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Should be a great end to the group stage, which have set a good standard. Will look forward to the high stakes knock-out phases coming up.

The Roar's Euro 2020 expert tips and predictions Match Day 3 (part four)

Too soon for this article, let’s face it the Sharks being ahead of teams on the league ladder like Warriors, Dragons, Raiders, Knights, Titans, Cowboys, Dogs, Broncos and Tigers should not be that hard given their collective performances this year.
Get the Sharks in 6th or 5th at the season’s end, and then it may be worthy of discussion. Having said that I think Morris would have been there or thereabouts, Morris had the team playing some good footy too. Hannay is probably a better choice than the untested, Fitzgibbon, at present he’s also probably a better coach than Adam O Brien, Kevvie Walters and Anthony Seibold.

Josh Hannay deserves to be a full-time NRL coach

Mountain out of a mole heap Joe, a minor indiscretion, and let’s face it, was not much. The Club tries to “do the right thing” by those affected and this is good in my view that they did this, and now let’s all get it blown out of proportion.

It's not the crime, it's the cover-up: Why are the Titans getting off scot-free?

Well said Stuart, I have watched a few games at 2am / 5am Aus time and that in itself has added to the occasion. It has been a pleasure to watch Italy play, and most matches have been of good quality. I agree “there is a new-found appreciation of the honour they receive each and every time they are selected to represent their country on the world stage”. The players seem genuine, and playing wih respect to each other and for those less fortunate, for those impacted quite heavily over the last 18 months, in fact they still call it Euro 2020 as a reminder.

Has Euro 2020 finally brought some much needed perspective to football?

My point, TKO should have been binned, just like if it was Leota on Tedesco. So there is nothing inconsistent or unfair in that.

Trent Robinson sees inconsistency and confusion in NRL refereeing

yeah HY – wish all the Turbos firing.

Blues blow: Trbojevic OUT of Origin 2

..and Manu dropping the ball in his in goal after the kick off….

Rooster's kick for touch fail sets up yet another Panthers team try of the year contender

One Turbo down, one more to go?

Blues blow: Trbojevic OUT of Origin 2

Instead of Taukeiaho’s swinging arm on a sliding Cleary, what if it were a Moses Leota swinging arm on a sliding Tedesco ? Same play. Would Leota have been sin binned under that same analogous situation ?
I think you have your answer, consistency and expectations are there.

Trent Robinson sees inconsistency and confusion in NRL refereeing

Let’s reverse the situation. rain and all, if Tedesco was 10 metres out from the panther’s line and Leota came out with a swinging arm into a sliding Tedesco (alla Taukeiaho), would
1) Leota get sin-binned?
2) The Roosters have won the game v 12 Panthers (for those 10 mins)? and
3) Would Trent Robinson whinge about the binning of Leota, and how the game needs to protect their star players.

Trent Robinson sees inconsistency and confusion in NRL refereeing

Joister – we agree on the same point, I am trying to get with the program that a direct hit to the head (with some force), it’s a penalty 100% of the time. The Sin Bin really depends on the level of carelessness force, damage, regardless of accident or not. Proctor’s effort last week? yes should have been a binning too, if we start cherry picking on what gets binned and what doesn’t we will never achieve any consistency. So my approach is direct hit to head with some force is a sin bin regardless if it was an accident or not, or that lately the ‘in vogue excuse” is “what was he supposed to do become invisible”? In soccer, if you clip someone’s ankles regardless of intent, it’s a foul, League just has to get used to that concept for someone’s head.

Was Taukeiaho unlucky to be sent to the bin for this accidental high shot?

Direct hit to the head (with some force), it’s a penalty 100% of the time. The Sin Bin is consistent with what we have seen since the Magic Round crackdown. Move on.

Was Taukeiaho unlucky to be sent to the bin for this accidental high shot?

A great effort by young Coates, especially since he copped a bit of flack in Origin 1, a mammoth effort which is missing from most of his Bronco team mates (Paas excluded). Tackle of the round, if not the year against his Origin team mate.

Xavier Coates pulls off one of the all-time great try saving tackles

Let’s call it now, Try of the Round.

Cody Walker's magical no-look pass sets up brilliant South Sydney try

Andrew Voss you palooka. Alex has a nickname “AJ” or is that too hard for you?

Vossy's search for a new nickname for Alex Johnston gets off to a slow start

Andrew Dross is brilliant.

Vossy's search for a new nickname for Alex Johnston gets off to a slow start

Great article Adam, and appreciate the MLB analogy too. However “Mid-season changes are rare and should really be avoided at all costs” Don’t agree with this comment, there is never a good time for anything, when you have to act you must act fast (covid 2020, Origin 1 Melbourne), and the majority of stakeholders fully welcome the Head High Crackdown by the NRL midseason or not. PVL and Co took over the NRL reigns end 2019, their first full year 2020 was fully pre-occupied by the COVID pandemic, yes they were busy saving the game. To say this should have been done in the off-season is an easy cop out in hindsight given the 2020-21 off-season * was a very short one, with Finals and Origin being played well into Oct and Nov. The game was still getting back on its feet after a year like no other and considerable uncertainty ahead (that remains to this day– see Origin 1 Melbourne) . By round 6-7 of this Season the NRL new they had to act. and credit to them they did. What was the alternative? Wait until round 25 of this year?

The NRL crackdown is an indictment on administrators

Murray, Walker excellent last night, notwithstanding the Rabbitohs having 8 star Origin players Damien Cook, Latrell Mitchell, Cameron Murray, Campbell Graham, Keon Koloamatangi, Dane Gagai, Jai Arrow, Jaydn Su’A, they have 5 Non- Origin Superstars – Cody Walker, Adam Reynolds, Alex Johnston, Benji Marshall, Tom Burgess. When these stars are on-song they are truly entertain. But equally impressive where was the rookie Blake Taafe he looked very good, as did Hame Sele, Jacob Host and Nicolls (in between head knocks).

Rabbitohs demolish Broncos as Walker and Murray run riot

Radley and Crichton will ensure the roosters anti-narrative remains alive and well.

The only negative thing about Boyd Cordner was that he didn’t suit the anti-Roosters narrative

Win or lose, Huni should be thankful to be able to fight such a tough nut as Gallen. Should prepare him well for anything that the Olympics through at him.

Boxer gets the shock of his life, is KOed while walking away

I wonder what a 3-0 loss in Haiti was paying…

Worst own goal of all-time contender as Canada thrash Haiti

Russia, Turkey, Italy. I cant see Finland. Wales or Switzerland scoring goals.

The Roar's Euro 2020 expert tips and predictions: Match Day 2 (part one)

DCE is in a different league (in terms of being able to handle the pressure) on and off the field. DCE was pretty much the key along with Munster in the halves last year for the SOO Maroons win, Even pre-SOO 1 in Townsville, not too many would have been critical of DCE-Munster as first choice halves for Qld. There’s a good reason why the Rooster got rid of Pearce, with him they would not have had Premierships 2018-2019.

Is Daly Cherry-Evans Queensland's version of Mitchell Pearce?

There’s two opposing issues here – 1) Sponsor – pays for the event, so without Sponsor funding there’s probably no tournament. 2) Sports, being sponsored by (unhealthy) products, McDonalds, Coca Cola etc. There’s a ideological mismatch here, however the end result, like it or not, they need each other.
Probably good to see Coca Cola get some backlash or “virtue signalling” medicine of their own – earlier this year it was reported their diversity training materials included guidance to “try to be less white.”

Cristiano Ronaldo makes costly press conference stance

Bellamy conversation with Munster:
“Cam I can see that this has made you really angry, and I’m not surprised. All that pressure from Origin and no Cam Smith It sounds really awful. I’m really sorry you’ve been made to feel like this.”

The new rule the NRL needs: Cameron Munster can't kick people