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Alec Swann is a former Northants and Lancashire opener turned cricket writer. Newcastle United and golf generally occupy his other sporting interests but there's a bit of rugby league thrown in with the Warrington Wolves and a soft spot for the Newcastle Knights.




I enjoyed that, very good.

Sadly, you could change the names of the politicians to those of some of the half-wits in the political system over here and you’d still be on the money.

You can't ban Muslims - who would bat three?


I admire that kind of optimism!

Anderson or McGrath? Who cares?


It was either that or the Ben Stokes affair and my legal expertise is somewhat limited!

Anderson or McGrath? Who cares?


‘Sad, sad, and embarrassing’. Exactly.

It only points to one conclusion


I sometimes think the on-field antics get overplayed a bit – the sledging especially tends to get glorified – but there has been too much of it and this particular series looks to have been played in a fairly toxic atmosphere. People don’t want to see it and the sooner it’s sorted the better all round.

As for your lad, not many people want to mimic off spinners! Good that he didn’t try that dance though, it was terrible.

It only points to one conclusion


Yes it does carry that acronym. That was the whole point really and it fitted in with the length of article I wanted to write.

And I don’t think there’s any other way to describe what went on. Each to their own and all that.

It only points to one conclusion


I’m with you on Warner and it looks like he’s going to get plenty of the blame.

You’ve lost me with the Bodyline comparison. As you go on to mention, it was within the laws at the time so perfectly legitimate. Not really a comparison at all.

And I’m well aware of what goes on on a cricket field re the sweets etc. Get caught, accept that you’ve got it coming is the gist of it.

It only points to one conclusion


That’s a new one I haven’t heard before. You’ll have to enlighten me on the 2005 cheating.

It only points to one conclusion


I’m sure there are plenty of my fellow countrymen gloating over this sorry affair. I’m not writing for the collective though which should be fairly apparent.

It only points to one conclusion


I’d rather the sport I enjoy wasn’t dragged through the gutter. Not sure what there is to be gleeful about, even as an outsider.

It only points to one conclusion


Did Graeme ever have a word on the field? Yes he did, just like the vast majority do.

However, there’s a difference, rather blatant, between that and acting like an imbecile and if wanting to see players acting like adults makes this a sooky article then so be it.

And as for the release of the footage, it was no different to any host country.

Grow up everybody, you all look ridiculous



Grow up everybody, you all look ridiculous

Before any comments are made about my dodgy addition, the first few lines should read like this:

The avalanche of statistics that no doubt poured forth during Australia’s rather comfortable (!) overhauling of New Zealand’s massive score at Eden Park in the T20 tri-series included one to please brand managers the world over.

Ultimately, it’s fairly irrelevant, as are most of the numbers which are given more importance than they really merit, but a glance up and down the various columns on the scorecard revealed that a record-equalling number of sixes were hit in the 38 and a bit overs.

The Kiwis cleared the ropes – or should it be touchline on a rugby pitch? – 18 times and the Aussies 14 to equal the 32 struck when India faced West Indies in Lauderhill 18 months ago.

Now, the latest instance was on an Eden Park field on par size-wise with where under-11 cricket is played and it barely takes a flick of the wrists to send the ball high into the stands, but nevertheless, what took place in Auckland was a glimpse into what’s to come if current trends continue.

Eden Park run-fest did cricket no favours


I didn’t write the headline!

The intention was not to compare T20s with ODIs but with the way 50-over cricket is going, the kind of T20 batting shown by Maxwell (similar to Jos Buttler) definitely has its place.

And you’re on the money regarding the aggression minus the foolish shots.

Maxwell is Australia's one-day man. Someone tell Steve Smith


Both Alastair Cook and Stuart Broad have picked a poor time to be completely out of form but it’s tricky to say it’s the end. Cook’s come back from a rut before but I’d worry more for Broad who looks down on pace and his returns have been on a downward trend for a couple of years.
As for Jimmy Anderson – and I can’t fathom the bashing he gets from some on here – I don’t think he’ll be there in 2019 although he doesn’t look quite ready to call it a day.

No excuses here, Australia have been too good


Depends on whether it’s going to swing!

No excuses here, Australia have been too good

Worlds Biggest

As requested, here’s the reasoning behind my prediction (which was actually for 2-2 and not 3-2 but your point still stands). Call it misguided optimism!

Can the talking stop now? It’s time for the real contest

No excuses here, Australia have been too good


When I wake up halfway through day one I fully expect England to be 150-0. Unless, of course, they put the Aussies in again. Here’s hoping anyway!

You've got some runs in you England, haven't you?


1) They could play Ben Foakes and Bairstow as a batter but that’s about it. Gary Ballance? I don’t think so.

2) I’m still to work out where the Vince selection came from. He can play but has never hinted at any kind of permenance. Root to three might be an idea.

3) Broad doesn’t look quite the force of old but I’d still pick him. I like Mark Wood but that would be a real gamble.

You've got some runs in you England, haven't you?


Just reading those quotes in isolation you’ve got a point.

The second of those is the former batsman in me talking. Perhaps should’ve added ‘longer than expected’!

England headbutting themselves is a better story


If Stokes was a fringe player he’d be nowhere near this tour but as he is one of the main men he will be.

I’d bet good money (not that I have that much!) he’ll play in this series. If there’s no police charge he’ll be on the next flight to Australia.

England headbutting themselves is a better story


No offence taken with the name slip, I’ve had that all my life!

I agree some of the media coverage over here is a bit on the hypocritical side which is always the way unfortunately.
As for the ‘storm in a tea cup’ reference, I just think it has been an awful lot about next to nothing which was proved by the way the Australians laughed it off. This kind of thing doesn’t stay hidden for a month but it certainly all played nicely into the Australians’ hands.

As for the ECB and their handling of the whole Stokes affair, their approach of sticking fingers in the ears and whistling in the hope everything will go away is all too predictable.
They don’t seem to grasp the concept of telling the truth straight away which negates to some degree the escalation which is now occurring. It’s a story for a while then people move on to the next one. One day they’ll learn (don’t hold me to that).

England headbutting themselves is a better story

Some have done! (I nicked the phrase so I didn’t resort to swearing) It’s the usual nonsense really, just from an unexpected source. Lyon’s as threatening as a weetabix.

Can the talking stop now? It's time for the real contest


It’s tricky to draw a comparison as Lyon has almost 300 Test wickets whereas Graeme at the same age was just starting out. Plenty of first-class experience is different to almost learning on the job at Test level. At slightly different ends of the spectrum, Lyon has been naturally more conservative, which appears to be changing, and Graeme had a more adventurous approach. So the Lyon of now and Graeme when he made his debut have quite a few similarities.

That Graeme did well straight away was down in no small part to that experience but Lyon has taken quite a bit of time to become what you see now which is a consistently accomplished performer.

Graeme had the ability to play a higher level for a while before he did and certainly didn’t lose out next to the likes of Richard Dawson and Gareth Batty. But that’s a conundrum with no real answer.

What I like about Lyon, and this also goes for Graeme, is that they have (or had) no frills about them. It’s just straightforward off-spin with variation and whatever nous they’ve accumulated. Every time a spinner gets picked for England somebody will write an article saying that they need a doosra or are working on one. All nonsense really and both Graeme and Lyon showed, and are showing, that traditional skills executed well can gain reward.

Lyon won't be king in Ashes showdown


I agree that Lyon is better equipped now than he was. Also, if he gets 25 wickets that would be a fine effort.

I’d like to think England will get after him but that may depend on how well the top three or four counter Starc et al.

Lyon won't be king in Ashes showdown