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That’s a sad and reactionary position Rhys…

These guys are represented by an agent whose strategy is to sell players to overseas clubs and take a big profit. He “played” the RFU and the Reds for contact cancellations and got what he wanted. The failure is with the RFU and the Reds. They mishandled things as is their habit, pathetic!. We need to know what happened with Kerevi and these young players.

I can’t entirely agree with what these three Reds boys have done, but we have not heard their side of the story; in particular what the h%&& is going on at the Reds, and the Coach’s “iron fist”. There must be a serious culture problem there.

Over the last few years the Wallabies brand is badly damaged. The RFU and the erstwhile coach are responsible. It’s no surprise that players no longer want to take significant pain for the hope of a Wallaby shirt.

“Giteau’s law” with its inherent threats and blackmail are out of date at least in Australia where the Wallabie’s brand is so damaged.

Look at NZ and the loyalty to their unique All Black’s brand. No coercion is needed to keep the best players in NZ due to the deeply loyal rugby culture. We do not currently have that in Australia and it will not improve if we hammer boys at the start of their careers.

I look forward to seeing these talented kids playing for Wallabies.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life


Yes there are 2 sides to every story and we have not heard from the players other than their agent who seems to want to ship all his Australian players overseas for big $$$$s.

I see the posts demanding life time bans for these boys. Get real… they are just starting their professional careers… yes they have made a dumb mistake but somehow there needs to be an attempt to reconcile them.

I want to hear the players side of the story, not their agent’s version.

There must be something deeply wrong at the Reds. It’s not enough for a coach to be a tough taskmaster.

To state the obvious any coach can only truly motivate his team culture by acting as a trusted, respected and consistent leader. Does that exists at the Reds any longer.

Thorn’s time has shown some remarkable extreme decisions lacking in any solid rugby terms, human compassion or respect starting in his first season. I wonder if the players see Mr Thorn as a trusted leader?

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

Tragic outcome for all… where has the sanity and longer term perspective gone.

I have been bothered by the Reds so called culture under the noticeably unsuccessful coach Brad Thorn.

This must say something about the situation within the Reds whereby 3 young talented guys want out.

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

There is nothing like a crisis to sharpen your focus.

I have wondered for a long time how unfair and counterproductive it is for Super Rugby to span SANZAAR’s vision of a southern hemisphere rugby system from the South Atlantic to the Pacific Region (i.e. Argentina – RSA – Australia – NZ – Japan).

The above is an enormously costly formula both in dollars and the massive jet-lag and fatigue loads on players. Compare this with the relatively local context of European Rugby Union.

COVID-19 brings the certainty of medium-term travel restrictions.

When COVID-19 has eased, the cost of international travel is likely to explode. Super Rugby, in its current form, cannot afford this. So it’s time to revamp Rugby’s long term future in the Pacific region. RSA and Argentina might look North in their Atlantic time zone, and renovate their local formats.

For us, it’s time to concentrate on the Pacific time zone with a revamped NZ/AUS and maybe Japanese focus!

The NZ, AUS (and perhaps JAP) Rugby Unions should lead an urgent review covering local and international engagement.

So: “Pacific Premier Rugby- PPL” could be born with 12 or 14 PPL franchises in our Pacific time zone.

I would suggest the current teams from both NZ and AUS. The Western Force would return to make the fifth team in AUS. Include the Sunwolves plus 5 Australian and 5 NZ franchises. Introduce some new franchises across NZ, AUS and Japan to expand the total to 12 or 14.

Don’t stop there. Maybe set up a regional feeder structure in AUS (à la NRC), NZ (à la Mitre 10) and Japan with international playoffs and promotion/relegation to/from the PPL.

Sound like a streamlined, talent-rich, forward-looking competition to me. Rugby fans would love it.

Goodbye SANZAAR… Hello PPL.

SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

Please withdraw my recent post on this topic…. I was on he wrong subject


SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

These a 3 young players who are potential future Wallabies stars.

Where is their advice coming from? Is the agent a lawyer or accountant?

The so-called advice has led to stand-down, damaged reputations and zero income rather than the pay cut accepted by their colleagues. Just crazy!!!

Notwithstanding; it is dissapointing that these boys have done this stuoid thing. They would be forgiven if they apologise quickly. Perhaps some mature advise by some senior player could help.

Reds trio refuse to take pay cut, stood down by QRU

These are 3 youngsters and future potential Wallabies stars.
Where is this dumb short-sighted advice coming from?
I wonder who is the agent? Is the person a lawyer or accountant?
Notwithstanding, it is disappointing and a very blinkered decision by these boys. It damages them unless they can see their stupidity, apologise and seek a balanced way ahead. Perhaps some senior colleagues can help?

SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

“The Wallabies Inc” seems like a problematic idea to me. I know this is obvious; however; The Wallabies are a national team with the best players drawn from the Australian Super Rugby franchises. Likewise, in the UK NZ and RSA, the national teams are drawn from local franchisees.

Sorry, I cannot see how a Green Bay Packers model is relevant to a national representative team like the Wallabies. The Green Bay Packers are just one franchise of the 32 that make up the USA’s National Football League. The pinnacle NFL event each year is the Super Bowl.

Our major problem in Australia remains that is the blinkered, expedient management for the last decade by the RFU Board. The Board’s strategic plan is their prime responsibility, and they should act fast and with authority if a CEO or Coach gets off the rails.

The Board must achieve a balance between hard-nosed business and strategic investment in the game. It is not all about Super Rugby players and the Wallabies. Super Rugby needs significant visionary change.

The roles of an influential, respected Chairman and CEO are critical. The RFU Board needs a small, closely-knit team that plays to the strengths of each professional. There is room for business people, independents and respected players. A smart team approach is my recommended model for a new Board.

It’s time to revamp Super Rugby. The NZ and AUS Boards should lead an urgent review. Time to concentrate on our time zone with a revamped NZ/AUS/JAP focus! Bring back the Western Force as the fifth Australian franchise. Include the Sunwolves plus 5 Australian and 5 NZ franchises. Perhaps introduce three new franchises across NZ, AUS and Japan.

So: “Pacific Premier Rugby- PPL” is born in 2021 with 14 teams in our Pacific time zone.

Don’t stop there. Maybe set up a regional feeder structure in AUS (à la NRC), NZ (à la Mitre 10) and Japan with international playoffs and promotion/relegation to/from the PPL.

Sound like a streamlined, talent-rich, forward-looking competition to me. Goodbye SANZAAR.

Is it time for us to own the Wallabies?

Whatever happened to Rugby Rule 5… Kick off must be drop kick and must reach 10m line

Japan's astonishingly gutsy kick off somehow works

Here we go again… the usual attitude from certain Whinging Wallaby commentators and the Coach… “it’s someone else’s fault”….. “blame the ref”….

I am sick of this attitude, particularly from a Coach…. this seriously affects the confidence and attitude within the squad.

I am also sick of the skipper usually suggesting in defeat that there were many positives to take from the game. I can’t help but feel that the Wallabies, their management and Australian TV media are in a perpetual state of denial. Get real folks.

As far as Thor’s yellow card is concerned; from what I saw, the ref was correct. The arms were not properly deployed in a violent, shoulder charge clean-out that was well after the whistle.

Even if the ref was wrong SO WHAT? Mature professionals and coaches should put such incidents behind them IMMEDIATELY.

In contrast, there was a previous high-tackle yellow card against the Boks. What did the Boks do? They stepped up the pressure and scored with 14 men. Maybe that was the “game changing event”.

The Wallabies lost because they were outplayed by the Springbok’s B-side.

There were numerous squandered opportunities, skill deficiencies, school boy errors and; a one dimensional robo-runner attack strategy from 10, 11 and 12. The Boks’ pressure was able to strangle most play-making opportunities.

Be honest guys – you were rubbish against the Boks – TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. FORGET EXCUSES.

Most of the Aussie newcomers did quite well as individuals, Banks and White in particular. Slipper was good, as was Arnold. Most of Cheika’s stalwarts were average at best. Sadly I predict that Cheika will revert to his favourites. Will the new blood be allowed to flourish – I doubt it. For example; Toomua is a high-class play maker with vision. However; I am willing to bet that Beale will be Cheika’s preferred 12 next weekend despite Beale’s long run of poor form.

MAJOR CHANGE IS NEEDED. The culture seems demonstrably lacking in confidence and vision.

As a long standing Wallaby fan – I HOPE THEY CAN ALL WAKE UP


'That's the wrong decision': Cheika fumes over Tongan Thor's contentious yellow card

Well done PJR… I thought I was alone in my assessment and I am not a Kiwi.

There are serious problems in team selections and strategy which are down to the coaching team (dominated by Cheika). So many basics seem to be missing such as…. Constant shuffling around of positions. The team has little stability from game to game. NOT playing to our strengths (e.g. Pocock is the best open-side flanker by far but only gets that role when Hooper is injured – Folau is his best at full-back – Beale nor Foley are the best fly-halfs) – too many substandard forwards. There is an evident lack of rugby smarts and motivation. There is a mind-set not to strategically develop younger players (for goodness sake Adam Ashley Cooper {mid 30s} is now being talked about and even James O’ Conner thinks he can make a run for selection???). Why do I have a horrible feeling that short-term tactical selection will happen again at the next World Cup.

The Wallabies player culture is also a big problem with too many “auto-selections” and favorites. What happened to fighting for your place? Many of the so called stars seem not to care much about defeat, so long as they get paid (some have guaranteed mega$ contracts anyway – what about performance based payments?). By way of contrast: the recent motivation within the Pumas and the Boks has been noticed!

I also agree with stillmissit.


There has been a worrying lack of strategic focus on the development of rugby by the ARU from schools, right up to Super Rugby and the Wallabies. A good example was the “Giteau Clause” which was specifically engineered to sign Cheika in the aftermath of the Ewen McKenzie debacle. Another pathetic example was the axing of the Western Force from Super Rugby. Pure short- sighted expedient measures which usually fail. Sometimes I wonder who really owns Rugby in Australia.

We are highly unlikely to win the next World Cup. Let’s start building now for the future!!!!!

The Wallabies irk me

As far as commentators are concerned, this is another area where Australia lags the Kiwis.

I very much enjoying watching the NZ 2018 Mitre 10 competition. Great rugby with excellent, knowledgeable and fair commentary.

Then we come to the NRC.

The rugby itself is enjoyable but the commentary stinks (I turn the audio off). What we get is a “tabloid” style of commentary full of hype, hyperbola and rubbish phrases emanating from “Seaney”; who seems to think his comedian style covers his lack of expertise. Well, his antics ruin the enjoyment for me at least. I have no problem with his support staff like “Hoilsey” who is rugby knowledgeable even though he had to apologise to Eddie Jones for a Fox Sports style tabloid lapse a couple of years ago.

The Wallabies irk me

I have played rugby since I was 12 years old (more than 50 years ago)… In the old days I understood the rules…

Now, regularly watching the game, the extremely complex rules are pretty much a mystery and I sometime wonder if even the refs understand them.

That infamous try against the Brumbies was NO TRY it was reasonably a clear knock-on in any game I have ever seen in 50 years… The video replay clearly showed that the ball had been dropped and even the attacking player admitted it. He was visibly amazed when the try was awarded.

The problem was the Video replay referee. He gave Jaco the clear and unambiguous impression that the ball had remained in contact the attacking player. That was a VERY favorably and unfair interpretation of the video which ABSOLUTELY did not show clearly that the ball had remained in contact. The most reasonable interpretation was that the ball was dropped. That would have been the correct decision. The referee should have been been careful about what he was being told and should have looked at the big screen. Referees should be braver in over-ruling video evidence and pushy video refs unless it is clear. The reasonable decision should prevail.

This raises questions of how that replay official tried to influence and dominate Jaco on that occasion and in the later sending off of Mann Rea where there was no elbow involved…

The glorious and overcomplicated world of rugby laws

Well, Jones probably has some valid points. Pity it has been blown into a public crisis but that can happen when political correctness and appeasement prevail. Right or wrong someone should forgive and listen to him: cutting him off for stating his views is a lost opportunity. Maybe Jones is a blessing in disguise. Forget the so called successful World Cup, that was an illusion but; seems the ARU saw finishing second was a success..aaaaaagh!!!!.

There is no doubt that the ARU needs a more visionary approach. Super Rugby needs business/marketing led Boards/CEOs to grow, not old players.

The ARU has shown consistent management weakness and a complete lack of vision in the Wallabies’ management, discipline, team selection and the development of potential young Wallabies and Super Rugby potential.

AU conference clubs are either broke or cannot afford to retain or recruit high class talent. Meanwhile; the UK and French clubs rape Australia for our best talent, including the young ones.

You cannot blame the young talent for leaving to develop their careers and gain financial security but they are then cut off from Wallaby selection. Only the old-boys with 60 caps can play in Europe and be eligible for the Wallabies – INSANITY AND UNFAIR AND ZERO VISION….JUST TACTICAL, EXPEDIENT, CAUTION.

For goodness sake, the ridiculous selection rules MUST BE opened up for the best players to be selected young and old. Using Wallaby selection rules to stop the hemorrhage DOES NOT WORK ANY LONGER. A clean out is needed in Australian Professional Rugby thinking.

The decline in Australian rugby is happening…. ARU and BOARDS WAKE UP…

Brumbies torn apart while the rugby world watches

The NRC has provided great rugby and enjoyable Foxtel coverage except for the following comments.

1.. The poor commentary by Mr Maloony which had been full of irrelevant hype and baffonary has reduced the enjoyment substantially. No balanced rugby game commentary from him just noise. In contrast watching the New Zealand ITM cup has been excellent with well informed and fair, balanced, rugby knowledgable commentators.

2.. Foxtel coverage has been much reduced relative to ITM cup where almost every game has been televised. More NRC PLEASE Foxtel.!

3… The semifinal last night at Ballymore was just about the end for me. They were obsessed with the baby Plover birds and parents which were on the pitch throughout the game. This caused almost continuous giggling and out of control laughter from the commentators.

I would ask Foxtel to get these idiots under control for next weekends final vs Canberra Vikings.

The nadir of Rugby commentary