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Lotus hopeful new car can deliver

30 Jan 2013

Earlier this week Lotus became the first Formula One team to launch its new car for the 2013 season.

FA Cup is a modern football paradox

29 Jan 2013

The FA Cup was once the showpiece of English football. However, in recent years it has become the trophy every top-flight club craves, yet none seems to want to fight for.

Chelsea fans must tell Abramovich to butt out

25 Jan 2013

In the past decade, Roman Abramovich has delivered Chelsea FC fans glory with one hand, yet has slapped them in the face with the other.

A-League transfer policy plays rich against poor

A-League transfer policy plays rich against poor

9 Jan 2013

The A-League transfer market will open on January 14, a fortnight after Europe and most of the Asian leagues.

Handy man Suarez strikes again

8 Jan 2013

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is again courting controversy after using his hand to assist in scoring what proved to be the match winner in his side’s FA Cup clash with non-league side Mansfield Town.

Chelsea must abandon over 30s policy

Chelsea must abandon over 30s policy

2 Jan 2013

Frank Lampard, Chelsea FC’s veteran midfielder, could be the latest casualty of an abominable club policy of disposing of players over 30-years-old.