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Thanks for the kind words Paul!

It’s incredibly interesting that Europe are as competitive they are considering the depth of the teams that the U.S produce. There is lots of talk that some of the Americans really struggle to buy into the team events whereas the Europeans live for it — it appears that itsimply means more to them.

I’m sure the U.S will be professional enough to work around it, but it can make it slightly more difficult to play for each other when there is disharmony in the team. Especially in such a pressure cooker environment like the Ryder Cup.

Praying for a late withdrawal so Patrick Reed can sneak in as an alternate to really spice things up.

USA must lose the egos for Ryder Cup success

Not sure how Finch gets the nod ahead of him in the Champions Trophy squad. How handy would he be at the top of the order just hitting gaps in the power play!?
Can’t wait for the first game where Finch scratches around for 20 balls, hacks a couple of boundaries to mid-wicket and then spoons a drive straight to mid-off!

Stop-start selection is hurting Khawaja

The man is an absolute animal!

Stipe Miocic is on the verge of UFC heavyweight greatness

The great man lives on! Has scored 67 runs @ 11.16 this IPL. And has taken four wickets @ 57.5 with an economy rate above 10! God bless him and his giant front-pad.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 form guide: How the Aussies are shaping up

v South Africa avg 7
v Sri Lanka avg 20
v England avg 29
v West Indies avg 542

Bet the poor old Windies are pleased to see the back of him!

Adam Voges is second only to The Don – and stats don't lie

Only needs to turn as much as it did in Sri Lanka and we will be in all sorts. Especially with our left-hand dominant lineup – Ashwin will be going ham. Would be tempted to leave Usman out for Marsh as his batting against spin in Sri Lanka was as bad as I’ve been from an Aussie in the subcontinent.

Don't believe the spin, India won't provide dustbowls

I was a Watson addict. But Lord Maxi has filled the gaping hole of comedy dismissals that Watto left behind.

I am a Glenn Maxwell addict, please help me