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Why ODI cricket is losing its sheen

Test cricket is the best form of cricket in that it is actually cricket. I consider ODIs and T20 as games which are similar to cricket – but not cricket – in the sense that equipment used and team composition is the same as in cricket.

This was an era when Sri Lanka & Pakistan used to dominate India. Sri Lanka post the 1996 WC held mostly held an upperhand over India with the firepower in their batting – especially Jaysuriya & De Silva. Pakistani team with shotmakers like Anwar, Afridi, Ijaz, Inzamam, Moin / Latif, Salim Malik & a fiery bowling attack of the 2 Ws, Akhtar, Saqlain, Mushtaq Ahmed more often than not powered India who only had Sachin to meet their aggression. The balance started tilting in India’s favour though once Yuvraj, Sehwag joined Sachin. Ganguly had also by then improved on his leg-side play & Dravid had more shots in his repertoire and had become an accomplished ODI player

Revisiting the 2000 Asia Cup

Warner will definiely be able to cope up with any sledging. Smith I am not sure. Anyways I the Poms will not win. ODI World Cup is not their cup of tea.

Warner and Smith set to cop some chirp from English World Cup crowds

If Khawaja is selected in playing 11 then he has to bat as an opener. Any other place won’t work for him. Smith at 3 is the ideal candidate. He needs time to settle but once he gets his eye in he can get the big scores. Smith can get the big scores and also stabilise one end. Then Warner can bat at 4. He can give the middle order the firepower coupled with stability. Then the bighitters. Since its England its important to have proper batsmen in the top 4.

Australia well placed to defend World Cup with Finch, Warner and Khawaja at the top of the order

India chased successfully down 230 15 years back at Adelaide. Anything below that will be a psychological edge.

However the match stands in Australia’s favour right now. They have 175 runs on the board & 5 wickets remaining. Anything above 200 in the last innings is going to put pressure on any batting lineup.

Indian quicks leave Australia battered and bruised

The batsmen will have to go for their shots at the slightest chance. This is not a pitch where you defend, grind & get settled. So it will be interesting to see how Kohli & co bat.

The Perth Test pitch is a minefield

Great players. They are now 69 & 63 years old. How time flies.

Why Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar have been honoured for this series

Today I guess we need to remember Phil Hughes on what would have been his 30th Birthday. #63notout forever…

Clarke didn’t rub the ball with sandpaper. But he’s played his part in a win-at-all-costs culture

More than Kohli it will be Prithvi Shaw who can cause more damage. He is in the Sehwag mode slongwith a good technique. Hopefully he recovers from the injury. It will be a worth-watching match

India face unprecedented pressure in Australia

I remember the North Korean squad was made to undergo a public humiliation after one World Cup. Don’t remember which World Cup but it did happen. I think 2010 world cup. Earlier generations have been subjected much harsher punishments.

Iran out Morocco to steal a last-minute upset victory

Great effort by the Aussies. But finally the fact is that the scoreline is 1-2. It’s tough to get into the next round now. But all the best to the team anyway.

Brave Socceroos fall to France in thrilling World Cup opener

Keep the good work going

France vs Socceroos: 2018 FIFA World Cup highlights, scores, blog

Good defending. First half over and it’s 0-0. Well done to restrict France.

France vs Socceroos: 2018 FIFA World Cup highlights, scores, blog

No. Australia doesn’t owe you an apology.

If you are an Australian, you are not bigger than your country that it should apologize. And if not it is not a crime that a country has to apologise. There have been incidents worse than this. And no one has apologized.

Australia, not Steve Smith, owes me an apology

Cummins and Sayers make late inroads in Johannesburg

Smith cheated last year also against India trying to take help from the dressing room. Now which second chance are you talking about? You mean a second chance for each and every type of cheating?

Don't get carried away - Smith and Bancroft deserve a second chance

I think there should be no refrees in tests involving Australia. Because they hand out punishment only to Asian players. Had been Virat Kohli instead of Steve Smith then all these people would have gone hammer and tongs at him. The reactions still are much much muted. Reason : It involves Australia.

Six players that Australia must ban from the fourth Test

Are comments which are straight and in your face being moderated?

Australia name new skipper after Smith, Warner step down temporarily

Cheats will be tolerated because they are good at games

Australia name new skipper after Smith, Warner step down temporarily

When Roy Gilchrist was bowling beamers some 60 years ago a British daily wrote about him that Brutes will be tolerated because they are good at games.

Now we can say that cheats will be tolerated because they are good at games.

Australia name new skipper after Smith, Warner step down temporarily

Where are people like Ian Healy now? Had this been done by an Asian team especially India all these mice would have come out of their burrows and started giving their stupid comments.

Six players that Australia must ban from the fourth Test

Years back there was a news in a British Daily for the West Indian quick Roy Gilchrist : Brutes will be tolerated because they are good at games…

Similarly for these guys there is an apt statement :

Cheats will be tolerated because they are good at games…

Australia name new skipper after Smith, Warner step down temporarily

Steve Smith should be banned from the game for a couple of years. Then only can anyone believe that Cricket Australia is serious in dealing with cheats. And he is a repeat offender considering his infamous ‘brain freeze’ last year in India.

Six players that Australia must ban from the fourth Test

The roots of this are in the sledging ideology which the Australian players nurtured over the years. What started as simple banter slowly turned into serious verbal volleys. Over the years it grew to bullying opposition. Then slowly and steadily players started using cuss words, personal abuses. All in the name of mental disintegration. Then there were incidents of showing dissent at umpires, throwing bats, smashing windows and doors in the pavilion. All this while no player got any severe punishment. Then Australian players also took it to a level where they said anything to the opposition. But they never liked when they got it back. Sarwan-McGrath, Dkock-Warner incidents are examples. This culture has made Australian players believe that they can do anything and get away as their board will always be behind them. Such top calibre players. But over the years many of them have been brought disgrace to this gentleman’s game. At least now they should be severely punished. If not now then when?

Australia left without a team to love after Smith cheats the game

Smith cheated with the review in India. Now he cheats with ball tampering. Everytime he says sorry. This won’t happen again. Is he going to attempt each and every way of cheating? And why just sack him as captain. Ban him for 2 years. That probably should knock some sense in his head and in the heads of all those who might follow him.

Steve Smith must be sacked as captain

Also David Warner would also be involved. How then can his word be taken against Dkock? I am quite he only must have started it. And then started crying when he got it back. Don’t give it when you can’t take it.

Steve Smith must be sacked as captain