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Grew up playing Aussie Rules, supports Geelong in the AFL, Storm in the NRL, the Wallabies & Springboks. Now playing Soccer (sorry football) and love watching my kids playing the round ball game and my daughter destroying the older boys with her fast bowling



Obviously missed Reiwoldt’s dive….

ANALYSIS: 'A small step and a giant leap!' New, dark navy Blues end ten-year Tigers hoodoo

Complaining about time and late declaration is pointless. Talk about dropped catches instead
Smith drops Shafique on 20 makes 97
Head & Labuschagne dropped Azam on 161 making 196, more importantly, takes up more overs at the crease
Take those catches and it looks more likely that the Aussies win.

Awesome Azam saves Test for Pakistan as Aussies ponder how they failed to take 10 wickets in 170 overs

Should have tried Hazlewood or Starc, their records on benign pitches in the last two years is very poor. Couldn’t bowl India out last year except for the Adelaide Test. Starc’s record on the subcontinent is deplorable unless it swings (really just there to give Lyon some rough to bowl into). Boland has earned a living bowling on the MCG. It was worth a try before reverting back to the same old supposedly best bowling line-up in the world. Or even go with another spinner, since they tried Labuschange, Smith and Head.

The Liebke Report Card: 'Life would be pretty dull if all Test matches were exciting, right?'

I agree, the sooner the A-League and Australian Football look to be more of a development league the better for the future. The aim should be to have our home grown players going overseas to continue their development. If done properly more players move to the bigger leagues, gain more experience and styles, the level of achievement by our national teams should improve.
There is often nothing better seeing the young new players coming through, and nothing wrong with wishing they get picked up by an overseas club, it means there may be something special there.

Focus on developing local talent and getting marquees: Branko Culina on football in Australia

have you actually looked at the papers? Herald-Sun, SMH, ABC, Fox sports, etc all covered the game, even the name change to the competition for next year. Victory won 2-1

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs

Beg to differ
News Ltd (Herald-Sun)



Fox Sports!819108

Fairfax (SMH)

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs

I’m a troll, am I? Yes, I grew up playing Australian Rules Football and am passionate about the game. I also enjoy watching and playing Soccer now. I have no problem in accepting all codes of football and other sports, unlike many others on The Roar. My children play Soccer (my daughter is quite good at the game) and watch the AFL, sometimes the NRL and will watch the Wallabies. I enjoy seeing my kids play the game you so passionately love and playing myself. Yes, I love watching Australian Rules and will watch it over soccer if a clash, but I still watch the game and admire the skill. I will watch the local park games as well because it is sport, but not the be-all-and-end-all.

The “elite” as you put it in this country have proper pathways to the AFL, NRL & cricket and of course, when you can stay at home playing a game you enjoy, why not? Who said the “elites” can only play soccer? The pathways in soccer make it hard and I have seen it first hand with my daughter and to a lesser extent my son. There is a chance she will choose cricket over soccer because of the pathways in place, as much as I think she could go far in soccer given everything being equal being a left-footer with a strong boot.

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs

What deliberate bias? The AFL and NRL are the two biggest codes in this country. Of course, they are going to report on them more than other codes as they bring the readers and the funding. If soccer became the no. 1 sport in the country, it would reduce the number of columns about the other codes.

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs

But he does have a point. There are 4 codes of Football in Australia, add in Cricket and Basketball, it does reduce the pool of players regardless. There are 2 million registered Soccer players in Australia. Hungary (9.7m and their no. 1 sport) and Sweden (10m) only have one code of football.

Unfortunately, it appears you have no like for sports other than Soccer, which is a pity. Those backyard sports that you are not worried about and opinions are one of the reasons Soccers doesn’t do as well as people would like in Australia.

'You are accountable': Bozza says Graham Arnold should go if Socceroos plunged into WC playoffs

Not you – the soccer (sorry football) followers who automatically think that because it is more popular, there is no other game.
I follow all codes, and many different sports and struggle to understand the myopic view many have about other sports or codes of football.

Socceroos' World Cup hopes take hit after Oman draw

I never understand why people need to bring up AFL and NRL when compared to soccer. It is almost like they are worried about something when they shouldn’t be.

Socceroos' World Cup hopes take hit after Oman draw

Can you name them so that others can follow?

Socceroos' World Cup hopes take hit after Oman draw

I’m with you, I would also consider that the batter with a strike rate of 30 and holding up an end/keeping his wicket allows the other batters to play their natural game more often as they are confident in the other guy hanging around. They can also push the singles to change the strike at times to get the quicker scorers on strike. This can lead to the batter with the low strike rate increasing their scoring as the bowling side can try too hard to dismiss the batter with the low strike rate because they have no answer to the other batter.

The stats that prove we should pick our best XI regardless of age

Actually that changed overnight according to reports. Anyone entering a public venue is now required to be fully vaccinated in France.

'Extremely disappointed' Djokovic reacts to last-ditch bid failure, imminent deportation

I think the biggest issue with those at RA struggle to accept the place of Rugby in Australia. You don’t have to be the number 1 sport let alone football code in the country to be successful.
I love watching Rugby since I first really saw the game around 1991. Sharing the same surname as a Wallaby great was what first pricked my interest, marrying a Sth African grew it further. I am a keen Geelong supporter and loved playing Aussie Rules, I would have loved to play Union as my skill set (though limited) I believe would have suited the game. First choice is/always Aussie Rules but there is something about watching the Wallabies.

I just hope RA doesn’t fall into the same trap as the NRL. They only “expanded” into QLD because of the perceived threat of Aussie Rules. It indicates that you don’t trust the game to be as great as you think it is.

One thing to add about RA approach to growing the game. I took my son (a 4y.o. at the time) and the people at the Rebels wanted me to pay an entry fee for him, I laughed and pointed to the MCG and said that mob let’s him in for free. After a bit of to and fro they relented and let him in for free after I asked which code is trying to grow the game?

The Roar Rugby Project Part 5: Supporting community rugby

Undefeated streak, what about longest winning streak i.e. no draws?

A buoyant Victory and a busted Sydney – just what the A-League Men’s needed

A bit rich coming from the Indians, they have complained about not being able to use the DRS when the replay was on the big screen in a T20 game against the Aussies.
Anyway, all LBW’s should be automatically reviewed due to the unknown nature of what would have happened. All other dismissals there is something to indicate it was out and not a guess.

Massive drama as Black Cap takes too long to call for the review that would have saved him

Love all of this speculation about “who” won the draft when it is impossible to say. Having a bunch of high picks doesn’t translate to success. It involves buy-in to the team plan, which may or may not work. It may work for a couple of years, but not with the new group of players. Coach changes and the change in the game plan doesn’t work for some players. Others get injured.
The talk is all speculation – until they prove it over and over again. That is the enjoyable part – seeing how the players turn out in the long run

2021 AFL Draft recap: Who your team picked, biggest steals and more

I would keep the academies but allow each team to have one. Then only allow them to pre-list one, others are open to everyone. Full points if you want to bid, maybe add a 10% extra, or a sliding scale that makes the club really think.

Need to remember that not all F-S or Academy picks work out, some clubs have possibly felt pressured into taking a F-S prospect because of who the father was and not based on the talent.

2021 AFL Draft recap: Who your team picked, biggest steals and more

I love the F-S rule, it is something unique to the game. As much as I would love to have Nick Daicos or Sam Darcy turning out for my club, I think it would not be “right”. The more this world progresses, the less romance is left in any sport. I can’t imagine a Silvagni really playing with a team other than Carlton either, but say Gary Ablett jnr’s son or Buddy’s son are budding AFL players, who do they pick.

I would like the rule tweaked further to allow the non-Victorian clubs to select players from famous fathers in the SANFL/WAFL/etc without the harsh rules (150 in the WAFL, 200 for SANFL, yes before 1987 I know, but it did prevent a couple of players playing e.g. Bryce Gibbs). I know that will change as more players from those clubs reach 100 games under the criteria. Not every Son picked up is a successful player

Keep the bidding process, maybe change the reduction in points and reduce the number of game’s criteria. It will never be perfect though.

Five father-son picks prove romantic rule is alive and well

Well if Khawaja got the same amount of chances when he was not in the best form…

So 22 innings – 3 100’s 1 50, 13 innings getting less than 20 is better then? 59% of the time he has failed to pass 20. Only 18% got past 50. Not sure I want that from an opener. Khawaja did better in England and still got dropped. Still ended up with more runs than Warner from 2 fewer innings. That is were it is wrong.

This Ashes series will be closer than you think

You miss the point – he has scored 600 runs in 3 innings, and the other 318 in 19 innings. He has only passed 50 in one other inning, and only passed 20 in 9 times including his 50 and three 100’s.

It is not cherry-picking, these are Warner’s last 22 innings since he returned after his ban. I would rather pick a player on current form (regardless of format) than pick on these numbers.

Yet any other player in the same situation is dropped by now.

This Ashes series will be closer than you think

Ans Warner isn’t in mediocre form? If you deny Khawaja on his form from 2 years ago, there is no way you can pick Warner.

Warner is past it, and there will be the demons when facing Broad especially at the Gabba and possibly under lights in Adelaide. I’m not sure what the fascination with Warner is. His stats since 2019 lie and are hugely bloated by 3 innings.

Since 2019 – 22innings 2* with 918 runs 45.9
However, take out his 154, 335* against an understrength Pakistan and his 111* against NZ (even Joe Burns made 97) and it drops to 318 @ 16.7.

This Ashes series will be closer than you think

Thanks, Paul really appreciate the article. The last couple of seasons, I have coached my daughter’s team (she is the only girl in the team, and often in the competition/grade) and I have tried to get them to acknowledge the umpires for their work. Often it is the parents that cause the problem and I have had to step in a couple of times because the parent doesn’t know the rules. We had a couple of incidents last year; one were the WK for the opposition knocked the stumps over and off the area (lying flat) going for a run-out, then try to run-out our batter without putting the stumps in place when he walked out of his crease not going for another run (U12’s this is). The debate was about where do the stumps need to be when they are lying flat on the ground. The other was our WK called a batter back (after the umpire quite rightly called it out as from his point of view he couldn’t see the fumble) as he didn’t think he had control of the ball going for a run-out. The parents from the opposition were howling about it. To his credit, our WK spoke to our captain & VC and they decided to call him back. The snide comments from the parents kept coming though. I had to question their umpire on a few no-balls as no one could understand what he was calling for so that I could inform the bowler what to change (apparently he was calling no-ball for being above the waist even though the ball had bounced).

On another note, those that often complain when a decision goes against them, happily accept it when it goes the other way even though they are disgusted with the decision when it goes against them.

To err is human: Umpire bashing needs to be called out

You forget the 37 years with no success.
Interesting how you carry on about the Cats challenging over the last 10 years, yet where were the Tigers beforehand? And it is yet to be seen if they still will be contending in the near future. Talent is one thing, yet Cotchin is in the same boat as Selwood, Jack is close to the end, Lynch is not so consistent, Houli has retired. CCJ and Chol have left. Astbury has retired. Grimes and Edwards are on the wrong side of 30 and a couple of others are 29. Even Dusty is 30 and didn’t look great this year.
The youngsters are may turn out to be good, though they may not…

Emptying the kitty litter: What does the future hold for Geelong?