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Troisi has been asked by the club to tone down his behaviour online, if not he could be the first player to have his contract torn up and move back to the middle east

When is it safe to start the A-League and will anyone turn up?

your money is still staying in the australian football pyramid lol

Last round drama in the NPL

Several games in your home state in a row (like the majority of NSW teams had last season) is unfair – any professional team regardless of the sporting code would have gripes with this and complain
if wellington are based in nsw again that complicates things – but regardless NSW teams should play no more than 2-3 games in a row in thier home state – theres 3 trips to melbourne and 1 each to adelaide, brisbane and perth (wellington is debateble atm).
Scheduling has been particularily disasterous for interstate teams the past 2 seasons (especially adelaide & perth)
last season you saw multiple coaches (veart, garcia, rudan etc) come out and publically mention east coast bias on multiple topics on more than 1 occasion, its only the people living in NSW that try and discredit this.
the only way you bring parity back is getting the fixtures right, alternate it every season EG.
brisbane play sydney 3 times (twice at home, once away) the next season it might be only twice. (once home and once away)
you’re underestimating the effect travelling has on players, especially if you’re flying in the morning for an afternoon match and then leaving later in the night
all that lactic acid build up is not good – the top 2 teams with the most injured players last season were both interstate teams, alot of those injuries were soft tissue related coindicentally……

When is it safe to start the A-League and will anyone turn up?

good season for the azzuri, the league is already wrapped up and they look likely to go unbeaten as well (no draws or losses) got a tough couple fixtures remaining though including the pride

if you’re italian than city should be your team by default lol, if not then you have plentiful options in the north.

If it was me and there was no affinity to any particular club (eg family members played there etc) then i’d go by the closest team to where you live

Last round drama in the NPL

good club to choose

Marconi are a historic powerhouse with a great stadium and passionate supporter base.

they have always been good at developing young players for the NSL and A League – in the past couple of seasons theyve had over 10 players sign for a league clubs.

the stallions would be in the top 5 clubs in australia when it comes to producing talent ready for profesional leagues

if you’re interest in young talent, they’d be a club to follow

Last round drama in the NPL

theyre very wobbly though, kind of like a punch drunk boxer at the moment. Power go lucky on the weekend scoring the winner in injury time

stoppage time goals happened alot in the SA & TAS NPL matches this past weekend as well coincidentally

Last round drama in the NPL

you can still buy a spurs jersey, its your money at the end of the day.

but $150.00 on one with kane letters/numbering and europa badges lol??

there are plenty of companies that do knock off jerseys for less than 50 bucks that look pretty damn close to the real thing online in australia (even badges and the shirt fabric which can change each season, can still be closely replicated) even to the most hardened spurs fans, these shirts will pass lol.

the gulls had a really good season and were a bit unlucky in the NPL – that draw against balcatta hurt the momentum and then the loss against the eventual champions a couple weeks later killed the title dreams.

club should be proud of what the achieved across the various age groups, bit of tweaking in the off season should put them in the mix again for season 2022.

overall, as a club though Perth SC this season were amazing, several trophies across mens/womens age groups – the most winningest (is that a word?) club in all of australia in 2021

Last round drama in the NPL

WA’s a wild card.

2 SA teams have got FFA cup games there in the next fortnight, some players for both sides still arent double vaccinated and wont make the trip.

i was hoping to go with united, but im not double vaccinated yet – so no matter my position with the club, I wont be allowed to fly.

Start the season in QLD

brisbane play adelaide 2 games in a row at home, after that adelaide hosts brisbane twice at home – that at least gives the league 4 weeks to sort this out

absolutely must get the NSW teams travelling interstate every week, scheduling last season was not fair

When is it safe to start the A-League and will anyone turn up?

start the league, just make sure all players are double vaccinated. – no double jab, no play should be the mantra.

i don’t condone forcing anyone to get the jab especially if it clashes with your cultural/religious beliefs – so if you dont want to get the jabs, you shouldnt be forced to

unfortunately that means the wanderers will finish bottom as half thier squad are known anti vaxxers that support rubbish like primod lol

When is it safe to start the A-League and will anyone turn up?

exactly $150 could be a bag of balls, a meat tray, training bibs, paint for the lines or merchandise. Like i said at least that club will appreciate it, unlike a plastic club like man city or PSG

that money will also probably cover all home matches for the team you support, depending on which state you live in.

Last round drama in the NPL

queenslands still ongoing, this was aimed more at the 3 that just finished.

if roar win that makes it very interesting, power have still got games in hand on most teams and shouldnt let teh title slip away.

but as you saw in the tassie NPL, SA NPL and SA state league (where my teams plays) the team that led for 80% of the season all choked in the final few weeks.

qld has the best team and league in australia – theres no disputing that, even from me lol

Last round drama in the NPL

sydney have many grounds that have historic ties with football in australia (probably the most in australia) Well worth travelling around and experiencing match days if youve got a couple hours spare on the weekends

If you don’t follow a team, i would pick one that is relatable to you as peson – EG, near where you live in sydney, your ethnicity etc etc.

Im going to give you a left field response, rather than the usual ones people always say in terms of a ground to visit.

a personal favourite of mine is pluim park.

its not the oldest stadium in NSW (only 30+ years) and not the biggest; but theres a real charm to it. That is the sort of ground that if i lived in NSW and my son/daughter were wanting to play, would be a selling point for me – a good sense of community there as well

mariners fans on here will be familiar with the ground and its not tied to any certain ethnic background – which i know can be off putting to neutrals in australia

best atmosphere will vary depending on what you are looking for, derby matches between the various european neighbouring teams can be very spicy and violent – but there is a lot of passion there.

Last round drama in the NPL

yup another historic club that is struggling, they just avoided relegation this season (same league as my team white city)

no longer are they the biggest greek club in adelaide

Last round drama in the NPL

no goals in the team, which will be the achillies heel like usual.

milusenic/ivanovics/parsons are all capable players of doing things with the ball (running, dribbling, passing etc) but none of them will hit double figures this season.

if you manage to get 15 goals from those 3 combined, that would surprise me

lescano definitely wont break 10+, he’ll be up there for dud VISA striker signing of the year (along with the victory import)

Could Brisbane Roar be this season's surprise package?

i still dont know the difference between the various rugby ‘brands’ lol

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

this is no different to spending in other states eg melbourne/adelaide have more funds given to AFL.

theres a famous line from a song that relates to football in this country “That’s just the way it is, Some things will never change” – depending if you like bruce hornsby or 2Pac lol

FFQLD has had infighting for many years and it even reared its head this again this season, its the federation with the most amount of issues (i’ve made that point on here multiple times) until they sort that out, football in QLD will be a problem

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

Agreed, forget the wage; his injury record alone shoukd be a turn off especially when European players struggle on our hard pitches

Is Jack Wilshere on his way to the Newcastle Jets?

winner winner chicken dinner

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

of course other sides were interested in smith, you know why? hes australian, young and on less than 70K a year – you’d be silly to not be remotely interested in that lol

i’ve given you the reason he was cut by adelaide, but if you think mariners get a tune out of him; you’re going to have egg on your face.

im assuming you know about the assault case on tonyik? its not your usual punch the guy in the face type of deal. Its involving a female and if found guilty, the kind that will get him several years behind bars.

you wanna know why tonyik was cut from adelaide when he was the youth team captain in his mid teens? its because he hung around well known local criminals.

scheduling favoured NSW teams last season, theres no denying that. several games in a row in your home state multiple times in the season, as opposed to travelling to brisbane/adelaide/perth/melbourne every second week played a major role in NSW teams doing so well last season with momentum- in particular the mariners.

im not being negative on the mariners in the slightest, im being a realist.

teams like the mariners, newcastle, adelaide, brisbane (to an extent in the last few seasons) shouldn’t be challenging for anything given our budget restrictions.

forget the big teams, compare your starting XI on paper to any of the teams around the same level of budget (so the 3 i mentioned above) its not better than any of them.

but like i said, if scheduling is tilted towards NSW teams again – you might be able to go on a run and rack up points early, if not you’ll be be finishing in the bottom 3 places – feel free to quote me on any of this when we’re in the actual season 🙂

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

hes always had the skillset, unfortuantely corica prefers to play OAPs rathern than youngsters

ivanovic has multiple serbian superliga teams still watching him, theyve been keeping a close eye on him since his junior days. One was about to try and take him from bonnyrigg, but they went with a different player instead

if he has a semi decent season, he’ll be gone by the end of it

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

smiths defending is poor, he was targeted each week by the opposition and was directly involved in several goals being conceded

his confidence was shot to bits and then he had the awful injury that kept him out for several weeks before regaining some level of form in the NPL – unfortunately he’s not an a league standard player.

you’ve also got another ex adelaide boy (tonyik) who is still under investigation for that assault, which forced him to miss the olympics – so who knows how that impacts the team dynamic defensively.

i dont know how you can be so confident/optimistic when you look at the first XI of players you listed down

the only thing that might save the mariners is if the scheduling heavily favours NSW teams again, then you might be able to go on a run and rack up points earlier rather than later

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

im not stirring any pot. I made a prediction based on what i know of the player and how brisbane will likely play with him at the point end of the final third

the ffa cup is a serious competition, the lineup brisbane put out shows you they want to win it (and so they should, its a big trophy)

the power are the best NPL team in the nation and they did have some good moments against a near full strength roar team.

But at the end of the day its still pre season and teams are trying to build fitness.

Brissy scored 13 goals in another pre season match recently, but that doesnt mean theyre going to score goals for fun in the a league.

I wouldnt read too much into any results at this stage of pre season when some a league teams have only played 1 trial match and havent even finalised there squads yet – or have to cope with bizzare things like interstate/overseas recruits only allowed into the state last week (like 4 of adelaides players)

if you think lescano will score 10-15 goals this season and be the answer to the central striking issues you’ve had since the glory days of berisha and van dijk, then you’re gravely mistaken

most teams in the league havent got a 10-15 goal season central striker.

To win the league you need one of those – brisbane dont have one, adelaide dont have one and 7 other clubs also are missing one of those. City, sydney and macarthur all have one though

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

clubs full of anti vaxers that don’t even try to hide it lol then you factor in Hemeds religious views and how fans have slaughtered him and the club online, – wanderers are must see TV this season, but not in the good way lol

i cant see them making the 6, theres too many off field issues they are going to battle

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

some of you interstaters saying veart is under pressure which is absolute false information. He is as safe as kisnorbo is this season even if things dont go to plan on the pitch

He’s working with the lowest budget the clubs had in years. Its very close to the lowest budget in the league this season – if newcastle and mariners recruit a couple more decent players in the $150-$300K bracket, adelaide will move to the bottom of the pile for the first time in a league history in terms of budget spend

even with isaias coming in and moving our average age up from the youngest squad last season to current third youngest this season (25.1), there is zero pressure on veart and adelaide this season in general

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

half that squad supports rubbish like Primod lol

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?