring. There’d be an added bonus that if the batsman get’s hit on the pad, they can be given out lbw.

Please tell me how a batsman can play that sort of bowling and score runs? We saw how Wade tried to play it and that was against someone bowling half rat power. Head was not a whole lot better, nor was Steve Smith.

Hey, if I was Tim Paine and this Law was in place, I’d be looking to do exactly the same thing with the quicks at his disposal.

How to fix cricket's broken laws

excellent comment Bunney and it makes a lot of sense. If Cummins for example has a stand out match, but takes 1 or 2 wickets, he should still score more points than say Head who gets 50 but is dropped 5 times.

The coach as you suggest is in a very good position to judge the merits of each performance because that’s what they do every game. It would also stop the situaiton where one bloke, who is consistently doing his job to a high standard (Cummins) is trumped by a bloke who mostly did his job, but had one monumental meltdown (Warner).

Warner's win means it's time for an Allan Border Medal rethink

He can’t take a trick at the moment. Hope his op goes well.

Glenn Maxwell out of South Africa tour

didn’t Naseem Shah just score MoM for his efforts against Bangladesh in Pakistan?

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

Just dragged a name out of the air, Tom. In fairness, there aren’t too many young batsmen bashing down doors demanding to be chosen for the Test side at present.

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

hi RowiE, I’m left handed both as a batsman & bowler at at no stage in my career did I feel discriminated against, especially with bowling.

It was pointed out to me time after time that I had two options to get lbws, one was the get the ball to move back into the batsman and the other was to bowl very full, almost yorker length, a la Starc.

From a batting persepctive, there was more than one occasion where it suited me and my team to have the current laws in place because as right hand bowlers well know, they too have to bring the ball back into a left handed batsman if they’re bowling over the wicket.

“You claim that we want to see more runs and that my proposal wouldn’t achieve that”. Please read my comments again, what I said was “The whole basis of the game is to see which side can score the most runs and in the modern era fans want to see lots of runs”. I then said that we also wanted a contest and changing these Laws would not give us that and I stand by that comment.

I’ve spent my entire working career managing change, training staff in how to cope and managers in how to identify & implement change, so far from change averse. What is clear to me but perhaps not to you, is why change needs to occur and in this instance, it should only happen if it’s for the betterment of the game as a whole.

You have not given a single reason how making this change will improve cricket as a playing or viewing spectacle. You’ve put up some guesses to back your arguments and that’s fair enough, but I’m guessing your guesses are wrong!

How to fix cricket's broken laws

very fair comments, Don.

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

agreed James, but I wonder what Messers Hohns, Langer and Bailey think? Maybe with Bailey on the selection panel, past off-field indiscretions might be put aside for the sake of the team

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

I think there’s perhaps two separate issues. The first is about tackling in a game and fair enough, the new rules apparently ban this till kids reach a certain age, but…… does this mean they can’t be taught to tackle properly and more importantly, earn how to take a tackle and land safely?

I’d hope kids would be learning both these skills from a young age then applying them on a footie field when the rules allow. As you rightly point out, they can’t get to 8 and suddenly they’ve got their tackling technique down pat.

Outrage over new rules for junior rugby league players

It will be interesting to see which Knights team turns up this year. I don’t think there’s too many issues with the quality of players in their roster, certainly good enough to make the finals IMO, but all too often these same guys were guilty of dropping their heads last year when things got tough.

I don’t think this is down to the coach to address, but it must rest with guys like Pearce in particular and Klemmer. They must not only lead by example, but bring the rest of the guys along with them.

As for Kurt Mann, I reckon he might be a good option at 5/8, as long as he has a clearly defined role and is given a chance to play there for more than a round or two, at a time. He can pass and he can run, so let Pearce and Brailey do all the other game management things, while Mann focuses on his strengths.

Interesting there’s not a lot of mention of their defence? They’ve got the attacking weapons, but need to tighten up defensively, I’d have thought.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Newcastle Knights

Why won’t they? The final starts on the 27th of March and Australia has no international cricket to play until Bangladesh a few months later.

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

This piece completely misses the point. We want kids to play sport and ENJOY themselves. It’s not all about finding another Tedesco or Cam Smith, it’s got to be about getting kids to PLAY.

The piece smacks of “this wouldn’t have happened in my day” and for sure, that’s probably correct, but does that make it right?

Why don’t we give the new rules a chance to play out and see what results? If more kids get involved and stay longer in the game, surely these changes would have to be classed as a success, but to bag the changes before they’ve been fully implemented is simply wrong, IMO.

Outrage over new rules for junior rugby league players

excellent comment, Nat.

Outrage over new rules for junior rugby league players

Nothing from the Indian captain?

Bangladesh captain apologises for ugly fight at the end of the U19 World Cup final

This article throws up some real dilemmas facing Australian cricket and at least one possibility.

Joe Burns was singled out as being under the pump, but who could replace him. Only Khawaja rated a mention and he’s had a dead ordinary red ball season. Harris would won’t to do something outstanding as would Bancroft while Renshaw would have to do a Lazarus, given he’s not even playing in the next Shield game.

In the middle order, the choices are a bloke who’s played one innings and Puckovski, both of whom are coming back from injury. As for the spinners, O’Keefe – selectors don’t like him, Swepson – his Shield figures this year are based on one good innings, Agar – maybe in Bangladesh but long term?

I wonder if it’s a opportunity for a complete outsider to make the squad if Puckovski & Patterson fail, perhaps someone like Josh Phillipe? Or maybe a young spinner, with a view to finding a replacement for Lyon?

The second half of the Shield season could be very interesting.

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

If all teams can have their best side on deck, barring injury, I’d have thought NSW were probably favourites, given they’d have at least 6 of the current Test team playing.

Sheffield Shield once again a crucial battleground for Test spots

That may be right Paul, but he’s got some pretty ordinary cattle to work with as well,certainly in the Test arena. Hard to know whether he’s simply not a Test captain or whether he’s a poor captain because he’s trying to hold a pretty ordinary mob together.

Archer mess a cautionary tale for managing young quicks

Agreed,but that’s only a tiny part of the issue. Langer and his staff spend a lot of time working on bowling workloads, schedules,etc. This is not limited to how many overs these guys bowl, but which games they play, how much they bowl in practice throughout the season, when and how they rest between bowling sessions, etc.

Archer’s injury is not simply down to him being asked to bowl a few prolonged spells,it’s all about hows he’s being managed year round – or currently mismanaged!

Clearly he’s been overworked but again, I think this is not only down to his captain, but to a lack of foresight by the guys in the background who provide support and do the selecting as well.

Archer mess a cautionary tale for managing young quicks