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A Canberra boy and former junior Rugby League referee. Raiders and NSW fan. Also lifelong lover of Test cricket. Used to bowl kind of like a right-arm Paul Adams.



The utter shamelessness of it grates. And it especially conflicts with the efforts Fittler and the Blues made to connect with their supporters this year.

The new NSW jersey is a cash grab, pure and simple

Billy Slater is not a communist.
He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is NOT a porn star.

Slater defence to fight ban saying "at least he was wearing pants"

I’m sure I’ve seen that sort of tackle go un-charged before. I think he’ll be playing next week.

Billy Slater can mount a serious challenge to a shoulder charge

If Stuart remains the coach, the Raiders should be spoon favourites. I’ve never seen a first grade team look so clueless in close games, and that comes back to the coach.
Pinning our hopes on two English recruits seems farfetched to me.

Your NRL team sucks. Here’s why

Wrong way David. Time to wipe the scrum out of Rugby League altogether.

Clean up your own backyard Todd Greenberg, before you woo the USA

When was the last time Benji Marshall lost in Canberra?

That’s a trick question by the way, he’s never lost in Canberra.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 22

Honestly, the Raiders have beaten my expectations. But then I’m a pessimist.
All of these issues were there in 2017, barring Hodgson’s injury. Stuart has seemingly done SFA to fix anything, but will almost certainly get a contract extension beyond 2020.

Have the curtains come down on the Raiders season?

The touch judge should only raise his flag to indicate that the ball/ player in possession is in touch. The referee CANNOT overrule this-the touchline is the TJ’s domain.
No question that the officials made an epic blunder. All involved should be demoted.

Catastrophic officiating is Greenberg’s responsibility

The Warriors were disgraceful. Given their history of late season collapses, Kearney would be deeply concerned right now…

The Storm and Dragons put on attacking masterclass as Penrith keep pace with top four

Have to agree on Hunt. That’s two big games where he’s cost his team. How will Dragons fans be feeling about Hunt come September?

Nine talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Let’s see the Raiders play a decent team before declaring Hodgson as the saviour. The Tigers fell apart in the second half again, having done it last week against the Sharks. The Broncos in Brisbane present a much bigger obstacle.

Eleven talking points from NRL Round 15

Given the nightmare run to the finals for the Raiders, I think we’re still capable of falling behind Parra and the Bulldogs and coming last.

Nine talking points from NRL Round 14

Excellent Mary. I completely agree
The “blame the refs” culture is insidious. It seeps down from the NRL to kids footy on the weekend, and it drives potential top class officials like John away from the game (often at a much lower level than NSW Cup). Retention and recruitment are one the biggest challenges for referees.
I’ll wager that the same scribes who bemoan the penalty count were the same ones getting their knickers in a knot because of deliberate penalties. Some people, who arguably owe their livelihood to Rugby League, will always delight in tearing it down.

In defence of referees

I honestly can’t believe that the Raiders are favourites here. The list of teams the Raiders have beaten and the list of teams with less wins than the Raiders are identical. In other words, we can only beat crap teams. The Panthers are anything but crap.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 14

If the Origin players all back up I can’t see this being close. Penrith by 20.

If you want to be an Origin player, you have to back up strongly too: Griffin

As a Blue, let me be the first to congratulate Queensland on yet another Origin series win…

New South Wales will annihilate Queensland on Wednesday night

I’m standing by my prediction of the Raiders as a bottom 4 team. A better team than a depleted Manly would have thrashed us last night.
The Raiders face a nightmare draw, with nine games against the current top 8. Any more than three or four wins will be a surprise, and on last night’s effort a twelve match losing run is possible.

Play pokies with a Tiger, forget the Raiders and shame on the grand final replay

We find that Cameron Smith’s soul is legally the property of Marge Simpson and not of the Devil.

Even without Smith, Queensland’s 17 are more than a match for the Blues

If the talk about the Blues picking one of the 16th placed team’s halves and a wannabe Qlder is true, then the confidence of NSW fans will be about that of Raiders fans when winning by 4 points in the last 10 minutes.

Even without Smith, Queensland’s 17 are more than a match for the Blues

Graham gave away several penalties in Origin 2017 as I recall. And came up with a poor missed tackle for Qld to score the try that got them back into game 2. Hardly “hasn’t put a foot wrong at rep level”.
Selecting James over the Penrith Pornstache is an interesting call, but James is making more metres and more tackles than RCG in 2018. His big problem is conceding penalties.

Just one month out, the NSW Origin puzzle is crystal clear

Strange stat with the Raiders (backing up your point Scott): They’ve scored 19 or more points five times this year and lost four. When they’ve scored 18 or less, it’s two wins from three games. Defence wins games. They forgot that against the Rabbits last week, and remembered it last night.

Eleven talking points from NRL Round 8

Has a team ever come back from 0-5 to play finals? Because unless it’s happened before I’d almost put a line through Parra now. The somewhat sad thing for them is that the Eels haven’t had to leave Sydney yet this season.
Conversely, has anyone dropped out of the top half of the ladder after starting 5-0? My predictions at least had the Dragons in the 8 this year.

Nine talking points from NRL Round 5

Long way to go yet. Plenty of March premiers have fallen over for a range of reasons.
I had a look at the draw and the two unbeaten trams as of round 4 play in round 7. With the Warriors next two at home against the Cowboys and Broncos, while the Dragons host Souths abd Cronulla, it’s plausible that they’ll both be 6-0.

The Warriors will be 2018 grand finalists

Stuart’s coaching career is on the line against the Bulldogs on Thursday. A repeat of last night’s “effort” will be proof that the players don’t want to play for him.

Raiders desperate after Ricky's spray


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