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Bombers tragic. Seen them win 4 flags with my own eyes even if I was a bit young for two of them. Favourite quote: "No-one ever says it's only a game when you win" - Dermott Brereton



Not sure being one of only 2 teams living away from home and family for most of a season can be called an advantage? Would you rather live in strict lockdown conditions far from home for months at a time, or finish a game or training session and then go and see your family in your own house every night? Imagine being far from friends and family during a pandemic, having to continue to work and perform, while not being able to reassure your wife and kids! All that aside, you also conveniently fail to address the lack of home ground advantage for almost an entire season. Melbourne have been without not only their home ground but their home training facilities for a huge chunk of the season, while most other clubs have rocked up to play and train at home almost as usual! It’s already been a special effort to get this far, it will be even more special if (when?) they win next week. Just accept it and drop the sour grapes act. If those clowms in the media can’t recognise it, they are simply revealing their own prejudices.

Storm trounce Raiders to book grand final berth

If Melbourne win next week after missing out on playing at home for most of the season it surely must go down as one of, if not the most incredible seasons and GF wins in NSWRL/NRL history.

Storm trounce Raiders to book grand final berth

I am sure we are both biased but if the numbers in the article are to be trusted regarding Merrett’s stats and the comparison between his numbers and Gaff’s (and there is no reason they shouldn’t be), Merrett is the superior footballer of the two at the moment. Gaff spending more time on the ground simply highlights that Gaff is not doing as much as Merrett even with extra opportunity. Gaff is still a GREAT footballer of course, we all know he punches… above his weight 😂 😛 Seriously though, it’s easy to look good in a team that is travelling well. Merrett is doing all this in a team without cohesion, I think he is pretty stiff to be overlooked.

Zach who?

You forgot Blake Caracella

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter C

Brereton should definitely be on the the ground, and while I am biased I would have found room in my forward line (or at least my interchange) for Darren Bewick, the quick and ridiculously talented fwd/utility who could kick goals from anywhere inside 50m. His 9 goals in his 150th game (and first back from a knee reconstruction) included 5 magnificent goals in the last quarter.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter B

Like possibly the Melbourne Storm, 20 year powerhouse?

From grand finalists to flag favourites to also-rans: the sad story behind the Giant downfall in 2020

Don’t know about robbed as they still would have needed another goal to win but should definitely have been htb. Not a great year for Bombers but they did have a lot of close games (and some key decisions) go against them. Add this one to GWS weak free and Richmond floppers, and still not a great year but very different outcomes

Were the Bombers robbed by this controversial non-decision?

I am on record suggesting the pre-VFL player will be Albert Thurgood, or “Thurgood the great”.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter S

I hate Carlton more than any other team and specifically watch their games because I love to see them lose and as they are still very average at the moment, the odds are on my side. While I still would love nothing more than to see the CFC and all their works perish in fire and universal catastrophe, I can accept that chairing Gibbs off was a moment that was all class – mostly because it was about mateship not footy. Anyone who could interpret it otherwise either has, and has never had a mate, or gets paid to talk loudly about very little and confect outrage on a weekly basis. In the case of both Cornes and Wilson, it is highly likely that they fit both of those criteria.

The backlash to Gibbs' send-off is laughable

She is a dead set flog isn’t she? And as for Jack Riewoldt, God forbid she criticises a Richmond player. I hate bagging her because it can be perceived as sexist, but she really is a female version of Kane Cornes

The backlash to Gibbs' send-off is laughable

Storm are more of a Queensland team than the Titans

Nobody does it better than the Storm

Floating fixture – no chopping and changing dates, it’s just too difficult for people to plan attendance, particularly interstate.
Regarding season lenth, I agree a 17 game season cannot happen in the short term, but in future I think it could make for a more equitable season. Does anyone feel like the top 8 is not well settled atm? WCE don’t look about to lose 6 in a row and Essendon would be lucky to win the toss at a game, more weeks is just not needed for finals integrity. Give the game a few years to plug the hole in the finances, then bring it back. Maybe make some time for a SOO series or some other charity fixture at some point in a season.

Which of this year's quirks and oddities should the AFL keep?

“What Carlton needs to win a premiership”; the AFL to end the communist charade of “equalisation”, dismantle the salary cap and go back to letting the old boys from Toorak buy up all the best players like they used to 😂 😛

What Carlton needs to win a premiership

Pointless to speculate, they may well have done worse if an agreed handover was not honoured and a favourite son player and assistant coach was shafted. Members could have complained, the talk would be about the club with no integrity etc, maybe the would have struggled to make the finals? But it didn’t happen, so why wonder.

What if Collingwood's succession plan had never been enforced?

You don’t get marked up or down on who the wins and losses were against. You could just as easily mention that they have got over two of the favourites in Geelong and Richmond and are dark horses for a GF! Basically, if they win enough games they deserve finals and if they don’t they don’t, it’s as simple as that 😊

The Giants don’t deserve finals

Good to see that your line in the sand moment is standing up for men convicted of domestic violence against people who have an issue with belting women. I can see your point, “bad mouthing” people by discussing their publicly recorded conviction for using their size and power to physically hurt those weaker than they are are is obviously poor form. People convicted of domestic abuse are definitely good people who should be continuing life without consequence and no-one should ever be uspet by their behaviour ever as that would just be… what did you call it? “based on how tall the poppy is.” Glad you’ve cleared that up. Now log off and go and think about your life choices.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

Don’t even bother with the troll mate, we all know what Don Freo is.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

A one off like the EJ Whitten will get a crowd but you won’t get a broadcast deal; no-one is going to sit down and watch a bunch of has-beens trot about trying not to get injured week after week. When “name” players retire these days, it’s normally the case that the body has offered up pretty much all it can. And if former players (stars or not) feel like playing after an AFL retirement, they usually get a pretty good cash deal at a footy club in either a capital city third tier club or a bush league team, or even back where they started as juniors. You’d see a better calibre of footy there than by getting a bunch of relics who couldn’t get a coaching gig onto a park.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

Yes but Geelong are the best team in the competition by a long way at the moment, and Essendon are… Essendon 😔

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

You won’t get another one like that though. Great defender plus line-breaking run plus good by hand and foot – rare as hen’s teeth. There’s trading players out, and there’s keeping players to build around. Definitely one you would want to have around. Show me another half back flanker who has that kind of value; I don’t think there is one in the entire competition.

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

If you can keep him fit he’s a jet, good luck with it. Francis has potential as well, and they both have shown a bit of “go home” factor at times. Could be a nice fit for you guys. The only question is what we would get and from who to make it work. Draft picks? 3 way deal with another club? Time will tell 👍

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

Yes, he played some great footy against us (check the 1985 grand final for the definition of big game player – 8 goals in a team that got completely routed) and he was a part of the hated Hawthorn 80’s dynasty, but I loved the way he played the game (when not playing against us), and the passion – and yes, the humour as well. Can’t help but admire the player, which, considering he made is name at Hawthorn, is a pretty rare phenonemon.

C'mon fellow fans, let's bring back the fun in sport

Agree! While I agree that winning is important (if anyone checks out my profile, it has one of my favourite quotes attributed to Dermott Brereton, which states, “No-one ever says it’s only a game when you win”), I also like to have fun with sport. The desire to see your team win and being passionate about it does not have to mean that no fun can be had also. Anyone who sees my comments know that I am so Essendon that I bleed red and black, and can be appropriately gutted after a disappointing or close loss. But they would also see that I try to have fun watching or (rarely these days, I’m getting older) playing sport. Playing, watching and commenting with humour to me is the best side of sport. It is why my favourite players often have a drive to win coupled with a sense of humour. Examples include Terry Daniher and Joe Daniher, Steve Alessio, and as a coach Kevin Sheedy. But from other clubs I also admired and shared lots of laughs with guys like Brad Johnson, Danny Frawley (RIP), Darren Wheildon, Alan Jackovich and yes, Dermott Brereton. Great players all who also enjoyed a laugh! We should follow their example 😂 😂 😂

C'mon fellow fans, let's bring back the fun in sport

You are right. Have a look through their posts, not a lot of friendliness or humour there.

Six talking points from AFL Round 14

Great article with some great research which has revealed some fairly unflattering information about RFC which I had no idea about. Every right and reason to be furious. Women’s footy is more than just a growth area, it is the league and society’s chance to offer something meaningful when discussing gender equality. Why should someone who loves playing footy be denied an opportunity just because of their gender? And for everyone who bleats about the skills, these are seim-professional athletes who society discouraged from playing the game or developing skills. If you have forgotton what semi-professional footy looks like, check some 70’s or 80’s games – not the incredible highlights we’ve all seen, but just some regular Saturday afternoon footy between two normal teams. Skill levels definitely comparable to the women’s game now. Decent pay and conditions, as well as a viable pathway, will no doubt lead to a fast, skillful and professional game. Pity Richmond don’t look like they’ll be part of it. I only hope Essendon pick up the available licence space and commit to a women’s team in a meaningful and ongoing manner.

Do the Richmond Tigers really care about women's footy? I'm not so sure