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It’s times like these I wish we had a petty ‘angry react’ emoji alongside the like button.

LISTEN: If you're not in the top eight after Round 11, is there any hope of a flag?

Fingers crossed we can get there again this year Pete, and just that little bit further. Jay’s piece a couple of days ago encapsulates how optimistic I feel during our bursts of brilliance, but not the concern that comes during the patches in between.

That’s footy though, can’t win every quarter. We’re looking strong and have a chance to get another decent crack at a premiership.

LISTEN: If you're not in the top eight after Round 11, is there any hope of a flag?

Thoughts on Morris coming out of Origin retirement to slot in next to Mitchell?

LISTEN: Who fills the centres and halves for the NSW Blues?

The average per game was higher on account of people attending multiple matches each day, while the 134k figure is the total number to have come through the gates over the weekend.

LISTEN: Can Magic Round ever work outside Brisbane or Sydney?

On GWS, thoughts on whether their abysmal 2-14 record at the MCG affects their finals chances?

The attitude problem AFL clubs need to shake

I think I found the rule that seems to apply to human pyramids, shoulder riding and other nefarious circus acts. 17.12 (f): A free kick shall be awarded against a player who “intentionally lifts a Player from the same Team to contest the football”.

The more you know.

LISTEN: Did the umpires get it right with Rampe?

Interestingly enough, apparently there ARE rules against human pyramids, getting on shoulders etc.

I wouldn’t have known it until this whole debacle. Perhaps introduced to stop a circus-like human tower on the mark for a kick after the siren?

LISTEN: Did the umpires get it right with Rampe?

Can we claim him as Australian, Russell Crowe-style?

LISTEN: What can we learn from Australia's World Cup warm-ups?

Should they be talking contract extensions this early though?

LISTEN: Should John Longmire be under more pressure?

Now we’re talking. Let’s add fireworks that form a sparkling mosaic of Todd Greenberg’s smiling face in the night.

South Sydney Rabbitohs v Brisbane Broncos: NRL Thursday night forecast

Think you’re right about this potentially being a bit of an anti-climax on the field, but wouldn’t it just be wonderful to see a big crowd show up. I refuse to believe Bennett and Seibold wouldn’t get a private little kick out of beating their old club after all the media attention.

South Sydney Rabbitohs v Brisbane Broncos: NRL Thursday night forecast

Couldn’t disagree more! This isn’t a sexting scandal. Nothing wrong with a bit of extra feeling in a match, it’s what makes rivalries in sport so entertaining. It may not be an issue for the players, but the way Siebold carries himself at press conferences, you surely aren’t telling me he isn’t silently hoping he can prove himself against his old club? Bennett has even more of a reason to enjoy a win given the obvious rift between him and the higher-ups at the Broncos.

‘It's not personal’ (hint: it’s personal)

Tell you what, after Round 1 I thought Rohan was in for another year of not fulfilling his potential – he’s made me look foolish and good on him for that, hope he can keep it up.

Probably an accurate assessment RE: Beams. Aside from the contrast in star power, the two midfields are clearly structured differently. Endless variables!

'Without a shadow of a doubt': The best new recruit in the AFL

I think Geoff raises interesting points about Smith’s last couple of months, along with Handscomb’s form and all the test cricket coming up after the WC. Smith’s selection is certainly more nuanced than simply boiling down to whether or not he has talent, as he obviously has it in spades. That said, I don’t take issue with him being named in the squad as much as some others do.

Steve Smith is finding some IPL form, but does that justify his World Cup selection?

Amazing what can happen in a few weeks.

Steve Smith is finding some IPL form, but does that justify his World Cup selection?

Is it too early to say the season is already over for every team who is 1-4 heading into the round, or is 1-5 the threshold (surely no later)?

NRL Round 6: The two teams in desperate need of a win

All I’m saying is that I can understand the frustration of Blues fans, without agreeing that it’s time for Bolton to be sacked.

Should Carlton axe Brendon Bolton?

They certainly aren’t the only team to have had a crappy decade, doesn’t change things for the Blues though.

It was looking like my Pies were heading down a similar path until last year — whether that was an outlier remains to be seen.

Should Carlton axe Brendon Bolton?

Morning Macca, you can hear Jay answer the question and offer his reasoning in the audio embed. I think they both make interesting points, and as you highlight with those stats there are some promising areas of improvement since last year – even if a positive trend on the stat sheet is the bare minimum given how poor they were in 2018.

If I was a Blues fan I would be filthy with how long they’ve been out of contention, but I share the sentiment that it’s perhaps more a hangover from errors made by the footy dept rather than Bolton.

Should Carlton axe Brendon Bolton?

Typo from me Aiden, he’s been a rugby (and cricket) expert here for close to a decade.

The 'clear frontrunner' to replace Folau for the Wallabies

That’s a scenario we’d certainly never want to see again, although that’s probably more of an umpiring error than anything else. It’s just frustrating to see players with the ball running into the defender as the ball is advanced to milk a free kick, or defenders being penalised for rushing back to get on the mark 50m away only to be called for encroaching, resulting in a 100m penalty. It’s arguable players will adjust and learn to avoid infringing but a 50m penalty is already such an advantage, the player with the ball’s right to play on in this particular circumstance doesn’t justify such a messy rule in my eyes.

Have the AFL's new rules actually changed anything?

Thanks for the feedback, Don. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be testing and learning about the best ways to share this content for the benefit of everyone on the site. Today is day dot, so appreciate your patience in this brief launch period!

Can Canberra be Melbourne's biggest challenger in 2019?

It doesn’t help that the long kick-in almost always results in a heavy contest.
Thoughts on playing on during a 50m penalty?

Have the AFL's new rules actually changed anything?

Glad I’m not the only one regretting silly tips this morning!

Why were we so desperate to write off the Cats?

A swan is more threatening than the sun?

Geelong has answered their most pressing off-season questions. Now for a premiership