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Grew up playing Aussie Rules, supports Geelong in the AFL, Storm in the NRL, the Wallabies & Springboks. Now playing Soccer (sorry football) and love watching my kids playing the round ball game and my daughter destroying the older boys with her fast bowling



All good
Phones have a lot to answer for. Auto correct especially.

The ultimate round of AFL no one could have predicted is upon us

I answered a question and you go on about Vic centric? Sorry for answering a legitimate question.

Plus, I live in NSW, listen to SEN VIC because you don’t get very much AFL news.

The ultimate round of AFL no one could have predicted is upon us

I believe it is about 7. It was mentioned on SEN last night on The Sporting Capital.

The ultimate round of AFL no one could have predicted is upon us

They pay that money because they know it rates highly. The A-League doesn’t for whatever reason. If it did, more would be paid for it. Football has failed for years to make itself more popular with the media on a more regular basis outside WC and Asian Cups. This is despite having about double the number of registered players in the country than the other football codes. Why is that? Media aren’t going to report on something or televise something that isn’t bringing in the eyeballs.
It has to come down to the A-League product for whatever reason. It is not football in general, otherwise why would the games against the European clubs draw big crowds, why do people talk about the EPL, etc.?
AFL & NRL bring in the money from the advertisers to the FTA & subscription TV because they know people will watch it. Maybe it is because they are the highest levels of the game, compared to the A-League which, let’s face it, is no where neat the top league.

The Socceroos have just reminded Australia of how much we love them

I personally believe that the following are now having an impact
1. Cost – some places charge $1500+. We are lucky we can afford it for my daughter.
2. Coaching – the coaches are taking out the “feel”. Instinct is frowned upon. Again my daughter who plays SAP at the NPL1 level was told off to have a goal from 20m out. They were down 0-3 and not looking like scoring. She took the opportunity (just missed) and then was told off. She has a cracking left foot.
3. Getting rid of the AIS academy.
4. Making too early a judgement on players and discarding them, when they may develop later on. Look at Volpato as an example.

Yes, I agree with Waz as well, the coach is a major part of the problem/success of a team. It can be wrong tactics with the wrong team (or the other way around). Tactics need to be able to be changed as well, mid-game and mid competition when it is not going well.

It can also be trying to identify talent and bringing them into the system as well. It is unfortunately more than just the coach.

No one wants to say it, but what happens if the Socceroos miss the World Cup?

I have heard it asked many times why the umpires are not full time and the explanation given is that the Umpires are the ones who don’t want it to be full time. Often they have very lucrative jobs outside of the AFL. Will it change in the near future? I don’t think so and not just from a money aspect. I think a lot of the Umpires like “getting away from” the football environment by turning up to their other job.

Overly officious umpiring is making AFL all but unwatchable

May I suggest on the following books (both by Matthew Nicholson & co) if you can find them –
Australia’s Game – The History of Australian Football
A National Game: The History of Australian Rules Football

They go through the evolution of the game starting on a Rugby pitch in the 1850’s to today’s game.

Hope you watch many games in the future.

Musings of an AFL idiot after watching their first ever game

Viewing figures have AFL in front of the NRL, especially finals time and Grand Final, often the streaming is higher there is no NRL on FTA on a Saturday. If you take games H2H, often AFL games have more viewers overall.
Then if you looked at the figures and how they are calculated, it beggars belief. There is about 1 “black box” for every about 2000 people. You can’t ask for a box and you can’t tell others apparently. So the box could be in the only household watching a program and suddenly 2000 people are watching it.
The figures that really need to be looked at are the participation figures.

Giant baby steps: A decade of the GWS Giants

Yet Richmond are very good at missing finals, yet things changed…..

And the get to play finals on their home ground. Name another team that gets to play ‘home’ finals away apart from Geelong?

Depends on your perspective

Does the AFL have a worthy challenger for Melbourne?

Totally agree, Daniher pushed a couple of times during the game, but they weren’t in the last quarter or near the end of the game. We often forget the earlier frees missed or paid when they happen earlier and only concentrate on the last couple of minutes in the game.

To his credit, Fagan blamed his own team for the loss and said the Cats were the better side. It could have easily been a bigger win for the Cats after having 10 more scoring shots.

All of those baying for the free kick paid would be glad it wasn’t paid if it benefitted their team, you get some go your way, others you don’t

AFL Friday Footy Fix: No place like home for the Cats... but Harris Andrews should have 'done a Grimes'

Yet the FA inflates club regos with kids who take part in training camps…..

Still, the FA don’t do much to promote which would bring more kids in.

Football in Australia: A dodgy builder who forgot the foundations

Agree the cost locks a lot of potential players out from playing, but I would say that the FA doesn’t do much to promote the game or visit schools like the other major codes in this country.

Football in Australia: A dodgy builder who forgot the foundations

Agree without Ottens, there is no end to the premiership drought. If it wasn’t for him in the 07 prelim against the Pies, the don’t win the flag. Same in 09. 11 may have been different.

Bobby Davis would still be the last premiership coach of the Cats.

Every club's best trade of the 21st century: Part 2 - Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong and Gold Coast

If you are saying that they count pets, then you need to admit that clubs like Sydney FC count kids in their training programs who never attend games. That is the only reason one of my kids has a Sydney FC membership. So if you are saying you can’t trust AFL figures, then you can’t trust Football Australia’s figures. And it is no point continuing because you are reluctant to accept that they are counted. They do count the kids, the shorter time-frame memberships but not pets.

Soccer in this country needs to accept it is not No. 1 and work towards producing players who move to Europe to continue their education in the game (i.e. the “Golden” generation) and be a nursery producing that talent. It also needs people to follow the A-League clubs like the support Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, Roma, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc. Even the kids I’m involved with through soccer don’t really have an A-League team, they regular talk about the EPL, and the international players. They are not talking about Sydney FC or WSW (I live in Sydney), most wouldn’t have a clue about the A-League and when the next game is on, but they can tell me who Liverpool is playing and when.

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

AFL doesn’t count pet memberships, children yes.

Sydney FC count most kids who sign up to camps or training programs so what is the difference?

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?


Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

Still just heresy. It’s just someone saying everyone who is part of a club’s training program is a member. Sydney FC do exactly that, but will you believe me?

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

Yes I follow AFL and played it growing up. Running and bouncing an oval shaped ball; picking up an oval shaped ball where the bounce can’t be predicted, using both sides of body. Now I play soccer, I can tell you that the skills are that demanding in soccer either. I can kick both feet, protect the ball, trap it, etc. My daughter plays the game at a high level for her age and my son is pretty good as well. They have been brought up to appreciate all sport and codes.
I follow all codes and lots of sports, not just one code or sport. I don’t need to denigrate a code for the sake of another

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

Can you supply proper figures (for all codes) instead of the rant that it’s dodgy? Otherwise it sounds like sour grapes and whinging.

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

Really? You resort to zero skill and denegrating another code. Speaks volumes about your narrow mindedness.
Have you actually tried to execute the skills displayed in Australian Rules Football? Or both Rugby codes? It doesn’t sound like it with that comment.

Eleven teams remain in the race for the A-League finals, but where are the fans?

Obviously missed Reiwoldt’s dive….

ANALYSIS: 'A small step and a giant leap!' New, dark navy Blues end ten-year Tigers hoodoo

Complaining about time and late declaration is pointless. Talk about dropped catches instead
Smith drops Shafique on 20 makes 97
Head & Labuschagne dropped Azam on 161 making 196, more importantly, takes up more overs at the crease
Take those catches and it looks more likely that the Aussies win.

Awesome Azam saves Test for Pakistan as Aussies ponder how they failed to take 10 wickets in 170 overs

Should have tried Hazlewood or Starc, their records on benign pitches in the last two years is very poor. Couldn’t bowl India out last year except for the Adelaide Test. Starc’s record on the subcontinent is deplorable unless it swings (really just there to give Lyon some rough to bowl into). Boland has earned a living bowling on the MCG. It was worth a try before reverting back to the same old supposedly best bowling line-up in the world. Or even go with another spinner, since they tried Labuschange, Smith and Head.

The Liebke Report Card: 'Life would be pretty dull if all Test matches were exciting, right?'

I agree, the sooner the A-League and Australian Football look to be more of a development league the better for the future. The aim should be to have our home grown players going overseas to continue their development. If done properly more players move to the bigger leagues, gain more experience and styles, the level of achievement by our national teams should improve.
There is often nothing better seeing the young new players coming through, and nothing wrong with wishing they get picked up by an overseas club, it means there may be something special there.

Focus on developing local talent and getting marquees: Branko Culina on football in Australia

have you actually looked at the papers? Herald-Sun, SMH, ABC, Fox sports, etc all covered the game, even the name change to the competition for next year. Victory won 2-1

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs