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Lol the Balkans of Aussie sport since the 1950s, no one has ever called it that in Australia!!

Dont try and compare the game here with a part of the world you know nothing about,

The best players Australia have ever produced (and still to this day produce) have all had connections to the Balkans

Central Coast Football [Association] deregistered by Football Australia

Why? Because not every player is motivated by money, some just want to play

How many players have left adelaide for other a league clubs over the years and can truly say they significantly improved?

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

The money should trickle down to all clubs associated in a players youth development

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

city have had close to 20 adelaide born players come through there academy in the past few seasons. – adelaide has received zero dollars for any of them.
(you could also use mariners and brisbane as example of other clubs that would be owed millions of dollars for developmental and training players that other a league clubs took for zero dollars)
statistically the most homegrown players in the a league over the past couple of seasons per each capita have come from south australia.
3/4 of all african australian players in the league currently have a connection through adelaide and playing youth football here

Australian football's long-term future is looking a lot brighter

ahhahaha niav owen, you’re joking right?

if i wanted to watch a ventriliquist, i’d go to a puppetry show.

she is one of the reason why the broadcasts are terrible

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

ignore the poster, he tends to write things that aren’t factual (especially in relation to adelaide)

he also doesnt seem to understand the meaning of being biased

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

happens, however most 15 year old kids decision making is not the best

he showed glimpses of what he has to offer (not many 15 year olds dribble at 3 players, thats coached out of australian youth before theyre 10 years old)

if he stays injury free and his body grows in the next year or (which it should) he could have a nice career.

You cant teach speed or trickery, he has both in abundance

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

misconception that djite is or ever was bias – hes always called it down the middle, no matter whether its national team or a league duties.

thats his strongest selling point, besides being a former administrator at the PFA as well as a former technical director at an a league club – he can offer an insight that no other ex player who currently is doing on air duties can.

the issue is you partner him with an imbecile like max burford and it completely negates his seriousness.

alex brosque is another one that suffers when partnered with a clown like scott mackinnon.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

happy for you to prove me wrong.
provide me a clip of brucey showing bias to adelaide in any recent televised matches or any recent articles online.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

djite is an ex player that isnt biast though, thats the difference

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?


i have zero issues with booing your own players for reasons that are warranted.

continually not being able to control a ball, warrants booing for me

i’ve seen 4 year olds have better ball control than blackwood lol

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

couple of interesting things from the united crowed that many at home probably didnt notice/hear on tv.

*nabbout was mocked for most of the first half from the crowd with the “you’re just a fat archie thompson” chant – he pulled his shirt up after he scored and put his finger to his ear hahah

*nuno reis copped it pretty hard from the crowd as he was sent off, he ended up kissing the badge as fans were yelling at him while he walked towards the tunnel

*blackwood was targeted throughout the match with boos/groans by the home support (even after scoring a goal and winning a penalty) when he came off a sub, he put his finger to his lips aimed at the section of the crowd to the left of me.

*15 year old irakunda also copped a lot of groans from the crowd, when he tried to take on 2-3 players constantly rather than passing the ball – happened a few times, it will be interesting to see how he coped with that after the match and training this week

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

coverage has been poor, but what did you expect?

too many people on the coverage that have nothing to do with the sport itself (EG. burford, mckinnon, owens etc) you can tell they are all afl/rugby people

then theres recently retired footballers that should not be in front of the camera ever (archie, georgevski etc)

and finally the ‘old guard’ that should’ve been phased out with foxtel (harper)

still mega issues with bias, no surprise that its coming from ex players with connections to melbourne and sydney.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

spoken about it on here before, the formation is all wrong to get the best out of what lescanso brings.
moons needs to either play a 4 -3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 with lescano at the pointy end, linking play to the pacey, technical players brisbane have in the attacking third (milusenic, ivanovic, parsons, lofthouse etc)
this season was meant to be the breakout one for akbari, (his developmental stats were right up there as one of the best in his position i’ve seen in this country) – he starts every day of the week for me in either of those formations, which will utilize lescanos skillset

Roar hold Sydney to draw despite Sky Blues' dominance

i dont believe moons in any danger of being sacked, the on the field issues arent translating to off field issuses – theyre still comfortably clearing $30k a home match, which will makes the owners happy after losing a considerable amount of money each week at suncorp.

what that saying? ‘short term, pain for long term gain’ something like that.

i was very critical of brisbane and moon in particular last season with the way they played and the UK influence in that line up – (hopefully they can be done with aldred and o’shea at seasons end and replace them with players more suited to the a league).

there are some really promising players in all age groups at the club, i honestly dont think this season is anything to be massively concerned about – given the quality of youth currently there

if lescano can stay fit, then moon needs to play to his strengths – he’s a link striker, use him like one.

adjust the formation and solely play counter attacking football

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 10

CCM 1 vs 1 NEW – both teams havent played for a while, i think it will be a fun match with a lot of errors.

ADL 1 vs 1 MCY – city have looked vulnerable all year in every match, however i dont think adelaide has enough goals in them to win this – should be a very competitive draw.

SYD 0 vs 0 BRI – brisbane to stop the rot with a all hands on deck defensive display for the ages.

NEW 1 vs 0 WUN – western have not played in a long time and newcastle will be in slightly better match rhythm due to 2 games in a week – i think they’ll score a late winner

ADL 1 vs 0 WSW – will the several wanderers anti vaxxers travel for this match? carl robinson is on borrowed time, adelaide to win a feisty encounter and put more pressure on the beseiged wanderers boss

MCY 2 vs 0 – city to finally click for a full 90 minutes and comfortably dispatch a plucky mariners side

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 10

wrong move for him in my opinion.

he had concrete offers from adelaide and victory as well, but leckie is a man of his word and he had already promised to sign for city

a player of his skillset cannot be shoe horned on the left side of the front 3 – but you cant drop nabbout who has been in great form this season and jamie mac will always get goals.

if patty cant figure out this conundrum, city wont be winning anything – which will be devastating as that front 3 on paper is the best in the league, but you dont win games on paper

It's time to remind certain fans there's no place in the A-Leagues for homophobia

i didnt write the headline, the editors like to chop and change certain things with articles lol

The 15-year-old phenomena lighting up the A-League Men

its shattering given how massive a club celtic is

no disrespect to boro, but celtic are larger in terms of everything from history, trophies to fans across the world

however the championship is a stronger league that scotland and they play 2 games a week. I’d expect him to start based on the figures quoted on that fee,

if that transfer fee is accurate, adelaide united will be looking at around $800k from the sell on clause

that also means that he could line up against man utd in the fa cup, which will have a massive worldwide viewing audience

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree

deals off, how shattering for the player and his family.

seems to have collapsed in the last 24 hours after being 90% done

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree

they were always going to challenge with poppa in charge and the chequebook open.

speaking of which, they are one of 3 clubs (with the wanderers and macarthur) that i would like to see the books publicly open for this season.

when you do a rough estimation of players contracts at the club, i have big concerns that they’re actually under the cap this season

Cellar dwellers to top of the table: Dissecting Melbourne Victory's season so far

i sent a message to chris hodgson last night (he was rileys youth coach) and he said the family is over the moon with this news.

america is a hard one for me, when it comes to what they can offer australia.

one of my contacts over there is a coach for the underage USMNT, we communicate every several weeks and thats normally in relation to trends in youth developement for both countries

funnily enough we’ve been in contact a couple times in the last week and its had to do with ricardo pepi’s 20+millon transfer to augsberg.

pepi was a beast at underage level and did well with dallas last season, but an 18 year old striker from america sealing a transfer for that much raised my eyebrows.

there are young strikers in australia that are on par with pepi when it comes to skill set, but the australian league is not as accepted in europe and doesnt command those types of fees.

its more of a stepping stone to europe than australia as the MLS is viewed more favourable and being of a higher quality than the aleague

but who’s playing over there currently? brad smith, josh phelps and lockie mclean (i might be missing a couple more at college level)

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree

hes gotta work his way into that team, not an instant first team starter.

the fact hes played in leagues where the football is hustling and bustling (a league and the championship) will serve him well in scotland

he should acclimatize faster than the japanese boys theyve signed – although kyogo acclimatized very quick lol

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree

he fits scottish football perfectly and it should be another stepping stone to a bigger league in the coming couple years, hes still only 23 people forget that.
ange has got to play him as an all action box to box midfielder, celtic are doing some really solid business this window

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree

argghhh editors you removed a lot of what i wrote about his youth career, this was the bits i was trying to emphasize in the article lol

The rise of Riley: My personal glee as Celtic sign McGree