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Yes, AAA was selected at tighthead in the ESPN Super team of the year. He will be our starting TH with Tupou backing him up. Sio and Slipper will share the LH duties with Kepu decent on both sides. Robertson can also play both.

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019

Having a decent all rounder is very important going into the finals. I would include Mitch Marsh ASAP to get him up to speed. The batting will be our key though and one suspects that our top order are ready to fire.

Lacklustre Aussies need to start taking risks and so do the selectors

We are really missing having Hazelwood or Richardson as the first change bowler. Moving Khawaja around the order is not the best solution for our batting either. He has performed very well opening with a decent scoring rate and should do so with Finch. Warner should be at 1st drop.
Hopefully Lyon gets a run this week along with Mitch Marsh to see how they are travelling. Hazelwood should be the next cab off the rank if we have another injury.

Lacklustre Aussies need to start taking risks and so do the selectors


Pocock maybe. Hooper is not as important to the side as either but of course he did receive an even longer contract. Does not mean it is justified.

Even if Izzy does lose a bit of pace over the next few years he can probably move into the centres.

Israel Folau commits to Wallabies with new four-year deal

Skelton is fitter than when he left but still prone to hot headed foul play and is still not a lineout option.
His play would have improved no question while I England. but its doubtful he would make a Wallaby squad, particularly a full strength one. If the likes of Coleman, Arnold, Rodda, Simmons, Phillip and Enever are not available there are some very good prospects coming through in Queensland.
I would guess that the biggest problem with our locks this past year has been the coaching of them.

Will Skelton well worth a World Cup punt

And playing Maxwell below them in the order.
I understand Finch keeping his place for now but not Marsh or Hanscombe.

Maxwell should be in at 4 or 5 to shape the innings.

Peter Siddle named for first ODI in eight years as Finch reveals Australian XI

Great article as always Nic.
Of course we need to produce the best possible local provincial rugby comp we can but I believe that the Giteau law does not do that or help protect it. 60 caps is a lot and many young prospects will leave and go offshore before they even get capped as it may look a bridge too far.
International rugby and the test windows are now organised globally and it is not a big inconvenience to have foreign based players returning to Wallaby camp along side Super Rugby players when required. Toomua and TPN have slotted into the national setup seamlessly over the past few windows.
If we are restricted to naming our squads from Super Rugby and 60+ test veterans we leave too much talent untapped. By squashing the Giteau law and picking Australian players no matter where they are based we will actually grow the number of test quality players over time as there will be more Super Rugby contracts available for up and coming players, some that would normally go to league as an easier option.
I agree that we can also tap into the methods of where players such as White and Skelton play. Look at the quality of Kurtley Beales play on his return from the UK and then his subsequent drop in form after being back in Super Rugby. It is a very sad reality on the quality of our local rugby setup.

Why Rugby Australia should listen to Bob Dwyer and dump the Giteau Law

David Pocock should be the captain if we are serious about turning around our reputation within world rugby. He is the most respected current Wallaby by other players, refs and administrators around the globe. He leads from the front and is the first player picked if fit. He is also certainly a better captain than Hooper.
The Pooper has had very poor results since the last RWC but that is another ongoing discussion.
I agree Spiro, the board needs a complete clean out. The appointment of Scott Johnson is lip service and just adding another high level salary to a broke(n) organisation. There is nothing in SJs coaching career to suggest that he can turn things around. This board has no spine.
A new board with a new direction, a new coaching team and a selection panel with strong outside influence. While the Wallabies are weak the game continues to be increasingly compromised in Australia.

Rugby Australia re-arranges the deck chairs on the 'Titanic' Wallabies

Too right David. They keep shooting themselves in the foot by retreating from making any meaningful decision about anything whenever possible.
Who could blame the likes of McMahon and others for deciding to stay away in the coming RWC year? As you say, the Wallaby coaching position has become a poisoned chalice and only the few unwanted elsewhere would seriously consider it under such shabby direction.
Young players coming through the school system will be easily drawn to the likes of league or overseas rugby, maybe this is also the reason we have lost some Wallabies and prospective Wallabies to NZ Super franchises recently. Why stay in such an unstable environment? Worst of all Australian rugby fans continue to slip away amazed at the continued incompetence of the governing body and rightfully so feeling shunned by the code where they have invested so much blood, sweat, tears and cash over the years.
There is not a single possible positive outcome from such wishy washy direction by the RA board.
They need to be pushed out the back door very closely behind Michael Cheika, who has given his best to Australian rugby and should be thanked for that then sent on his way with a gold watch. Sadly he lost his way because the RA board was so weak when compared to him. If he had been reigned in from the beginning then maybe we would have had and outside selector, different support coaches and a more progressive direction over time. Unfortunately none of the RA board members or CEOs have had the strength of character to give Cheika the direction he so badly needed.
Sad days indeed…………..

Rugby Australia is turning into Fort Freefall

What about players open for new contracts or support coaches trying to make a decision about where they should be? Those blokes who are overseas and on the fence about having a crack at the RWC squad. Not to mention the lack of clarity and direction that further turns off the fans, RAs bread and butter.
Piss poor/weak management.
There is no other way to paint it.

Rugby Australia: No guarantees on Cheika

Yes. Alaalatoa, Uelese and Kepu starting is tasty. So is TT, TPN and Sio finishing.

All is not lost: Four quick fixes for the Wallabies forwards