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NSW Cricket CEO: Are we worried about small Sheffield Shield attendances? Not at all

NSW Cricket CEO: Are we worried about small Sheffield Shield attendances? Not at all

18 Apr 2017

Easter this year marks the official end of the New South Wales cricket season, with men’s and women’s seasons from Australian to grassroots level all complete.

The Top 5 reasons to love Wests Tigers

22 Sep 2010

Journalistic bias is a terrible thing, so it’s lucky I’m not a journalist. (The three of you who’ve seen me represent The Roar on Sky News’s Sportsline this year will vouch for this.) I’ll just lay it on the table: I love the Wests Tigers. Here are 5 reasons why.

The Next 5 things on John O’Neill's To Do list

3 Jul 2009

Like him or loathe him, as I presume Lote Tuqiri now does, it’s clear John O’Neill rules Australian rugby with a firm hand. (I was going to say “he casts a long shadow”, but that is true only very late in the day!)

The Top 5 Jailbirds In Sport

24 Jun 2009

It’s a hotly contested Top 5 this week as we take a look at sportspeople who have lost the plot during their careers to such an extent that they’ve landed themselves in jail. There are many unworthy candidates, so I’ve stuck to one per sport. I welcome your additions and suggestions.

The Top 5 Revelations From This Weekend’s Sportsfest

9 Jun 2009

What a long weekend! It was the sport nut’s equivalent of the modern pentathlon, with top-class rugby, league, cricket, football and tennis all on show. Here’s what I learned from way too many hours of viewing.

The Identikit Danny Weidler Column

2 Jun 2009

Sydney Sun-Herald readers will be familiar with Danny Weidler from his inside-back page gossip column, The Last Word. League fans will also know him from Channel 9, where he has cultivated a veritable forest of wooden delivery.